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This story will begin as a love story before developing into some real suspense, mystery, and action… give it some time to get there. I do very little to no angst, so if that's your thing this probably isn't it. Also, this beast is betaless for the first ten chapters, and I give my deepest apologies for the errors.

My story contains: a sweet but stern Edward, a strong but loving Bella with a foul mouth, an asshole named Jasper, a hilarious and confused Emmett, a Jake that is closer than a brother, most all TSS characters at some point, and a sadistic murder waiting in the wings.

Things you need to know before you continue….

Edward Anthony Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan- that is their full names.

The first part of the chapter is written as a narrative to get some history on both characters, and then I change to POV for the lemony goodness. This story is rated M for good reason…


Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chapter 1- The Beautiful Stranger

The yacht was large and comfortable, classier than any craft she had ever been aboard. The day was hot with the midday sun beaming down onto the blue green water beneath them, but there was something about the wind whipping against her face that made it comfortable. Her long mahogany hair and tea length brown sundress whipped in the wind as the yacht continued to slice through the water towards a vacation that she had waited five years to take. Eight days of beaches, cocktails, and over priced suits waited for her but this meant nothing to her, it was the one that was meeting her here that excited Bella Swan.

She had wanted him since their first day on the job.

Jasper Hale was not a typically good-looking guy but he possessed a strange weird bad-boy quality that for some reason held Bella captivated. Men threw them self at her feet but never he never did. There was a thrill in the hunt. They both were Chief editors for Rizer Industries, which owned two gender specific magazines and a film company. Each day was full of heated glances and flirting between them but had never led to anything but one drunken Halloween make out session, which then led to some weirdness the following Monday morning. Now Jasper was in her sights, Bella was going to have her chance to show him that she was everything that he wanted.

The boat slowed and slipped flawlessly into the dock. The stewardess guided Bella off the boat and led her to the front desk. The lobby was elaborate with floor to ceiling Italian marble. Chandlers hung every twenty feet from the fifty-foot ceiling while stained glass colored the windows. The staff knew who she was, no doubt warned of her importance, greeting her multiple times with over sized smiles.

Breathtaking, was all she could think as the clerk handed her the forms for the room.

"Ms. Swan, you are in the Bridge Suit over looking the north beach, and we all hope you enjoy your stay here at the Atlantis. How many keys will you be needing?" the polite attendant asked. Bella decided to be hopeful as she imagined Jaspers long fingers opening her suite door approaching her eagerly, his eyes black with desire for her…

"Ms. Swan?" the attendant asked again interrupting her daily Jasper fantasy.

"Umm… two please," Bella answered as a light blush covered her cheeks.

"Is their anything else you need Ms. Swan?"

Bella needed a lot of things; time to see her family, more shopping, to get laid but she thought that might be a bit too much to ask from the front desk clerk.

"No, but can you tell me if Jasper Hale has checked in, he was under the same reservation as me," Bella asked with a bit too much excitement as the attendant started to rummage though a stack of messages.

"Actually there was a message left from Mr. Hale for you," the attendant said before sliding an envelope into Bella's hands with her room keys. Some part of Bella knew what it said before opening it, but she opened the envelope anyways.

To my wonderful Bella,

I have some bad news beautiful, Phil decided last night that it was more important for me to stay here and cover the opening of our new suite in the Skyhawk's stadium. Phil said for you to enjoy yourself and that we would do my resort editorial another time. I bet you look amazing in the sun, and I hope that everything is to your liking. Try to enjoy yourself and I'll see you as soon as you get back.


All the hopes, all the day dreams, all the amazing fantasies vanished, she would spend the next seven days alone and the feeling that pulsed through her was a strange combination of anger and disappointment.

What fuckers… him and Phil both! Leaving me here alone! Calm down, Calm down you know how he his… she thought.

Before the staff could see the pain in her expression Bella faked a smile and followed a bellboy to the elevator. Fighting tears of anger made the ride to the fiftieth floor bridge seem like eternity. Bella followed her luggage into the suite holding herself together as the strong woman she was. The smell of fresh flowers filled her nose as she barely even took in the lavish golds and blacks of the ten thousand square foot suite. The pristine baby grand piano caught her attention for a fraction of a second before handing the bellboy a twenty and thanking him for his service. Slipping out of her heels, heels that she knew would catch his attention Bella made her way to the mini bar.

"Vodka, lots of vodka," she said starting her self invented healing process.

Three mini bottles on Chopin Vodka later and only a few frustrated tears and Bella closed the blinds, curled herself on top of the expensive lush bedding, and finally let the liquor and long day take her into sleep.

The buzz of her iphone brought Bella back to life. She knew it would be him, the one that didn't show; he never showed when it counted.

Jasper Hale: Let me know you got there safe, miss you

If the damn phone weren't her lifeline, she probably would have thrown it across the room. Bella knew that he didn't care and that he didn't really miss her, but he was simply ensuring that he kept her happy for later use.

Bella: I'm here, your not… talk to you when I get back.

The phone was staying off for the night.

Fuck him, I need another martini, Bella thought as she changed and headed down to the closest bar. Bella would have preferred sweats and old tank tops to evening gowns considering the way she feeling but she had meticulously planned seven days of bone shattering sex therefore all she had packed was seductive dresses and persuasive lingerie. Dress it was.

Her hands found the first one hanging in the walk in closet, French Blue with a plunging neckline and basically backless down to her ass. It was long but slit up both sides to mid thigh. The matching heels made her small 5'3 frame look tall, lean, and almost graceful… it was all for nothing. The nap had done the perfect number on her long locks, making it voluminous resembling sex hair and she threw on simple makeup not caring to do anything more. She thought about finding food first but she wanted to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible and food would just slow that down.

The bar was dark cherry and the bar tenders wore vest with bow ties completely different than the bars back in Seattle, but any warm body serving chilled liquor would do.

"Martini, Dry and very dirty," she ordered receiving a,

"Yes Ms. Swan," from the bar attendant.

Fuck! Everyone here knows who I am… I know no one, Bella thought. The martini was good, damn near perfect and she had high standards when it came to men, shoes, and Vodka. There was something refreshing and almost calming about the burn of the Vodka that started to relax today's tension from her body.

"Can I buy you a drink there pretty girl?" an older pudgier man asked.

Is this what it has come to? Over weight fifty year olds. Bella thought putting on her best fake smile that really meant Fuck off.

"No thank you," she replied.

"You waiting on someone?" he asked leaning in towards her. The old man smelled of nicotine, bourbon, and too much cheap cologne.

"Well actually that is none of your business, but still I am very capable of buying my own drinks, thank you for your hospitality," she replied again.

"If you are alone then you should let me give you the company you deserve pretty lady," the drunk crooned in her direction.

What I want is for you to leave me the fuck alone! She thought trying to think of anything to make this man go away.

I could be a lesbian, tell him you are gay… shit that might spur him own, defiantly has that dirty old man look, she thought before something happened.

She felt the warmness of a body behind her before hearing his velvet voice beside her ear. She caught the sight of his white starched cuff beneath his light grey suit as his amazing scent surrounded her. The old smelly drunk backed up startled by the great smelling well-dressed person behind her.

"Actually she was waiting on me, I think I can take it from here," he said in the sexiest most alluring voice she had ever heard as he brushed her hair over her shoulder. She didn't care who it was saving her but it had to better than option

A- fat, drunk, old smelly guy. Bella winked at the older man as he retreated before turning to see her personal savior. Breathing was suddenly impossible for Bella as she took in the rugged flawless stance of this man. His suit was light grey and hung perfectly from his tempting broad shoulders, everything about this man was in faultless order except for his messy sexy bronze hair which somehow made him better.

