Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you all have a blessed holiday. A few people have asked if I'm going to do another in my Thanksgiving series this year. I'd like to, but I want it to be a happy, uplifting installment so I was waiting to see where things would land on the show before hiatus. Given the events of the last episode, it might be a bit challenging to do the story I want to, so I'm going to have to give it some more thought.

Thanks to everyone who's left encouragement regarding NaNoWriMo! It's going really well so far. Please continue to ask, encourage, and harass me about word count. I hope to finish well.

This is the entry I did back over the summer for the Countdown drabble challenge on Supernaturalville. The goal was to use one complete episode title from each of the four seasons in a single drabble. Hope you enjoy it. I also threw in the E/O challenge word "alarm."

word count: 100


"Sam, was that fresh blood?! Hey you, Stewardess—the pilot's bleeding! Didja see that?! Sam—we need to get outta here! How can he fly a plane, bleeding like that?! No exit, Sam! We're gonna die. We're all gonna die!!"

"Dean! Breathe, man. Breathe!! Good. You've gotta calm down—it was just ink. Didn't you see the red pen in his pocket? Must've busted and leaked on his shirt."

"Huh. Awk-ward… Sorry people, false alarm. Go back to your monster movie; nothin' to see here."

"Wow, Dean—inciting mass hysteria over a busted pen? Impressive—even for you."

"Bite me."


Okay, in case you missed them, here are the episode titles I used:

S1: Pilot
S2: No Exit
S3: Fresh Blood
S4: Monster Movie