September 12, 2015, Thursday

Enemy has been located..

Details of briefcase is unknown..

Suggest breaching

Leila woke softly. Unlike yesterday when she was startled. She cocked her head to the side. It's odd that she would be so calm, when she was off to a mission. A mission she had no idea of, the only ones she has been on so far were small missions with a group of people. Odd..the harder the mission, the less people that actually go on it. She thought to herself. She sighed and pulled on her new ranked uniform. She zipped it tight and faced the mirror. Today was a very important day.

"About time your here." Lambert said as Leila entered his office. She took note of his face, which seemed disturbed and focused.

"I am sorry sir, forgive me" She said and looked to the floor.

Lambert gave her an awkward, but warm smile. "It's alright, now let's head to the chopper, I will explain on the way." He said and brushed off his suit with his hand and made his way to the door. Leila followed and walked tall and true. She passed other agents along the way, they seemed slightly nervous, which made her slouch and look away.

Once they were in the large chopper, Leila sat down, surrounded by electronics and gear. Lambert sat across from her and fiddled with a wire.

"Get set up, I must speak to the pilot for a moment." Lambert said and left her alone.

Leila nodded and looked at her gear. She strapped on her bullet proof vest, and put a full body black suit over top. She strung her hair up in a ponytail and placed her vision goggles on top of her head. The goggles would let her have thermal, electronic, and night vision. She placed her pocket knife by her waist and her pistol on the other side of her waist. On her back was her SC-2OK rifle, which had a silencer attachment. She also had a shotgun and sniper attachment with it as well. She carried a small backpack with her as well, this carried ammo, lock picks, grenades, flash bangs, sticky shockers, high tech listening device, small food pouches, and of course her id, passport, money and other files.

"Looking ready to go" Lambert said. Leila almost jumped; she hadn't noticed him come back. She heard the chopper start and lift from the ground.

"Alright, let me tell you what's going on, JBA satellites have picked up messages from a Russian group, we are uncertain what group, but it seems that they are designing nukes in Ireland. What they are going to be made and used for, we are uncertain, it is your job to infiltrate the "abandoned" factory, and get as much information as you can. If possible try to kill as little people as you can, we are just here for information." Lambert said with a stern face.

"Of course sir, I will do my best" Leila said and nodded her head.

"One more thing, you will need this" Lambert said and held her a device that look almost like a game boy. "This is your OPSAT it will give you information of your objective, location, and information you have received. Remember, we know where you are in the building so you will not truly be alone; there are mics in your goggles which will let us communicate with one another. We will practise with these on our way to Ireland." He said and smiled.

"Thank you sir, I will not let you down." Leila said, trying to sound alert and focused.

" Oh and try not to drink much beer when you are there.." Lambert joked. Leila just gave him a smile, and looked out the window. She was on her way to Ireland.