Now we're talking, Bella thought still speechlessly assaulting this beautiful stranger with her brown eyes.

"Your welcome," the stranger said, his smooth voice was arrogant which stopped Bella from eye-fucking him. He was cocky and gorgeous and looked just right to make her forget about damn Jasper Hale.

"I am a big girl, I think I can take care of myself… but thank you," Bella returned his arrogance raising an eyebrow in intrigue.

"You defiantly look like you are able to take care of yourself, but then again he looked like he wanted to take of you as well, I can go fetch him for you if you wish," the stranger teased starting to stand.

"No!" she said a little too excited grabbing his forearm; it was firm and muscular,

"I mean no…thank you truly. I owe you, care for a drink?" Bella asked letting the Vodka make her more confident than normal as he smirked and propped him self-back against the bar.

"Please, I'll have what your having," he answered and Bella raised her hand to summon the bar tender before he stopped her.

"Unless it was something real girly," He finished and Bella laughed as the bartender approached.

"Two martinis please, the same recipe as the last one," Bella ordered winking at the bartender.

"Damn, martinis?…Bad day?" The stranger asked as she got lost in the wonderful sight of his mouth. His lips were full and set over perfect white teeth. His emerald eyes were warm somehow and very deep. It was at this point that Bella realized that she needed to choose if this should proceed; she had seen it in a million movies, read it in a million books.

The perfect meet cute.

The exact moment when two characters meet and know that it is more than just a nice conversation… it has the potential to be something more with only two possible endings… Heartbreak or Happiness.

Seven day, how much damage could he do in seven days? Not enough time to break my heart but the perfect amount of time to make me feel alive, she thought.

"Long trip and yes bad day, how about you?" she asked turning her body towards him re-crossing her legs purposefully, gaining his gaze down her steams.

"Normally women do not look so ravishing after long bad days," he said taking in her dress and heels. He smelt mouthwatering and looked even better. Their was something in the way he spoke, so articulate and smooth… it made her involuntary lean into him.

"Was that supposed to be a compliment Stranger?" Bella asked a faint blush spreading across her face.

"Nope," He said curtly taking the first sip of his drink, smug as ever. She was silent, playing her hard to get card. Sitting his drink back down he turned slowly leaning closer to her.

"What is you name?" he asked as his sweet breath caressed her face making chills run up her spine. She wanted seven days, just seven days of feeling something wonderful, feeling something incredible, but she had no desire to be truthful about who she was.

"Marie," she lied swiftly her middle name seeming like the perfect half-truth,

"And yourself?" she asked not dare turning her face to his; she had always been a terrible liar.

"Anthony," he said moving an inch from her ear, "and if I was wanting to compliment you Miss Marie I would have told you how your gorgeous brown hair and the cream plane of your lower back caught my attention from across the room. Or how incredible your body looks in that dress and your legs in those heels, or how your brown eyes are painfully beautiful and your sweet smell is intoxicating… that is… if I was going to compliment you," He finished sitting back in his chair.

Did I just have an orgasm? She thought knowing that her seeping blush gave truth to the effect his words had on her. She was a strong powerful woman but putty at his straight shooting. His words and the multiple ounces of liquor resonated through her but now was not the time to lose her poker face.

"How do you know I'm a Miss and not a Misses?" She asked as if his words had meant nothing. He smiled, a strange crooked grin that made her body react strangely, almost hot.

"First no ring, second if you were someone's wife they would never let you out of their sights," he answered smoothly.

"Very intuitive Anthony."

"Facts, Miss Marie. Facts."

Her first reaction was to assault his body with her mouth but decided that she really didn't do one-night stands… her second reaction was to make an exception to the first.

"Lets get all this small talk out of the way, are you here for business or pleasure," she asked still focused on the way his lips were pressed to the side of his glass.

"Hopefully both, and yourself?" he replied laughing at her brashness.

"Ditto, what do you do for a living?" she asked letting her liquid courage lead the way

"Advertising," he answered gesturing towards her.

"I am a writer," she lied again marveling at her quick thinking. Half lies are the best.

"What do you write?" he asked smiling at their little game of twenty questions.

"I write for a magazine, fashion stuff. What do you advertise?" she said changing the subject, gaining a small laugh from him. His laugh was a beautiful sound.

"This isn't a race, are you conducting an interview right now?" he asked relaxing in his chair. She didn't answer but instead finished her drink sliding it to the edge of the bar and gesturing for two more.

"How about you tell me about your long trip and bad day instead," He asked shrugging out of his jacket and loosening his black tie. His body looked scrumptious from what she could tell.

Their was no chance she was getting into the five year cat and mouse game between her and Jasper so she decided on more lies.

"First, as I said long trip I feel like I was in a plane for four days, second after arriving I found out that my co-worker who was suppose to meet me here cancelled." She answered as the bartender returned with the next round.

"Male?" he asked.

"Male what?" she replied confused.

"Male co-worker?" he pried. No No No! She did not want to think about Jasper fucking Hale, especially talk to this gorgeous man about him, but the liquor won.

"Yes, male," she answered trying to sound confident. She was hurt but hoped it would not seep through her facade.

"Dumb-ass," he spit popping a vodka soaked olive into his mouth.

"Excuse me?"

"Your male co-worker, he is a dumb-ass,"

"You know nothing about him, Anthony,"

"He isn't here… that's all I need to know. Only a dumb-ass would pass up a vacation with someone such as yourself," he finished staring deep into her eyes. Their was something about his face, it was a combination of beauty, sweetness, and cockiness; the perfect concoction.

"You do not know me either. What if I am one of those crazy women who are awful and a general bitch? Or I could be selfish and cold, dumb and uninteresting… there are many possibilities." She answered. Bella felt that even though she was none of these things, Jasper still made her feel as if she was. Other men saw her for what she really was, sweet, smart, and sexy… Jasper saw her as vanilla for some reason.

"Well, I guess I will try and find out… my money is that you are beautiful and quite interesting, maybe even a little daring when with someone that allows you to be who you are, I'll get to know you Marie" he stated his eyes smoldering between sincere and lust.

"You can try," she said knowing that this stranger would never know her; she could be whoever she wanted to be, whoever Anthony wanted her to be… maybe even herself.

She could be "Marie" instead of Isabella Swan.

Their conversation was fun and light allowing Bella to turn on her charm that worked on almost all things male. She lied about living in Seattle telling him that she lived in New York City while he talked about his life in L.A. To say that he was interesting was a complete understatement. He was boarder line perfect. Besides the face and body he was quick witted and intelligent.

The bartender making last call interrupted their conversation.

How many drinks had we had, she thought. Bella had conquered the task of being drunk and declined another drink. The stranger looked sad at their night coming to an end and she felt the same.

"Anthony, please do not misconstrued my intentions but if you would like another drink we could raid the bar in my room," she said absolutely focusing on her bad and slightly naughty intentions with this beautiful stranger.

"Why of course," he answered giving her a slight nod.

"Bill our tabs to my room, thank you," Bella told the bar tender sliding him a fifty and standing up. Trying to stand up that is. All the vodka came booming down on her as soon as her stilettos touched the ground. Edward caught her against his body and the contact sent electric pulses through the both of them. He held her for a second too long before she righted her stance.

