"So Koenma," Yusuke yelled at the man with the pacifier. "What the hell happened to Hiei?"

"Yusuke," the girl with blue hair snapped.

"What Botan," Yusuke screamed.

"Hey dumbass," the short old lady snapped. "Shut up and we can explain. Yukina," the old lady looked at the girl with turquoise hair. "Will you go get drinks for everyone?"

"Of course Genkai," Yukina said.

"I'll help you my love," Kuwabara sung following her into the kitchen.

"Why couldn't Kuwabara be the one missing," Yusuke mumbled. "You've been awfully quiet Kurama." Yusuke looked at the red hair guy.

"You're not responsible for Hiei's disappearance," Koenma said and everyone went inside.

Koenma sat next to Genkai sitting across from Yusuke, Botan, and Kurama. Yukina and Kuwabara walking in and gave everyone a drink then the two sat next to Botan.

"So what happened," Yusuke demanded to know.

"Hiei and I were on a mission to capture a man named Ca-cheetah, or something like that," Kurama explained. "But when we got to the area where he was spotted nothing was there. Hiei went down to see if his Jagan could see anything and I waited in the nearby tree. I watched as Hiei suddenly disappeared." Kurama clenched his fists. "I tried to save him with my Rose Whip but I was too late and when I got the spot where Hiei disappeared nothing happened."

"Ca-cheetah," Kuwabara repeated confused.

"Why does that name sound familiar," Yusuke pondered aloud. Then he snapped his fingers. "That crazy guy that looked like Hiei but his name wasn't Ca-cheetah it was . . . umm . . . Vegeta, the Prince of Spainians or something like that."

"How do you know about him," Koenma asked quickly.

"He changed me at school," Yusuke muttered. "He was dressed in Hiei's clothes so I thought he was Hiei because their hairstyles are the same."

"We need to find him and bring him back to his own dimension," Koenma ordered.

"What about the runt," Kuwabara asked.

"I have a theory," Kurama asked getting everyone's attention. "I think Hiei is in Vegeta's world since he is in ours."

"Good theory," Botan commented. "But where is Vegeta from?"

"Prince of Spainians," Koenma repeated what Yusuke said. After a few minutes of thinking Koenma shouted and everyone freaked out. "Vegeta, the Prince of Sayians, he lives in my Uncle Yama's dimension."

"Your Uncle," Yusuke and Kuwabara said in unison.

"My dad's twin brother," Koenma said. "I'll go contact him and in the mean time find Vegeta before he causes trouble."

"Fine," Yusuke groaned. "I know how to get him to come to us anyways."

With that Yusuke, Kurama and Kuwabara went to the nearby beach. Koenma and Botan returned to Spirit World and Genkai and Yukina stayed at the temple.

"So how do we get Vegeta come to us," Kurama asked Yusuke.

"Easy," Yusuke said. "We need to umm . . . lure him."

"How do we do that Urameshi," Kuwabara asked rolling his eyes.

"Well I don't know Kuwabara," Yusuke yelled. "All the Prince told me was that he can sense my strong energy he never told me how."

"Why don't we lure him with our Spirit energy," Kurama suggested. Yusuke and Kuwabara agreed and all three worked together to lure Vegeta towards them.

"That was quick," Yusuke said as something flew towards them. "There is Vegeta."

"So he can fly," Kurama stated.

"Are you ready to fight," Vegeta asked Yusuke as he landed.

"Actually we just want to capture you," Yusuke corrected.

"What," Vegeta said with a shocked expression. Kurama used his Rose Whip to hold onto Vegeta's left arm. Kuwabara ran and held onto Vegeta's right arm. "What the hell do you humans think you are doing," Vegeta demanded to know. He pulled Kurama's Rose Whip and flung him into the ocean. Vegeta then grabbed Kuwabara by the neck with his left hand and started choking him.

"Kuwabara," Yusuke screamed. He quickly used his Spirit Gun.

"Yusuke," Kurama shouted after Yusuke fired. "Don't you think that Vegeta will use Kuwabara as a shield?"

"Crap," Yusuke said as he watched his attack aim for Vegeta and Kuwabara.

Vegeta glared at the attack and use right hand to send Yusuke's attack up into the sky. He looked at Yusuke and threw Kuwabara aside with a grin on his face. Kurama rushed through the water to Kuwabara.

"So," Vegeta snared. "You want to fight now?" Yusuke got ready to launch another Spirit Gun but suddenly Vegeta was knocked out and fell face first. "What," Yusuke said lost for a moment.

"You guys couldn't just knock him out," Genkai complained as she stood on Vegeta's body.

"Come on Granny," Yusuke groaned. "That would have been no fun."

"Fun and fast are two different things," Genkai yelled. "Now bring the constipating sound Kuwabara to Koenma's."

"See even the old lady says he sounds like you Kuwabara," Yusuke shouted toward Kuwabara and Kurama.

"Now that I think about it," Kurama said as he helped Kuwabara up. "You two do sound alike."

"No way," Kuwabara complained.

"Well anyways," Yusuke said changing the subject. "Let's bring him to Koenma's before he regains consciousness."