So here we are.

Where exactly? Oh, after chaining Victor Jackkle and his brain dead followers, we arrived back to the Sackville-Bagg house to meet some vampire trial. No big deal or anything. I'm sure you complete such a task as a daily activity. Gregory, James, Rudolph, Anna, Tony and I were all impatiently waiting in the living room. For some odd reason everyone thought it was unprofessional to have 'kids' in the court room (aka their oversized kitchen). My boyfriend protested, but let's just say those big Frederick look alikes standing in front of the kitchen doors wouldn't deal with it.

Anna whined into Tony's shoulder, "This simply isn't fair!"

"I don't see why they wouldn't let us in the courtroom as well. I mean—-we did travel to the cave on our own accord, knowing full well that it could be the end for us...-" Rudolph was cut off by Gregory who began growling like a dog with rabies. He really needs to stop doing that.

Placing both hands on his cold muscled shoulders, I began shaking the vampire as much as my human strength would allow, "Get a hold of yourself man! Shouldn't you be happy that actually found the real stone? Now you'll all be human! Yay! Celebration!" My fake excitement did not help the awkward/painful tension among us. It was worth a try right?

James finished the sandwich he somehow got before the vampire trail started, "I know what I say?" Pieces of cheese and ham exploded from his full mouth, causing Anna to giggle and me to roll my eyes. Someone needs to be taught table manners. When no one responded, James continued, "-WELL...I say not to worry about it. I say, we're lucky. There are about fifty blood thirsty vampires in that kitchen right now. There are three humans just a few ten feet away. I'd rather be out here and unaware than in there and eaten."

Tony complained, "But I wanna see what's happening!"

"Meeee toooo!" Anna cried.


Gregory snapped at the immature children, "It's obviously not going to happen if you sit there and dwell upon it." He pulled a twenty dollar bill out of his black pockets (where the hell did he get that?) and advanced towards the vampire guards near the doors. Oh dear lord. Rudolph cocked his head to the side, not realizing that his older brother is about to bribe century old men.

Alright, I can think of two possible outcomes from this. One; the bulky vampires simply look at Gregory and throw him out a window. Two; the bulky vampires accept the twenty dollars and leave to find some hookers that they can get blood from. I'm hoping it's the second option, I kinda don't want to see my boyfriend being thrown out of a building unless it was me doing it.

One of Mister Sackville-Bagg's minions stated, "Get back in your seat."

Pft. How rude!

Sliding the crispy green buck into his loose pale hand, Gregory smoothly requested, "Let us listen in on the trial and that Andrew Jackson will serve you and your companion well." Either I have a great influence of him or he watched too much television after being temporarily human. I seriously wonder where he got the money? James fumbled with his wallet, gasping in horror. Looking over towards me, he cast me a dirty look and mouthed, "Your boyfriend took my food money!" all makes sense now.

After some time of dead silence, both the large vampires nodded their heads in approval and moved away from the elegant double doors. Anna yelped with victory while Rudolph attempted to hide a cheeky grin behind his hand. Gregory gestured for all of us to come over. Remind me to reward him later for his fantastic deeds in bad-assery. No! Not like that you perverts! Well...maybe a little like that. Shut up. Tony was the first to scramble off the leather couches and stick his entire ear to the wood. I swear to God, if he makes a sound or accidentally pushed the door open, I'll kill him before the big mean vampires inside even have a chance to move.

Rudolph warned, "We must be very quiet now!"

Anna curled her arms around my cousin, "Oh this is so exciting!"

James hissed through his teeth, taking his position beside me, "Be quiet!" That made me smack him in the face because he ended up being louder than the other two. Luckily, the busy chatting and arguments in the trail didn't even seem to cease. James rubbed his cheek, pouting, but said no more.

Gregory whispered in my ear, "Can you hear, love?"

Sweet baby Jesus. It's those rare occasions when he decides to come all close and whisper lovey dovey nicknames in my ear. I simply nodded quickly, trying to focus on the talking rather than my handsome male partner. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Do you know what he's doing now? Do you? That spiky haired devil is gently brushing his fingers against my forearms as he placed his head on my shoulder. Why. I thought I was supposed to be into the moment of finding out the fates of jackass vampires, but now I'm trying not to melt into a puddle of nothingness.

Inside quick movements were made, meaning that the judge had finally got to Victor Jackkle, Aunt Thea and Junior. Wait a second. How does Gregory feel about his twin brother being on a possible death sentence? Would they really kill him? I know the others are destined to die...but him? I know, I know, Jennifer, what are you thinking? Junior is creepy, annoying and the exact opposite of Gregory. Yeah, he may have his looks but his hair is blonde! Come on now. Still, I felt a tingle of pity imagining Junior wrapped in binds.

Hopefully a decision will be made soon and not in a billion years...