"You going to make it, love?" he whispered in her ear only making the pulsing intensify.

"With your help, hopefully," she answered trying to focus on moving her feet. Upon entering the elevator she pressed the button for the fiftieth floor and he made a strange face.

"The bridge?" he asked moving to the other side of the elevator trying to keep himself from attacking her right there. Bella braced her self against the other rail trying to do the same.

"Yep, it's the best," she answered watching the surprise cross his face. It was then that she knew she was going to be caught in her many lies.

What would a small fashion writer be doing in a twenty-five thousand dollar a night suit, but he just smiled at her, the strange crooked smile.

The doors opened releasing only a small amount of the tension between them as Bella sauntered down the short hallway to her room. She liked his eyes on her, just his stare made her feel sexy and more alive than she had felt in months. She opened the door holding it for him to enter first so she could finally get the full view of his frame and ass, which was just as fucking perfect as the rest of him.

"I'll make us a drink," she said awkwardly, stepping out of the heels and heading towards the bar. As soon as she was out of his sight the strange situation bombarded her mind.

A complete stranger Bella? Really? You are smarter than this… she thought as her trembling hands dropped ice, vodka, and olive juice into the shaker. Every late night "murder slash missing people" episode ran through her head causing a bit of panic until she was stopped by a beautiful sound. He was playing the grand piano in the sweetest most alluring way she had ever heard.

Serial killers don't play classical Debussy, she thought gaining a smile from her own twisted way of thinking. She would make up any excuse to convince herself that he was a keeper, well at least for seven days.

The sight of him playing was even better than the sound. He sat confidently as his long fingers played flawlessly over the ivory keys. His jacket was tossed over the top cover as his face drifted slightly back and forth with the surgery melody. He turned as she approached but didn't miss a note. Their was something in his smile that made her feel safe, made up excuse or not.

She sat the martinis on top of the piano before sitting beside him on the small bench. She loved music, especially good music played by a good-looking man. He let the music come to its natural soft end before turning to her. He was searching for something on her face, something she could not figure out. He took a small sip of his drink before turning back to her. She could feel her heart trying to pound through her rib cage as he stroked her jaw line, she wanted him.

"It was beautiful," she said complimenting him while trying not to sway too much in her drunken state.

"Yes it is…" he said as his eyes dropped to her mouth. Everything inside of him wanted to taste her soft pink lips but he resisted. He might not have a perfect track record with women but he was still a gentleman. His hands found the keys trying to distract himself from wanting to taste the creamy soft skin of her neck. As he played he smiled at how interesting his night had turned out to be…

Business trip with a bunch of people he didn't know had turned into meeting a woman that made him smile, and laugh, and... Some other feeling that he couldn't quite put his finger on… happiness maybe? She rested her head against his shoulder as the night's liquor over took her consciousness. As the song ended he turned to look into her perfect eyes, but they were closed.

"Marie?" He whispered but only soothing deep breaths came from her sweet face.

Awful thoughts of waking her raced through his thoughts, wanting to discover more about her, her life, her personality, and her body.

Your not Emmett asshole, you know your just going to carry her to bed… so go ahead and get on with it, he thought as he pulled her into his arms.

The smell of sugar and strawberries filled his face as he lifted her tiny frame into his capable arms. She felt weightless and fit perfectly. He held her silently, motionless watching her breath. Finally looking around the enormous suite he found the large French doors to her bedroom. The bed was large and exquisite with plush bedding and four tall posts at each corner. The closet was open and he saw twenty dresses that he knew would look amazing on her lean body, but in the corner of the closet were an old worn out pair of Chuck Taylor Converse. He smiled knowing that this little piece of knowledge, the knowledge that she was probably also a normal person, which only made her better. He wanted nothing more than to climb into bed and hold her in his arms, but she was too passed out to offer.

What the fuck is wrong with you this isn't a lifetime movie, he thought smiling at his own strange thoughts. Women never had this effect on him; it must have been the martinis. He placed her gingerly on the bed pulling the covers around her. He turned to leave but the idea that he might never see this intriguing woman ever again halted his leaving. Leaning down he slowly and hesitantly pressed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth.

Shit she taste so good, he thought. His lips stayed pressed against her face before he realized that he was being a little creepy. As he went to retreat a small hand grabbed his shirt pulling him to her. He stilled above her waiting on her wrath of catching him crossing the line. Women normally do not prefer to be felt up when they are unconscious. Peaking down at her he realized that thank god she was still passed out. Prying her little fingers from his shirt he tucked her back in and made his way out of the only place he wanted to be.

The elevator still smelled like her, or maybe it was his clothes, and it made him want to bust back into her suite and touch every inch of her body, but he had no right. He had lied to her about such stupid trivial things, what right did he have to even touch her? Edward had had too many psycho stalkers in the past to tell a woman you meet on vacation your actual name and home city. To be honest he hated his middle name, Anthony, almost as much as he hated L.A. but they were the first lies that popped into his mind.

Fuck, my jacket! He thought entering his own room, realizing that it was still in Marie's suite. That's inconvenient was his first thought, he loved this suit, but it was also another reason to see her. Surely she would try and return it.

Edward buried himself in work, he had plenty to keep his mind busy… busy from thoughts of dark blue backless dresses and deep chocolate brown eyes. Edward had been back in the states for only two days before his father had sent him on a "team-building" business retreat to the Atlantis with all of the other executives. Edward had moved to Italy weeks after his college graduation to run the European branch of his family's advertising business. He loved Italy; the scenery, the language, the food, the culture, and on occasion the women. After the branch became stable in Italy, Edward's father begged him to return to their main headquarters back in the states.

Most other executives in company saw Edward as spoiled and a son that got by on his father's coat tails, but Edward's family knew the truth, he was without a doubt better than anyone in the biz.

His phone rang in his pocket startling him. Only one person in the world slept a little as he did. His foster brother. Their conversation was the normal brotherly teasing fest before his brother informed him that all Edward's belonging had arrived from Italy earlier that day.

"Thanks bro," Edward said.

"Your shit is everywhere! You could have stayed at Emmett's," his brother complained making Edward laugh before they hung up. He enjoyed causing his foster brother discomfort; pay back for the years of discomfort his foster brother had caused him. Edward loved him like a brother; hell he loved him like he loved his actual brother Emmett.

Edward had purchased a brand new apartment but it would not be ready for weeks, meaning it was either brother teasing or overbearing motherly love. Brotherly teasing was the better choice every time. Edward wanted to work, he needed to work, but between the frustration of moving, his new position, and the strangely addictive woman from the bar force feeding him martinis he decided to try sleep instead of work. He called the front desk to request a small favor before crawling into his empty bed.

Bella awoke the next morning with a battle-axe in her skull, or at least that's what it felt like. Rolling over she realized that she was still fully dressed and judging by the "non-great feeling in my vagina" that the stranger had put her to bed deciding not to ravage her inebriated state. Her head throbbed as she fumbled around for her phone. Only three emails no missed calls or text.

God I have the best assistant, she thought knowing that Angela was filtering her inbox. The first one was from her mother confirming a visit next month, one was from her design department needing a final approval on next month's cover, and the last was from her CEO Phil. Ignoring the first two she opened Phil's.

Subject: update


Hope your room is great, I paid out the ass for it. Nothing but the best for my number one girl. You better not be staying in your room working, I want to know everything about that resort. Approve the final cover and send me an update about what happened last night.


