Not only five minutes after James made that OFFENSIVE remark, my cell phone rang loudly in my pocket. Gregory stared at me alarmed and gripped my shoulders,

"Are you okay? What's that beeping?"

Tony and James snickered amongst themselves as the Sackville-Bagg children surround me with curiosity. Of course, cell phones didn't exist in their time. I doubt they even heard of a telephone.

I smiled, "Calm down guys. It's just a cell phone. Its how the people of the twentieth century communicate with each other."

Anna was holding my hand tightly, damn they still have their strength, "What happened to letter writing?"

James decided to help me out, "You can thank Bill Gates for that."

"Whose Bill Gates? Is he a victorious knight?"

My bleached hair friend looked as if he was about to teach a whole class of first graders their Abcs. James as a teacher? I think the world is ending.

"Well, you see Ana. Bill Gates was a dork in high school, everyone picked on him. Then when we became an adult, he created the most used computer program in the world....---"

He must have purposely cut off for the suspense increase, for Ana, Rudolph and Gregory were basically out of their seats with wonder. Well---if they were sitting in seats, they would be off them by now. You get what I mean!

Tony rolled his eyes as James continued to tamper the ancient minds of the two kids and teenager, "MICROSOFT! Is what they called it! This invention was like a electronic God! Mister Gates made MILLIONS of dollars, so much that he decided to retire early and marry some playboy babe."

I couldn't contain my laughter any longer at the stunned expressions of our ex vampires could practically tell anything we wanted to our old friends and they would believe us, for it seems the new world has made them naive.

"---Bill Gates also created the INTERNET!" That's when Tony put his tiny foot down.

His little voice squeaked, "Bill Gates didn't create the internet! Just because he created Mircosoft doesn't mean he changed the ways people can talk to each other! It's just some stupid high tech notepad!"

Rudolph whispered, "Tony must be telling the truth, he's my best friend! He wouldn't lie!"

Gregory crossed his arms strictly, "I didn't believe it anyway." He totally did. Ana gave us all a clueless stare, "Humans are a lot more complicated than I thought!"

I corrected her, "No, just James." That earned me a glare from my lying best friend. Hey, he deserves it. Trying to poison the minds ofthe most gullible bunch of people on the whole entire world!

Gregory asked me quietly, "Since your....what do you call it again?"

James answered, rocking back and forth on each foot, "Cellphone."

"--Yes, since your CELLPHONE was ringing, doesn't that mean someone was trying to get in touch with you?"

I completely forgot that my phone was ringing. Snatching it from my pocket, I saw the missed call was from the person who gave birth to me. Deciding that it would be rude to talk in front of our friends, I excused myself.

Ring....Ring...Ring! Come on Mom...put down the ice cream and pick up the phone! As if magic, she answered three seconds after I silently pleaded.

Her muffled voice came through, "Hello?" Yeah. Make that ice cream AND cookies.

I greeted, "Hey Mom. Sorry, I didn't pick up. I was...busy entertaining guests."

"Oh! You made friends?!" I don't like how excited she sounded.

"YES Mom. I made friends. It's all thanks to Tony though, who introduced us." Introduced.... happened to fall upon....same thing!

And here comes the question every girl dreads the most, "Did you meet any BOYS?"

I decided to be truthful for once, "Yes, Mom. I met a boy. Two actually, they're brothers."

"Oh?" She sounded hopeful. I wrinkled my nose in disgust and destroyed any thoughts of me going out with BOTH Gregory and Rudolph.

"One of them is nine while the other is fifteen."

She didn't seem phased, "Ohhh! Any chances of bringing back the fifteen year old...?" Psh no.

I leaned against a tree and glanced over to the Sackville-Bagg family, they were gazing up at their new house lovely. As if they were kids opening their presents on Christmas.

I didn't answer her question, "Why do you ask?"

Mom must have thought Scotland brainwashed me for she replied slowly, "'ll be coming home soon." I froze.

