The beginning

It is 2015. The JBA has been protecting the world from virtual and real terrorists. The future holds great technology for protection. But with great technology comes great responsibility, and the enemies of the JBA have been upgrading as well.

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Name: Leila (lee-la) Tausen

Age: 24

Height: 5-2

Hair and eye colour: brown

Rank: Silent Crow

Specialty: Recon

Mission status: pondering...

Leila woke with a jolt. Her alarm clock buzzed like a very loud and annoying bee. She rubbed her eyes and slammed the off button on the alarm clock. Why must we get up so early? She thought to herself and got out of bed. They could have at least given her a larger room, the only thing in her room was her bed and a small closet. She shrugged and opened her door and walked into the girls washroom. She went into a stall and took off her clothes and turned on the shower tap. While she washed herself up she thought about what would happen today. She had been working for the JBA for 4 years, training to be a spy. For 4 years her rank was pretty low, but she has been on missions before. Her mind than turned to Sam fisher, he was the best of the best. He has been here for 18 years, and is very useful on the toughest missions. Leila would love to talk to him one day, or maybe get a chance to be trained by him. But because he is so important, he seemed to always be on missions all the time. She sighed and massaged the shampoo in her hair. She could not wait to go on a real mission, one that would make her prove to the JBA that she has got the stuff. Once she was finished her shower, she made her way to the central part of the building. Glass windows and touch screen technology was all around her. High class chairs and expensive paintings filled the huge room. They sure make good pay..

Leila walked across the room, agents around her were working hard on computers or talking about past missions and other secrets. Everyone here trusted each other. Except for Leila, the younger ranked spies usually weren't allowed to come into this part of the building, but she was here for a meeting with Lambert. Ahh Lambert.. She thought to herself. He was the boss of the corporation, and he sure was a character. He was a tall black man, very handsome for his age, which she knew was around in the late 40's. He was sweet, but knows when to be serious and of course he knew the bets steps to take during a mission. She slowly walked to his office and was ready to knock on the door. She gulped and felt nervous meeting with him. But before she could open the door it had already opened, and Lambert was standing right there. "You have been promoted!!" He shouted and held out his hand. A rush of sweet happiness filled her up, she grabbed his hand and shook it. She felt speechless and Lambert understood. "IL give you the details of your mission tomorrow, I know you're ready for it, take the day off and celebrate!" He said and smiled. Leila looked up at him and smiled. " I will do my best sir, thank you" She said and turned away. She wanted to leap up in the air with happiness. But if she knew what the mission was about...she wouldn't have done so..