Re: update


Room is ridiculous. Thank You. I was tired last night so I only hit the bar… they make great martini's, better than yours. Treating me like a queen here I might never come back. 10-4 on the cover I'm doing it now


Every part of Bella wanted to be furious at Phil, but he really had no clue about Jasper. Phil loved her like a daughter and had coached her into the editor that she had become, she would let him live… for now. Bella attended to the other emails before pulling her hung over state out of bed. She pulled the dress off throwing it into the closest before making it into the bathroom.

Puking would make you feel better… but puking fucking sucks, she thought as she started the shower. Her mind could not focus on anything but the deep emerald color of the stranger's eyes, his frame that was perfect and his ass that was mouthwatering. All paired with a personality that was just right, from what she could remember. Dragging herself out of the shower she passed the bed she so desperately wanted to curl up in, seeing a tray sitting on the bar. It was a silver serving tray with a sport drink and two aspirin on it with a small card.

Take two of these and drink the entire drink, they will improve the pounding in that beautiful head of yours.

Please take this small gesture as gratitude for returning my jacket, room 2240.

The Stranger

Her heart leaped; actually it was more like double fucking back flips. He was a gentleman, and witty and had not murdered her. Plus he must have wanted to see her again, leaving the jacket was such a girl move. Popping the two pills she downed the drink before retrieving his jacket.

Nice taste, she thought as she noticed the Armani tag. Lifting it to her face she inhaled his mesmerizing scent, it was sweet and musk and all man combine into his own distinct flavor.

A flavor that she was now craving.

She would return the jacket to him, personally. Bella had to see him again. It was the first morning in a long time that she has not thought of Jasper.

Today was about work, there was a lot of resort that she needed to research.

It had been an entire day since she ate therefore food was her number one priority. The aspirin and hydration had settled her stomach so she feasted on her delicious five star breakfasts. Next, she wondered the resort taking in all of the plush greenery and gardens. After that she was treated to a personal poolside, which she vowed to make part of her daily routine.

The small room was filled full of goodies including fresh fruit and champagne. Her mom's version of a hangover cure… more alcohol. She could not stop thinking about him, the wonderful, sexy, intriguing stranger and wondering what he was doing. Bella enjoyed lunch at one of the resorts smaller restaurants before instructing room service to laundry Anthony's jacket. Bella napped the rest of the day waking up to housekeeping returning the pristine grey suit jacket that sadly no longer smelt like the beautiful stranger.

It was starting to get dark, which meant that he would no doubt be returning to his room soon. Tonight was a simple but stunning white sundress with wicker looking wedges. Her nerves churned in her stomach as she fixed her hair in a messy up-do showcasing her neckline.

What would she say to him? Would he invite her into his room? Would he screw her like a champ? It was then she realized, she had nothing to loose.

Finding his room was a fucking task all to its self. The hotel had two separate towers and it took her twenty minutes to find his floor. Butterflies, butterflies with dagger like wings, twisted in her stomach as she knocked on his door.


She knocked again but there was no noise coming from his room.

Shit! What now? She thought realizing that her attempts at rekindling their chemistry from last night were fading.

He knows where my room is, he can come to meI am over chasing men, she thought. She returned the jacket to the front desk instructing them to take proper care of returning it to him, not being able to leave a thousand dollar suit on a damn doorknob.

Then it hit her.

Anthony had called the front desk to send her the hangover stuff…

He knew she had lied.

"Excuse me ma'am, has anyone called for me or requested my room number, or name?" Bella asked.

"No ma'am here at the Atlantis we respect privacy. We do not give out room numbers or guest names," She answered most likely thinking that Bella was testing her.

"Good, let's make sure we keep it that way," Bella stated.

"Yes Ms. Swan," the attendant answered nervously.

Dodged a bullet there, Bella thought before heading towards the bar. It was empty.

"Would you care for a martini Ms. Swan?" the same bartender from last night asked.

"No sir, have you happen to see my friend from last night?" Bella asked knowing she was acting very "stalkerish".

"Yes, he requested a couple of bottles of wine, but took them with him," He answered.

"Oh, thank you sir," Bella answered realistic thoughts crushing her hopes. He was either A- in his room getting drunk ignoring her, or B- drinking wine with another woman.

"Ms. Swan… it appeared that he was headed out towards the beach, on the south side," the bar tender diverged his information smiling.

"Thank you even more," Bella said her feet already carrying her towards the sand.

The beach was dark now only lit enough to see almost to the waters edge. Ten feet from the rippling tide set a dark figure that she knew at once. The glow from the resort was casting soft light on his bronze messy hair, his jacket was off and his tie was loose. His pants were rolled up and his arms rested on his knees as he gazed at the sky. Walking towards him she stopped, realizing that he might want to be alone, that he might not want to ever see her again. The fright of rejection set in and she turned to leave.

"Marie?" his voice called and it took her a second to realize that he was talking to her.

Marie, not Bella, she thought as she turned towards him. He was already on his feet approaching her.

"Hey Stranger," she said trying to sound as smooth as possible. She stilled as he came to stand less than a foot from her.

"Good evening," he said leaning down hesitantly to place a soft kiss on her cheek. She wanted to grab him by his sexy ass hair and pull his perfect mouth to hers, but she was frozen.

"Thank you… for the aspirin I mean," she corrected.

"Thank you for my jacket?" he said making the statement into a question.

"It should be returned to you room promptly, and cleaned," She answered trying not to get lost in the depths of his eyes.

"Care for a drink," he said gesturing towards the sand and the two bottles of wine.

"Sure," she said and he offered her the jacket that he had been sitting on. Curling up on his jacket she noticed that he had two wine glasses, one half full of a dark red wine and the other turned upside down over one of the bottles.

"Expecting company?" she asked nervously gesturing towards the other glass.

"Yes," he replied simply handing her the second glass.

"You knew I would find you?" she asked smiling at the chance that he had wanted to see her again.

"Hoping…" he said pouring her a glass and flashing her that incredible crooked grin.

"And if I hadn't," she said.

"I know where you sleep," he teased raising an eyebrow like a villain. He was even more amazing looking with out the martini goggles. Her memory had done his face a great injustice.

"How was your day?" he asked as if they were old friends.

"Relaxing, the resort is amazing, and yours?" she asked trying not to stare at his sculpted jaw line.

"Busy," He said leaning back propping his face against his elbow.

"Tell me about it," she retorted copying his pose facing him. The electricity between them made her feel almost lightheaded.

"Tell me about you instead," he countered and she sensed that he did not want to talk shop.

"What do you want to know?" she asked already thinking of multiple lies to tell.

"Anything," he said his eyes drifting from her eyes to her mouth.

"I hate birds," she blurted out. It was the truth but not incriminating.

"Birds, who hates birds?" he chuckled.

"I do, except for penguins," she answered.

"You can be quite strange," he said taking a long sip of his wine. She sat silent not knowing what to say but the silence was not uncomfortable. She turned her face to the ocean his gaze cutting into her face in a tantalizing way.

"You look beautiful, more yourself than last night," he said but she didn't turn to look at him afraid that she would attack him at the very least.

"Thanks, you as well," she said gesturing to his pants and rolled up sleeves.

"I hate sand," he answered and she giggled.

"Oh, sorry I stole you jacket then," she answered.

"You seem to do that a lot lately," he teased.

"If you hate sand so much why are out on a beach," she asked.

"It comes with the ocean, which I love,"

"Me too," she answered.