"Home." That word rolled off the tip of my tongue like wildfire.

Mom was getting annoyed now, "Yes. HOME. You know, the casa you live in with me....James's parents are expecting him too."

I tuned her out after she mentioned about plane tickets and what not. Home. For the past month, I forgot what home was. James and I were in another world, full of vampires and evil hunters. Now reality is crashing down.

So I did what any other girl would do in this particular situation. I panicked. Pressing down the mute button on my cell, I hurried over to the others.


He waved me away without a glance, "Hold on, Jen. I'm educating Gregory about Alex Evans."

I nudged his shoulder harshly, "JAMES!"

He jumped, "Wahhh?! Geez!"

"We have a problem." I stated.

James gave me an bored expression, "Well, OBVIOUSLY or you wouldn't have almost dislocated my shoulder!"

Ana and Rudolph were off playing with Tony near the garden as Gregory took his rightful position beside me. Concern was clearly etched on his still flawless face.

Voice stained with worry, he asked, "Is something wrong, Jennifer?"

Not wanting to burden my new boyfriend, I simply smiled fakely and shook my head, "Naw! I just have to talk to James real quick. BRB!" With that, I grabbed James by the hair and dragged him over to the tree I was leaning on earlier.

Gregory stared after us with suspicion, "Hey! What does BRB mean?"

James yelped as I accidently ripped out a few hairs from his precious dyed head, "What the HELL are you on?!"

Shoving my muted cellphone to his ear, I decided to let him know what EXACTLY I was on! James listened in on my mother's endless ranting before gasping suddenly. I removed my phone from his cheek and nodded knowingly.

"Now do you see?"

James answered, "Yes...does this mean we have to go home?"

I frowned, "Unless we find some excuse to stay longer."

He raised his hands in defeat, "Well you think of something! You're smart!"

Well, he wasn't any help. Glaring at him, I unmuted my phone. "Jennifer were you listening to me?"

"Yes--yes Mom I was listening. Listen, can I call you back? We're about to eat dinner."

Mom questioned, "It's dinner time over there?"

I lied through my teeth, "Yup! It's five o'clock here." Thank god my mother didn't know how to work world clocks or she would be able to tell I was lying.

"Oh, well alright. Just call me back later okay?"

I felt like this conversation was dragging on longer than it should have, "Yes mom. See ya!" With that I hung up. Too blunt?

James was smirking, "Nice one." I poked him in the chest, "Hey! I bought us some TIME mister. So SHUT UP!"

Suddenly, I heard Aunt Dottie call, "Jennifer? James? You guys are going to sleep over the Sackville-Bagg's house tonight!"

If I wasn't on the verge of tears, then I would be dancing for joy. Reality doesn't seem to like me. At all.


Gregory held onto my hand tightly as we walked down the hallway, "They said you would be sleeping in the guest room...but I thought it would be better if you sleep with me!"

I almost spat out the pepsi I was drinking, "Whaaa?"

Gregory shot me a confused look, "Are you okay?"

I swallowed and gasped for breath, "Sleep with you....?

"Yeah you know, in my room. You can take the bed and I'll hang from the ceiling."

OH. I actually he meant.....let's not go there ladies. I smiled anyways, "You know, we humans can't hang upside down."

Gregory's face fell, "Oh yes...I forgot." He looked totally adorable depressed. Damn. I'm a sick girl.

Squeezing his hand reassuringly, I told him, "It's alright. There's probably an extra mattress in there. I'll just sleep on that." It looked like Gregory was about to protest, but we reached his room. Thank god for that.

All four walls were painted black. I expected that. Although, it had Gregory plastered all over it. The room already had his human scent, is that creepy? I mean, knowing what his scent is already. Oh well.

Gregory scratched his head awkwardly, "It's not much...."

"No. It's great." Gregory's face flushed a pink color. HA. I like human Gregory. He's a lot easier to embarrass. Suddenly, a heard that oh so familiar growl and before I knew it, I was pinned onto his hardly broken in bed.

