A/N: Amongst the many famous deaths this past summer, this one slipped through the cracks and I KNOW Dean would care.

"Aw, man!"

"What is it?" Sam looked over his section of newspaper.

"National tragedy, that's what."

Dean slid the obituaries across the motel table.

Sam read:

John Houghtaling, inventor of 'Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed' died Wednesday--ah. That's why Dean was upset.

"Dude did a lot of good in this world," Dean said pouting, expression gloomy.

"Savior of tense backs everywhere," Sam rolled his eyes but passed the breakfast change over to his brother. "Here. Go pay tribute."

That grin was bright enough to scare away the monsters under the bed.

If 50 cents could make that smile stick, Sam would stuff his pockets with rolls of quarters.