"Marie," he said locking her eyes with his. She could feel it, the zing between them, praying he felt it too.

"Yes?" she asked innocently.

"Do you often come to deserted beaches with complete strangers?" he asked leaning slightly towards her.

"No, you're my first," she said hearing the sex in her own voice.

"It could be quite dangerous you know, pretty girl like yourself…in that dress…" he said his hand moving to touch her before dropping it back to his wine glass.

"I can take care of myself, I have killed a man before," she answered mocking his scary velvet tone in poor impression.

"Are you sure about that?" he said rolling to his knees hovering over her. She wanted to speak but the warmth of his body over her made it impossible. He placed her hands behind his neck leaning to where his face was inches from where she wanted.

Kiss me already, she thought but in a second, before she could even put up a fight he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She screamed not able to fight against his strength but also enjoying a perfect view of his perfect ass.

"Thought you could take care of yourself?" he teased already heading into the water.

"So help me God, I will murder you if you throw me in the fucking ocean," she spit trying to kick her legs but he held them in the vice grip of his arms.

"What are you so afraid of? No birds out here" he teased as he began marching through the water.

"Don't do this Anthony," she warned but it was too late. He dropped her waist deep in the water submerging her body completely into the warm ocean. Part of her was pissed beyond all recognition but another part of her thought it was hilarious. Surfacing she realized that this kind of fun had not happened to her in a long time.

"I will murder you in your sleep," she growled pushing her wet hair from her face that had fallen from her loose up-do. He was standing far away from her braced and waiting on her retaliation. Bella wanted to drown him but the way the water made his shirt cling to his muscular chest distracted her. He was smiling a sexy playful smile that instantly made her smile too.

"What if I couldn't swim?" she asked stalking towards him.

"You might should have told me that instead of all that bird bullshit," he laughed taking a step towards deeper water.

"I hate you right now," she said talking another large step towards him.

"You are sexy when your mad… and wet," he said his eyes assaulting her soaking white dress.

Thank god I wore a bra, she thought.

"You can't talk your way out of this one," she snapped wanting to attack him but he had moved too deep for her to stand. Suddenly she felt his strong hands grab her sides as he jerked her towards him. Her body pressed against his as he wrapped his muscular arms around her waist supporting her.

"I don't plan on talking," he said bending his lips to hers. He stopped a painfully close distance to her mouth letting her make the choice. There was no choice. Bella's hands ran through his wet hair pulling his lips to hers. His lips were full and soft and seemed to fit hers perfectly. His breath was sweet and engulfed her face as she slowly parted her lips wanting to taste more of him. He kissed her adoringly as if they had kissed a thousand times for a thousand hours. His hands rested on her lower back pulling her into him as their bodies tangled together. She deepened the kiss exploring the feel of his tongue against her own that truly knew to kiss a woman. No one had ever kissed her like this, and she knew that no one probably ever could. He carried them towards more shallow water never parting their lips as a soft moan erupted from her throat. As soon as her feet were on the ocean floor his hands molded perfectly to her neck and face as hers rested against his chest. His fingers held her in a way that screamed passion as his thumb stroked her jaw line sweetly. Pulling back slightly her eyes opened to find him gazing at her face, their eyes locked as he placed one last soft kiss against her lips.

"Am I forgiven?" he asked his hands still holding her face. She shook her head no and he smiled bending to place a kiss at the corner of her mouth.

"Now?" he asked but she shook her head again wanting to milk this for all it was worth. He chuckled kissing down her jaw-line to her ear taking it between his teeth gently.

"N…ow?" he whispered as her hands clung to his shirt. She didn't answer as he moved to the crook of her neck and then across her collarbone.

Damn he knows my body, she thought as she felt his tongue against her skin.

"Go out with me?" he asked between kisses. She stiffened.

"Marie, have dinner with me tomorrow," he asked again taking her silence as a no.

"Maybe," she said pulling his mouth back to hers. Her lips felt absent and alone without his now.

"Let's get out of these clothes," he said and she pulled back to glare at him.

"Not like that… dirty minded girl… but that could be arranged," he teased playing with the bottom hem of her dress. She smacked him playfully on the chest and headed back towards the shore. She dusted off his jacket and held it out for him.

Smiling he grabbed the jacket and held it out for her to wear instead.

"I don't enjoy collecting your jackets," she said not moving.

"Understandable, but I do not want to fight off every male in the resort," he said as he eyed her now see through wet white dress.

"Right, thank you," she said as she slid her arms into the jacket. It smelt like him and the smell soothed her. Intertwining their fingers they snuck back inside the resort earning glares from other guest. He pulled her into the closest elevator and she waited on him to press the lit floor buttons.

His room or mine, She thought. His hand pressed the button for the bridge and she smiled at him. He stalked towards her pressing her back against the marble wall of the elevator.

Who needs a room, the elevator would be perfect, she thought as his right hand rested beside her face and the other pulled her hips to his.

"Mmmm," she moaned as his teeth found the sensitive skin of her neck.

"I wish I could stay with you tonight," he said and she felt the excitement fade from her body.

"You could…" she panted as his hand loosened the grip on her waist.

"I can't," he said his eyes reflecting her own sadness.

"Wife at home?" she teased pushing her hips roughly into his body.

"No, fucking ridiculous midnight meeting, we do it every year," he said leaning to kiss her with every bit of passion he held for her.

"That's what they all say," she said realizing that she only had twenty more floors to go before he left her.

"I thought you said I was your first stranger?" he said stepping back from her.

"The first that has ever rejected me," she teased pulling him back against her.

"I am in no way rejecting you, but eagerly wishing for a rain check," he asked his eyes begging her. Bella knew what a real job entailed, jobs were the kryptonite of any kind of good personal life.

"Granted," she said and his face lifted at her word. He crushed his mouth back to hers briefly before the elevator reached her floor. They walked in silence as she reached her door.

"Well, this is me," she said in her best first date end of the night impression. His eyes were locked on her wet white dress, as he debated whether or not to just skip the damn meeting.

"Tomorrow?" he asked and she could hear that he was giving her the choice again.

"When?" she asked and he bent to kiss her hand.

"I'll come fetch you at eight," he said kissing up her wrist.

"Fetch me? What am I a dog?" she asked pulling her hand from his lips. His eye smoldered backing her up against her door and whispering in her ear with a delicious velvet voice.

"You are by no means a dog," he said feasting on her ear again.

"Ahh…Get out of here before I attack you in the most appropriate of ways," she said pushing against his chest. He pressed his lips sweetly to hers one last time sighing as their bodies separated.

"Until tomorrow Lassie," he teased walking backwards away from her. He held her eyes locked in his gaze of want and desire until the elevator door took him out of her sight.

Bella's POV

Why was I so disappointed? I was by no means a whore, but I wanted this man like I wanted my next meal. He was exactly what I needed, and I only had six days left to get my fill of the beautiful stranger… I was wasting time. Six days and then I could return to my life, a life of work and no play. Being successful was all I had ever asked for life, but looking back I should have asked life to give me this gorgeous man instead. It was only midnight and I knew that I would not be able to sleep for hours. Finding my phone I checked my email, missed calls, text to find nothing. Then my eyes found a large flat screen TV and flipped it on the watch my normal late night shows, Ace of Cakes followed by my personal favorite Iron Chef.