I stared at him wide eyed, "What was that for?!"

Gregory smirked and flicked my nose with his pale finger, "No reason. I just felt like it."

Well, now I know reckless vampire Gregory hadn't completely left the building. Good to know. I pouted, "Get off me vampire boy."

He dejected, "I'm not vampire boy anymore."

"Alright, alright. Whatever you are, get off."

Gregory pulled me onto my feet and smiled teasingly, "I am a mortal, like you."

I snorted, "Would've surprised me." Growl. Oh crap.


Dinner with the Sackville-Bagg family was...interesting. Freda simply couldn't for the life of her figure out how to turn on the oven. So then smart James decides to ask if they would order pizza. Frederick approved after being explained what pizza actually was about an hour later.

James picked up the phone, "Yes, Pizza hut? Can we have three garlic pizzas please?"

Ana jumped out of her seat, wailing, "GARLIC?!!!!"

Cue the numerous hissing and screaming noises, Pizza hut thought someone was being murdered over there. I took the phone from James's grasp and spoke, "We'll just have three cheese pizzas please. Thanks bye." I flung the phone on the couch, glaring at the village idiot. Stupid Jamie.

Freda had her hand placed on her beating heart looking frightened as Frederick was glowering at my best friend. Rudolph and Ana were hiding under the table, shaking. Tony looked beyond angry. Poor kid. Gregory was laughing behind us all as James smiled weakly at the family, "Sorry...I forgot..?"

I think it is going to take our friends awhile to adjust to the mortal life.


Gregory slammed the door of his bedroom and smirked evilly. Crap. What now? Last time he looked like that, he locked me in his closet! Gregory definitely knows how to treat the girls.

I asked, "What?"

He just shot me an innocent look, "Nothing."

"Yeah right."

Gregory patted my head gently, "Goodnight!" Goodnight? It's only----oh. It's eleven. I chuckled at my lack of time knowledge. Just as I predicted, an extra mattress was left in Gregory's room. I laid upon it, wiped out. From the room next door, I could hear James arguing with Tony on who gets the bed by the window.

I noticed Gregory crossed his arms in a way as if he was in a coffin. I sighed, "Gregory, mortals don't sleep that way."


He carelessly flung his arms to his sides and stared at the ceiling. I grinned. This isn't going to be easy, but it IS going to be funny.

I yawned, "Night Greg..."

As sleep clouded my body and brain, I heard Gregory shift and peer over his bed, "Good night Jen."



I bolted up from my sleep, looking widely about. My eyes rested on Gregory's bed. However, he wasn't in it. Where is he?

I whispered, "Gregory...?"

His voice floated through the room, "I'm in the corner..."

"Why..? What's wrong?"

Gregory ignored my frantic questioning, "Close the curtains...."

"I--I what?"

"Just do it!"

PUSHY! I glared at the dark corner and stomped over to the opened curtains. Sun rays blinded me as I reached for the black fabric. After successfully closing the curtains, the room loomed with complete darkness.

I almost tripped over the mattress on the hard wooden floor, "Gregory? What's going on. Tell me."

Suddenly, I was pushed up against the wall. A cold stony hand gently covered my mouth. I felt icy breath travel up down and my neck as Gregory spoke, "Something went wrong..."

I couldn't see his face. But I felt his body press up against mine...It was different though...not the warm soft one like yesterday. This one was stone cold....something familiar. Taking my phone from my pocket, I silently opened it, the blue light was my guide. I hesitantly directed the light in front of me, gasping at what I saw. Before me, the a deathly pale boy, with spiky blue, red and black hair. His eyes were a midnight blue, tinted with red. Pointy white needles were popping out of his mouth. Fangs.


What. The. Hell.

Gregory saw my terrified expression and quickly let go of me, "I don't know what happened."

I simply just stood there, my mouth agape. I think I need to make up a real GOOD excuse to have my mother keep me in Scotland for a few more days....

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