-Inside The Trail: 3rd POV-

"All rise for the trail of Victor Jackkle, his partner Thea and minion Junior Sackville-Bagg." Many rose, even the whole Sackville-Bagg family themselves. Their faces revealed no emotion, just blank empty stares at the evil twin. Freda tried the hardest she could to beat down the sobs that were echoing the surface.

Samuel, the newest addition to the vampire ruling looked closely at the three criminals. They stared back at him with pure hatred. Their fate is to be decided. Either they die...or be forever banned from the mythical universe by being put on a lonely island within The Ring Of Fire. These moments of silence were painful. Half the room is in a deep despair of having loved ones betray them, while the other half wants to see their bodies hung and burned. No decision is easy for the group of wise vampires casually sitting upon the high kitchen table.

Samuel barely whispered, "How do you plea...?"

Victor Jackkle grinned wickedly, "...Not guilty."

The whole room was in uproar. Chairs were being thrown, voices were cursing profanities, fangs were being bared. No one understood how such a man could defend himself for doing such an evil deed. He knows that his final sentence will most likely end in death, yet there he stands mocking everyone around him.

Thea smiled as well, wanting to please Victor for showing no fear, "I don't see how wanting to restore the vampire nation is a crime. Perhaps we shouldn't be the ones on trail...Perhaps the vampires who allowed humans in their aid them to their own mortality." Freda knew her sister's eyes burned onto face, but she didn't find the time to care. Frederick kept a firm grip on her hand, in case she would randomly break down before all these people.

"You very well know our rules. Vampires can live their cursed lives as they wish, however, we never attempt to overrule mortals. That is not our intention. Never our intention."

Victor rolled his eyes, "I find it ridiculous. Why should such a fine breed lower themselves to filthy, flawed animals? WE COULD RULE THEM! WE WOULD NO LONGER HAVE TO RUN TO THE DARKNESS FOR SAFTEY." His voice expressed anger, revenge and frustration. Junior jumped at the sound, not looking like himself. Whatever is running through the twin's mind, it is definitely not something the other two chained vampires would like.

Hearing enough of Victor and Thea, the jury turned to Junior who hoped they would forget he was even there. He felt something inside of him go off. Something that he never had the chance to feel before. Regret. Fear. Sorrow. The blonde suddenly felt sorry for doing all that he did. He just wanted to have his family accept him back into their lives. It could possibly be that since Junior is going to die he shows depressing emotions on his stripped sleeve. Everything is unknown to the visible eye, however when he decided to speak to the public, all doubts were eliminated.

"I'm sorry."

"Surely an apology isn't a reason to spare your life child."

Junior silently agreed, peering up at the ultimate rulers, "I know. But that's all I have to say." Victor didn't say a word while Thea began throwing insulting words at the boy's face. "Traitor! Silly child! Liar! You were never good for anything!"

Bang! Bang!


All immortal breath was held.

This was it.

Would they be hung? Would they be burned from rapid flames?

Would they be spent away to The Ring Of Fire?

"Death to Victor and Thea. Junior Sackville-Bagg spared. End of court." With that, the important jury and members disappeared from view, most likely never to be seen around again. Victor said nothing as Frederick's men dragged him away. Thea's cries could be heard three hundred miles away. Freda watched her once beloved sister meet her death in a private location. Some vampires chose to follow the criminals, they needed to see them murdered in fresh blood. Others, like the Sackville-Baggs needed not violence. The real stone is in their long awaited hands.

Their mortality will never slip from their fingers again.


-Back In The Living Room: 1st POV-

James gaped in disbelief, "Junior was spared? Are you freakin' kidding me? Just by saying 'sorry', he got the whole court to feel bad for him?" I said nothing, staring at Gregory for his reaction. My boyfriend didn't move. How would you react if your evil twin brother didn't get punished like the rest? Pretty pissed if you ask me. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't read his flawless face. Surprisingly, there was no sense of anger or shock. It was just...calm.

Anna mumbled, seeking comfort from Tony, "I do believe this is the beginning of the end." What does that even mean? Where will Junior go now since he was freed? You...don't think Frederick and Freda would welcome him back to the family and offer a part in the ceremony? I can't bear the thought of having to deal with him as a human...ew. Tony awkwardly patted the young Sackville-Bagg on the head. That's probably the most affection he ever displayed in his entire nine year-old life.

Gregory finally moved, turning to look at the rest of us, "Are you coming? We sorta have to become humans again." He didn't even acknowledge that Junior was emerging from the kitchens.

I stuttered slightly, "Uh-yeah...but Gregory, shouldn' know...uh-" I couldn't find myself to say, 'couldn't, ya know...make up with your twin brother first? Then maybe we could all hold hands and run into a rainbow.' I wish life was that easy.

