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The Epilogue

Lil chapter 28- Normal honest people in love.

Bella POV

Today had been one of the busiest days of my entire life, and not only busy but stressful and beyond nerve wrecking. Even though this day had been planned and planned again, there still remained to be too much to do with too little time. My nerves didn't help the matter. I could run a top Fortune 500 Company with gusto but weddings shot my nerves to bloody hell. This was probably due to the fact that most girls had planned this day since they finished their first storybook, however we had never been those girls. My sister and I were raised to plan our futures, our educations, our finances, but never how to be a princess, little lone a bride.

For me to enjoy a wedding I needed only a few key things: a killer outfit, a hot date that preferably lived out of town, and an open bar... I definitely had all three in the bag for these nuptials, except that my date lived very much in my own city... Hell we shared a bed.

Edward was striking as the best man and part of me wanted to rush through the whole to death do us part...part...because the only thing I could think about while my sister was bonding her self emotionally and legally to her baby daddy was getting my groomsmen back to my hotel room. Our hotel room. By the crooked smirk and the darkening of his green eyes I knew that Edward's thoughts were not far from my own which just took me deeper into my dream –slash- later reality. I saw Em lean out from behind Edward to give me a warning stare as if to signal that I had been busted fantasying about tying up the best man to our hotel suite four poster bed during the wedding i'do's.

As the sun was perfectly setting behind the gorgeous couple Jake kissed Rose with all he had dipping her low in front of the small crowd that heartily applauded. A million pictures were taken and even though this process normally takes a while at normal weddings with a normal wedding party, it seemed to be doubled considering having to rein in Emmett's craziness and Alice's need to only have her good side shot.

Even though I would never tell her this, Rose was not the most beautiful girl in the group. That title went to a little thing that had me so helplessly wrapped around her little finger that Rose had to talk me down from buying her a Maseratti for her first birthday...a real one. This tiny little joyful creature was none other than the flawless Rebecca Black, and my niece. Becks, as I called her, was a sight to behold with her father's dark hair and complexion but her mother's striking blue eyes as she waddled around in her miniature matching wedding dress. Edward and I had thought many a time about stealing her... The kid that is... But we knew that we enjoyed her much more by being able to spoil the living shit out of Becks and send her home.

Life was definitely different but different in a good way. Rizer Corporation was doing wonderful and it wasn't killing me thanks to Phil's advice. "Don't be afraid to delegate and leave early on Friday," he told me one night… so I listened. Work stayed work, which included Edward on sometimes a daily basis and personal stayed personal which always included him.

"Jake said that you were about to rape Edward during my vowels?" Rose teased as I helped her get out of the wedding dress and into the reception dress… so many dresses… and here I thought you just needed "the one".

"Jake should have been paying attention to his new wife instead of checking out your bridesmaids," I deflected. Take that Black.

"Between you, him, and Becca I will be gray by the time I'm forty," Rose answered and I believed her, us three were quite the handful.

"Just get me into this much smaller much more comfortable dress so we can hit up the open bar," Rose huffed as I finished zipping her up.

I swear a tear threatened to well over.

"I don't think I have ever heard more beautiful words come out of your mouth," I replied as I pulled her towards the reception tent.

There was drinks, food, cake, dancing, more drinks, much less coordinated dancing, flowers thrown around, garters flipped, rice flung into the back of the a limo, and then there was me, my martini, and a barstool.

The drink was perfectly dirty and delightfully smooth as I allowed my mind and body to unwind. Edward was off taking care of caterers and making sure reservations were correct but as for me and my wedding party duties, we were finished. We had found the perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect place, with the perfect food flowers and cake, and as I sipped my drink I reveled in my job well done.

Vodka was like a good one night stand, it hit you fast and made everything feel so fun and worry free…

Just me and my martini and barstool… and a creepy wedding guest that continued to scoot closer and closer to me and said martini.

"Can I buy you a drink pretty lady?" the creepster said in my direction.

"It's an open bar and I'm all set here," I answered turning back to my olives.

"You waiting on someone?" he asked leaning in towards me. The old man smelled of nicotine, bourbon, and too much cheap cologne.

"Well actually that is none of your business, but thank you for your hospitality," I replied looking for my exit strategy.

"If you are alone then you should let me give you the company you deserve pretty lady."

What I want is for you to leave me the fuck alone! I thought trying to think of anything to make this man go away.

I felt the warmness of a body behind me before hearing his velvet voice beside my ear. I caught the sight of his white starched cuff beneath his light grey suit as his amazing scent surrounded all my senses. Creepy Creeperson backed up startled by the great smelling well-dressed person behind me...

"Actually she was waiting on me, I think I can take it from here," he said in the sexiest most alluring voice I had ever heard and even though this scene felt very familiar to me, I felt just as excited as I had that first night in the Bahamas.

"Thank you kind sir," I said turning to look into Edward's amused eyes.

"The pleasure is all mine. What's your name beautiful," he replied taking the seat next to mine.

I decided to play along.

"It's Marie, and you?"

"Edward Anthony Cullen," he answered and I frowned not understanding why he wasn't playing this little roll play game correctly.

"I wish I could stay here and chat with you… I mean… you really are breathtakingly beautiful, but these days I only pick up one gorgeous woman wearing a backless dress… and what I have planned this evening for my sexy, wonderful, loving girlfriend will hopefully still be going on around sunrise. The way she makes me feel, what she does to me… with just one look, one touch… it's so much more than a random pick up in a bar… and I intend to prove that to her… over and over and over this evening," Edward replied as my mind and body simultaneously melted into moldable goo for his capable hands.

"She sounds like a lucky girl," I replied with a shaky turned on out of this world voice.

"Actually I'm the luck-…" Edward started but I cut him off with a searing kiss.

"You didn't let me finish my line," he complained stealing my last olive.

"It was cheesy and I wanted you," I relied finishing the last of my drink.

"I thought you were suppose to be Marie… she was much tougher to crack."

"Fuck Marie… I wanna be Bella," I answered extending my hand towards my lover.

"I thought you might…" Edward answered pulling me towards the exit.

It might have started with two liars but it ended with us.

The End.

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