God I would just ravage Bobby Flay, I thought as I watched him plate the most amazing looking Cornish game hens with wild rice-goat cheese stuffing and red chili gravy. It looked almost a good as he did. Sexy Flay destroying the challenger was the last thing I remembered before I let the huge king bed over take me.

My phone buzzed the next morning pulling me out of my slumber, a slumber on expensive sheets and plush bedding. This shit was better than my own.

It was Angela.

"I thought you said you weren't going to bother me?" I teased. She was more of a best friend than an assistant.

"Listen, I need to tell you something. Jasper came by here today to check out your new cover," she whispered.

My new cover had only been seen by three people; Myself, my boss, and my assistant. This cover was part of me, and if it boosted sales as I hoped, I would probably be getting a great raise.

"You did not show him!" I snapped.

"Hell no, you know how I hate him. That must mean that his sucks or that he isn't done with it yet. Tomorrow is the dead line and his assistant told me that he heard him and Phil getting into it yesterday," Angela dished. We both loved gossip, not rumors but good accurate gossip.

"Surely he is done they must have been fighting over something else," I said trying not to let my feelings for this wonderful strange dickhead cloud my judgment.

"Isabella! I know you are crazy about him but I swear if you help him out of another jam… I'm… I'm going to..." Angela steamed and I giggled at her angry voice, it resembled a kitten purring.

"You're going to what? Quit?" I laughed only pissing her off more.

"No, I will tell your mother," she said very matter of fact.

"You wouldn't?" I snapped. My mother would murder me if she knew that I was letting a man walk all over me.

"Try me boss lady," Angela challenged.

"I am not going to help him, I am through with him," I said and I knew the words were partially true. However I knew that it would be a lot more complicated to not think about him after I left my green-eyed god.

"Good," she said and I could hear the smile in her voice, "so tell me about the resort, any hot guys?" she asked and I told. I do not kiss and tell, but telling Angela a secret is just as safe as putting it in a bank vault. Angela was beyond loyal and never judgmental, that is why I hired her. I needed someone to watch my back while I fought my way to the top. We talked for half an hour before I realized that she probably had tons of work to do.

"Get back to work, Ill talk to you soon," I said missing her a little.

"Miss you boss lady," she said before the line disconnected.

Today was going to be all about the food, this place was packed with restaurants and I was meeting with three different chefs. I loved food and if I could have afforded culinary school and if I weren't a damn klutz I probably would have became a chef. I tried never to throw around my position or the power that it entailed but I did use it on occasion to eat at the best restaurants ran by the world's greatest chefs. Since I would be touring kitchens I decided that all my pumps would have to wait until the evening. I wore the only pair of jeans I brought with simple flats and a tank top.

I met the first chef who ran the main restaurant. His French Cajun restaurant was only open for dinner service therefore I spent the majority of the morning tasting his delectable cuisine and touring his spotless kitchen. I was too full to eat anything else so I just chatted and inspected the other two locations until their dinner rushes began to pile in.

Which one of these restaurants would Anthony take me to this evening? What in the hell should I wear?

I needed to prepare.

My normal pre-date process started with a long hot bath that relaxed my nerves slightly. I shaved my legs, twice and stood in matching black lace staring at my closet.

Black is always safe.

This dress was one of my favorites and looked like sex on fabric. It was a jet-black bondage dress that hugged every curve I had and went great with my Louboutian pumps.

I thought of the way his hands had touched my hair the first night and decided to leave it down in a long cascade of waves. My make up was sultry with smoky eyes and soft pink lips.

Now I had to wait.

He said he would be here at eight, which in guy terms meant eight fifteen at the earliest. My insides were tangled into a mess of fear and desire. I needed to take the edge off; one glass of champagne should do the trick. Finishing my first glass and starting to pour my second I heard three swift taps sound from my door. Shit he is on time, three minutes early even. It was him in all of his Greek statue like glory. He had on no jacket tonight, just a white dress shirt beneath a black vest and slacks.

Opening my door his eyes met mine for only a second before raking down the length of my body. His eyes burned into my shoes as wicked grin played on his lips. I turned slowly showcasing my skin tight dress and the cut out on the back of the dress.

"Am I dressed appropriately for this evening," I asked as he pealed his eyes off of my legs. His stare made my body tingle with anticipation.

"Very appropriate," he answered and the wicked grin returned. I took his outstretched hand and he led me into the elevator, our elevator. I waited on him to throw me up against the wall and take me but he stood beside me both hands behind his back.

"What floor?" I asked gesturing towards the panel of buttons.

"Twenty-two on the north tower," he said never turning to look at me. Holy shit he was taking me to his room. My heart began to thud loud and very audible as he held back a laugh as I pressed the button with trembling fingers stepping back beside him. My eyes stayed locked on the doors but I could feel his eyes assaulting my face. As the door opened he nodded.

"Ladies first," he said as I exited. He was staring at my ass, I could just feel it, so I put a little extra sway in my hips and I swear I heard his breath hitch. He opened the door to his suite and the most amazing smells bombarded my senses. Garlic and lemon with something else, it smelled delicious. Stunned by my surrounding, I felt long strong arms encircle my waist.

"I hope your hungry," He said moving my hair in front of my shoulder as he placed a soft kiss just below my ear.

"Very," I answered as he began to walk us towards his kitchen. His suite was not as large as mine but it was still extravagant. It had a full kitchen that opened into the living room and French doors that must lead into the bedroom. No piano in his room, which saddened me. I wanted to watch him play again, while my mouth worked over his…

"You like Italian?" He asked bringing me out of my piano fantasy and I realized that the smell was coming from the kitchen. He was cooking for me. I felt an orgasm approaching as he tended to his work in the kitchen gesturing me towards two barstools.

Men that cooked were like women who actually knew how to suck dick, very far and few between… when you found one you kept it.

"Marie, do you like Italian food. If not we can go out…" he said interpreting my silence as dislike.

"Oh… yes, it's my favorite," I said settling onto a bar stool to watch him.

"Mine as well," he answered stirring the sauce. The food smelt almost as delicious as he did, almost.

"Wine?" he asked holding up a bottle of chardonnay. We must be having pasta or chicken.

"Yes, please… can I help?" I asked wanting to play out my all time favorite fantasy of cooking with a man before he fucked me on the counter.

"Yes you can," he said leaning so his lips were only inches from mine, " you can sit here and try not to distract me." I couldn't help my self; my hand found the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine. He kissed me gently before pulling away laughing.

"I said no distractions," he scolded prying my hand from his neck.

"Oops," I said innocently as he returned to his prep station.

"Would you like to know what were having?" He asked cutting large fresh mushrooms and onions. I about fell out of my chair watching how well he could work with his hands.

I inhaled deeply twice and he stopped to watch.

"We are having pasta with a lemon garlic butter cream sauce, with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and spinach… and…" I paused looking around until I found a brown wrapped piece of meat, probably chicken, "and chicken."

He sat his knife down staring with an expression shock.

"What? I know a lot about food," I said shrugging.

"You don't look like you know that much about food," he said teasing my long lean frame. I had always been skinny almost boyish until the hips and tits arrived at eighteen.

"I eat all the time, bad shit too. I just happen to have metabolism like a fucking man," I answered and he laughed, a golden warm perfect sound.

"You have a mouth like a man too," he teased before dropping the veggies into his pan. We sat in silence. I watched- he cooked. Twice I wanted to make suggestions but I stopped myself, Bella critiqued Marie just enjoyed. Everyone once in a while he would ask me a random question.

"What is your favorite movie?" He asked.