"Do what? Forgive him for all the pain he has created?" A growl escaped his lips, disgusted that I suggest such a thing.

Rudolph frowned deeply, "You think you're the only who has to forgive? Anna and I are apart of the family too, if you have forgotten, brother. I must say that I am willingly to forgive. Blood is thicker than water, you should be aware of that. Junior is your family, he is your twin, he is your brother and there is no getting rid of him. You might as well shallow your pride and stubbornness. Forgive and move on." Anna let out a sob and threw herself at Gregory.

"Please forgive him dearest brother! Please! I don't want to fight anymore! I just want our family to be together and happy." It seems our life has turned into a drama filled Soap Opera. Gregory didn't push his sister away, he actually embraced her slightly before glancing at me.

He admitted, "You're right."

James smirked despite the teary outbursts, "WHIPPED!"

I smacked him in the face again, earning another protest from his already agape mouth. I motioned for Gregory to go over and talk to Junior who was practically sitting there in the corner all puppy dog like. Oh God. Do I actually find the new Junior cute? Trust me folks, nothing like that. Gregory's sexiness will forever be the charmer of my heart.

Mister Bad-Assery sighed before walking over to his brother. Junior noticed a shadow looming over his frame, so he looked up. We all watched like excited fangirls at a Twilight movie. Nothing was said yet, the twins simply stared at each other. Wow...their eyes are identical. Duh, Jennifer. Twins. I'm allowed to be stupid during a reunion of brotherhood.

Gregory held out a hand, expecting Junior not to take it. However, today is just full of surprises because Junior firmly grasped it and got up. Their hands were still linked as they stared at each other once more. James mumbled, "Geez...just kiss or already." Tony heard this comment and began laughing like a lunatic. Ugh.

Junior questioned, "Brother?"

"Brother." Gregory confirmed.

...That's it? No hug or kiss on the cheek? Didn't people back then kiss each other as a greeting? I was hoping for more exciting events that I could tease Gregory about later. Nevertheless I give the performance ten stars. Oh no. They're coming over. Quick Jennifer! Act natural! I leaned on the wall casually, pretending like I didn't witness the sweet gestures.

"Ah...yes...still beautiful as ever..." Junior smirked playfully, ignoring the daring glare that Gregory was currently sending him. Junior didn't change completely. Awesome.


Frederick held the real stone to the sky, "THE STONE IS OURS!"

Oh, you mean after finding out the other stone indeed was fake, battling off a hundred vampires on steroids and putting two people to death. Yes, the stone is yours. Oh the adventures that we had...bring back so many terrifying memories. Vampires surrounded us, hands raised as they praised the gleaming stone. Now, you probably have an important question to ask. Hasn't the comet already gone? You can't perform the ceremony without the comet! Do they have to wait another three centuries? Hey, hey, that was two questions. Anyway, since the last ceremony was cheated, the vampires don't need the comet's power to become humans. They have everything they need in the stone itself. Someone needs to grab a hold of it and wish. Yeah! That's right! Like what Tony did last time but without all the dramatic music and slow motion faces.

James said heatedly, "Can you turn into humans now? I'm REALLY hungry and I kinda want to order a garlic pizza right now." No one paid attention to him, thank God.

Anna smiled, grabbing Tony's hand, "I'll be mortal again love! We'll spend the rest of our lives together!" My cousin flinched at the idea.

"Father, who has the honor of wishing?" Rudolph wanted to know.

Frederick looked down at his youngest son, "I find it only to be fair-" He carelessly tossed the stone to me, "-if it goes to the person who has somehow managed to tame my eldest son Gregory a bit and put up with his absolute insolence." Score. Freda smiled approvingly at her son and I.

Letting out a nervous breath, I held the ruby stone to my stomach and closed my eyes. The same exact wish that Tony had requested months ago popped into my mind. I chanted it about a million times, noticing the stone in my clutches beginning to get hot. Gasps erupted around me as I opened my eyes and saw the familiar red fumes leaking from the stone and onto the ground. Those intoxicating arms wrapped themselves all the vampires, including Gregory who was standing beside me the whole time.

Dropping the stone, I grabbed onto my slowly changing boyfriend and pulled him into a kiss that I hope would stop him from disappearing.

"You're not going to leave me again, are you?"

Gregory, who wrapped his arms around my waist, smiled against my lips, "Not this time. Not this time..."


A/N: I really don't know what to say. I've been working on this sequel since 2009. I'd like to thank all the readers of 'October Surprises' and 'Through Midnight Eyes' for reviewing, giving out suggestions and being patient for updates. You guys are surely the best. I am confident to say that Jennifer's adventure is over. Her story has been completed. She, Gregory and everyone else have gotten their happy ending...As for Junior, you can use your imagination on that one. ;)