*This is my second Legacy poem. Like the first one this too is about Sean and Marita. I stopped trying so hard and gave up on rhyming. I believe this one is like a 100% better than "I shouldn't love you." I hope you all agree.

Note: This can be from either perspective. When I wrote it I was thinking of Marita but I realized that it works either way.

Righteous War

The world is a strange place that I do not understand,

all is conflicted and all is at war.

The more of it I accept, the more I die.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, of me is lost in the war.

Out of the darkness you rise like a phoenix,

to lead me to the truth I have always known...

Love is the way, and you are love.

I breathe a sigh of relief-

piece by piece you give me back the missing parts of myself.

I am whole again-invincible,

nothing they can do to me matters.

Beat me, berate me, throw me to the dogs...

I will take it all and still more while screaming your name/

in rapture and in defiance of their foolish laws.

I pity them, truly I do.

They waste their time on us; our love cannot be destroyed.

Long after we are gone they will feel our love, our strength.

They may win the battle, but we've won the war.

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