"The Princess Bride," I answered knowing that it was probably every girl's favorite movie.

"Favorite book?" he asked still preparing our feast.

"I have too many… Wuthering Heights is the best but I like any good author, most all Shakespeare, all Dickens, Austen," I answered as the list went on and on in my head. Literature was my greatest guilty pleasure. Each time I answered he just nodded as if he was just committing it to memory. I was comfortable around him, like I had known him for years. I didn't know if it was the nature of our situation or if he was really just that easy to get along with.

We both knew that this, what ever "this" was, would end by Saturday. The thought pained me and I was surprised at my own feelings. I really knew nothing about him, and I decided right then to keep it that way. I just wanted one part of him and I would try my damnedest to find it tonight. He pated the pasta and it looked amazing. I couldn't sit any longer and rose to pour myself another glass of wine and one for him. He picked up a plate in each hand and headed to the small table. We ate in silence. The food tasted better than anything I had ever eaten, largely due to the company it held. I asked him about the food and he told me that he had the concierge find the ingredients for him and how he had been craving Italian food for days.

"Have you ever been to Italy?" he asked as we finished.

"Yes, several times. Fashion world you know," I answered. It was true I loved Italy.

"Have you?" I asked realizing that I was about to break my deal of not wanting to know any more about him, but he was just too damn interesting.

"Yes, I lived there for almost five years," he answered and I dropped my fork.

"Really? What was it like? To live there," I asked imagining him and I at my favorite espresso shop outside of Florence.

"It was like… home," he said and I could hear the longing in his voice.

"You miss it?"

"Yes, but part of me is happy to be home," he answered pulling off his shoes and socks leaning back in his chair.

"Is your family here?" I asked as my mind took off with thoughts. What did he like? What did he hate? Did he want me in the same mind numbing way I wanted him?

"Yes, I worked in Italy they all stayed here," He answered his lips pressing against the side of his wine glass… I wanted to be that wine glass.

"What does your family do?" I asked realizing that I sounded like a damn reporter again.

"My father, my brothers, and I all work for my father's advertising agency. My mother is a interior designer, and my other foster brother is an attorney," he replied laying his napkin over his plate.

"What about you Marie? Your family I mean."

"My mother lives in Phoenix and my father lives in a small town in Washington," I answered honestly and I saw his eyes drop to the table. Almost like he was hiding something.

"Siblings?" he asked still not looking me.

"One, step-sister from my mother's second marriage, but I don't see her like that. She is my sister, blood or not."

He smiled at me and rose to take our plates to the bar before he finished his wine. I felt like I had said something wrong. Maybe he was as freaked out as I was about this whole thing, or maybe he thought I was crazy like the rest of my family. He picked up a remote filling the room with soft and slow jazz music. His eyes were soft and full of passion as he held out his hand to me. Oh fuck, he wanted to dance and I had no clue how to dance… well unless you count dancing like a stripper at one of my sister's crazy club nights.

"Dance with me," He said almost like a command. I took his hand and he jerked me against his chest as his other hand found the small of my lower back. His arms felt so right wrapped around me as if they were made for me. I thought of all the events Jasper and I had attended, he had never asked me to dance one time and each time I had wanted him to.

Why couldn't I have met Anthony in Seattle? Why couldn't we have met in one of my bars?

Life is never fair, it had given me an amazing job and an amazing family I guess this perfect man would have been too much perfection in ones life.

I could feel his heart beat against my own and it was then that I knew I would leave a part of mine here when I left. He brought our locked hands to his mouth placing sweet kisses on each one of my fingers. My body flooded with arousal knowing that he was about to give me what I desired, what I needed. I had imagined tonight being full of ripped clothes and rough sex while we used one another, but it was different.

It was sweet and the chemistry between us was that of two people engulfed in intimacy. He held me tight against his body as we swayed to the sound of a saxophone. As the music came to a close our bodies were no longer moving to the rhythm of the music but standing motionless locked in each other's embrace. Our eyes met for an unrepeatable moment as his hand cradled my face.

"God you're so beautiful it hurts," he whispered pressing his lips to mine. I felt beautiful. When he kissed me everything else in my life faded away, the pressures to succeed amongst men, the time I spent away from my family, and even the hurt of the rejections from Jasper. Nothing existed but the feel of his mouth on mine. The last days had been proof that he was a gentleman therefore I knew that I had to be the one to make a move if I wanted this to progress. My fingers found the buttons of his vest and I slowly unbuttoned each one, while his mouth pleasured my own. I pulled the vest back over his broad shoulders and he allowed me to slip it down his arms before I tossed it to the floor. My hands found the waistline of his pants unbuckling his belt and discarding it at my feet. Pulling his shirt un-tucked iron grasps came down on my wrist and he pulled his mouth from mine. His eyes searched my face looking for something, some kind of sign that this was going to be okay.

"Marie, you can have as much of me or as little of me as you want," he said once again giving me the option. I didn't speak afraid my voice would break, I was not stopping.

I wanted all of him.

I undid the top two buttons of his shirt before just pulling his shirt and undershirt off over his head. My mouth fell open as I feasted on his chiseled chest and stomach before my attention was pulled to the V leading from his hipbones to below the waistline of his pants. He was wrong; he was the one that was painfully beautiful. His skin was smooth and lightly tanned and the way his pants hung low on his hips made heat pulse through my body. His arms incased me as his able fingers found the zipper of my dress. He unzipped me slowly and the sound only ignited my desire. He placed kisses down my jaw and neck to the tip of my shoulder looking down my now exposed back. His breath hitched as he pulled the dress over my shoulders down to my waist.

This was moving at too slow of pace, my body was erupting with the need to shed the rest of our clothes. Strong hands ran down my body to my rib cage as his eyes roamed over my chest. My dress fell down over my hips pooling at my feet as I stood in my bra, panties, and pumps. His eyes assaulted me as his own need broke through his collected façade. Grabbing my ass he lifted me to his body as my legs snaked around his waist. He took long strides to the bedroom kicking open the double doors in his wake, as I tasted his neck and jaw. A moan escaped his lips as my teeth grazed his ear lobe feeling him harden beneath me. He sat me on the edge of the bed leaning in between my legs to ravage my neck. My head fell back in pleasure as his lips moved down to lick between my breasts. His hands were so capable, his mouth so succulent against my skin, I couldn't help but moan his name.

"Anthony… please…"

He stopped and pulled away to look at me with that same bewildered look, that same strange look from dinner as if he was hiding something or afraid of something.

"Tell me what you want," he asked in a low raspy voice. I sat up finding the waistline of his pants before unbuttoning the metal clasp and pushing them down over his hardened cock. I slid to the middle of the bed crossing my legs allowing him to make the final choice. He knew what I wanted; he could probably feel it through my skimpy lace boy shorts. His eyes were smoldering as he climbed into bed kneeling at my feet. My heartbeat was quick as he uncrossed my legs his hand removing my shoes one by one and placing kisses on my ankles. The shoes were tossed to the floor as his mouth worked up the inside of my right leg. His hands ran up the outside of my legs around to my ass pulling my soaked panties down my legs.

"Fuck," he moaned as his eyes centered between my legs seeing my recent Brazilian wax job. His mouth fell to my stomach, licking just below my navel causing a small spasm in my spine.

"Let me taste you," he asked looking up at me through his lick lashes. My hands fells into his hair as his mouth dipped back to my heated flesh. I had only let one man taste me and although I had nothing to compare it to, I didn't think it was all that great. Anthony moved slowly, cautiously as he kissed my inner thighs. His strong arm moved across my stomach pinning me under him as he slowly kissed my clit.

"Oh God…" I moaned my fingers gripping his bronze locks. I felt him smile against me before returning to his work. I cannot believe I had lived twenty-nine years and never had this before. His mouth put my rabbit to shame as he sucked and moaned against my clit. My legs shook and he tightened his grip around me. There really was no need for the iron bar holding me down… I was never leaving. His tongue explored the rest of me dipping inside of me.

"You are so wet," he moaned as he slid two fingers inside of me watching my face twisted with pleasure.

"Yes… fuck…" was all I could say as my hands left his hair and twisted in my own. Pleasure rocked my body as my hips moved in perfect synchronization against his lips. His mouth and his hands knew what my body wanted and I was never so willing to give into what I desired. My hands slid over my own face trying to run from the feeling building against his tongue but he stopped.

"Uncover your face, I want to see you when you come," he said waiting until I dropped my hands before continuing. I held onto the sheets twisting them around my hands as his tongue flicked against me and his fingers were pumping inside of me. My stomach began to tighten as the walls inside me clamped down around his hand. Heat pulsed through me violently as I screamed out in some of the best pleasure I had ever felt. His mouth stopped as his hand slowed moving gently in and out of me as I rode out my orgasm. I could feel him watch me as I moaned out in pure bliss, his name coming out in screams. He slid his fingers out of me moving to hover over my body and while my legs were still shaking in the wake of his work I wrapped them around his waist pulling his body down to mine. His lips kissed across my collarbone as my hips rocked against him.

"I want you inside me," I pleaded and he slid his hand under the pillow finding a small square wrapper. He smiled a devilish grin and I felt even more turned on knowing that he had wanted this enough to plan ahead. I took the condom from his hands and tore it open with my teeth.

"God that was sexy," he whispered as my hand dove to wrap around his cock. We moaned in unison as I stroked it one firm time. I rolled the condom over his dick, slid it against my over sensitive clit, and propped him at my entrance before moving my hand away.

If he could do that with his tongue what could he do with that perfect dick?

His hand grabbed my hip and entered me slowly stretching me around him. He did not move allowing us both time to just feel one another. It had been so long since a man had been inside me, and my body tightened around his size.

"You are so tight, and wet… You feel even better than I imagined," he moaned against my neck as he slid himself almost completely out of me and back in. He kept his rhythm slow and deep as he discovered me. Grinding my hips to meet his thrust I felt my self-approaching another orgasm before I was consumed by it. He felt it too and suddenly his pace was frantic and rough hitting places inside me I didn't know existed.

"OH god… I…" I stuttered as he railed into me in the most perfect of ways. Our moans filled the room until I could no longer even form words. My fingernails drug down the length of his back not being able to get enough of him as he pounded me into the bed. His head arched back against my touch and he thrusted one last deep thrust finally giving in to his own pleasure. His forehead pressed against mine as his body fell onto my chest. He felt so right on top of me and his skin was beautiful under the thin sheen of sweat. My hands stroked the back of his neck as we both panted against each other. I had never felt this close to anyone I had ever fucked. No one had ever made my body feel like this, I had never felt so whole after sex.

This man who I had known less than three days had just given me everything I had ever been searching for, pure non- adulterous bliss… no strings attached. We laid like this for minutes before he pullout of me and left to discard the condom giving me a amazing view of his ass in the black boxer briefs. Thank God he had a condom, because as much as I wanted him… unprotected sex was at the top of my "list of things never to do" followed by sky diving and never leaving this bed.

Pulling his covers over my naked and freshly sexed body I felt the nerves return realizing that this was going to be awkward.

Should I just leave? Hit it and quit it like Rose? No, he had shown me nothing but respect I was not about to make this cheap. I found my discarded panties and pulled them on under the sheet before realizing him leaning against the doorframe and carrying our clothes from the living room.

"Hi," I said and my voice was strangely high.

"Hello," He said sauntering back and climbing on top of the covers. His body truly was amazing. Long and lean, almost stealth like. My eyes couldn't help but follow the V of his stomach to his boxers. His hand found my chin pulling my eyes back to his.

"That was incredible," he said adoringly.

"Yes, it was," I answered.

"Would you like some dessert?" he asked and my gaze instantly fell to his dick.

"Not that you naughty girl, however it could be arranged later," he said teasing leaning over to kiss my shoulder,

"…I meant dessert- dessert," he said in perfect timing with a knock at the door.

He stood pulling his pants on and heading to get the door. I really didn't want to put my dress back on so I opted for his white dress shirt instead. I tip toed to the door to see the housekeeper, my housekeeper roll in a cart of food.

Fuck, I hope see didn't see me.

I heard the door close and peaked back around the doorframe to see him checking his phone.

"What's all that?" I asked and his head whipped around not knowing I was spying on him. His mouth popped open and his phone fell from his hand.

"Anthony?" I asked walking towards him.

"Marie, you are…" he said picking up his phone and tossing it to the couch.

"I am?" I asked wrapping my hands around the back of his neck and pulling him down to my lips.

"Mmmm… perfect" he hummed as his hands grazed under the shirt to grab my ass.

I pulled away trying to give my body a break from the overload.

"Again I ask, what is all that?" I said nodding towards the tray of food. I was a generally nosey person.

"Not important," he said smiling and kissing down my neck. I pushed his chest away and turned for the silver lid of the serving tray but he stopped me.

"You are ruining this for me Marie," he said playfully pulling my ass back to his hips.

"Ruining what?" I asked slightly offended.

"My fantasy," he answered and I turned around to him.

"What was your fantasy?" I asked batting my eyelashes at him.

"You in my shirt," he said kissing my forehead, "and you in nothing but those shoes… over all I'm two for two this evening."

"Oh," I said leaning into him giggling a little.

"You know what I want…" I said in my sexiest voice running my hands over his bare chest.

"No…" he said flinching as my hand descended to his stomach.

"Mmmm… my fantasy is to know, what… is… all… that…" I said emphasizing each word pointing again to the tray.

"Damn nosey tease," he said turning me around and smacking my ass as I walked towards the food. I was nosey, but was far from a tease… I knew what I wanted.

It was fruit and cheesecake. I swear this man had to have someone doing background checks on me. Cheesecake was my absolute favorite and really the only sweets I liked… besides fresh fruit.

I covered the goodies back up and pushed the cart towards the bedroom giving him a view that would make any man crazy.

"Are you coming?" I said looking over my shoulder hoping he heard the double meaning in my words.

"As you wish," he answered his eyes already fucking me.

Edward's POV

My body was exhausted as I silenced the alarm clock. It was six a.m. and I had meetings starting at seven. My hands searched through the sheets to find her but my bed was empty.

How early did she leave?

The last thing I remember was falling asleep with her hair sprawled over my chest listening to her sleep. Sitting up I felt the burn of my contacts that I had forgotten to remove. Stumbling into the bathroom a popped them out of my eyes searching for my glasses. I was blind as a fucking bat without them. Searching the room I realized that there was no trace of her left, and my shirt that she had been wearing was hung from one of the bedpost and her clothes gone. I ran every memory from last night through my mind over and over praying that I would never forget them, those memories would be all I could take of her. A small piece of hotel stationary on the dresser caught my eye.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, you know where to find me

~The woman from your fantasies

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