E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: tense

Length: 100 words

Tag for Episode 5.10.

Castiel had learned a few things about humans…or at least the one known as Dean Winchester. And right now the tense set of Dean's shoulders as he poured himself a shot of whiskey told Castiel the eldest Winchester was in no mood to talk.

Castiel glanced at Bobby who was still staring morosely into the dying flames, Sam sitting at his feet, leaning against his legs, the ones Bobby called useless. Castiel didn't think they seemed so useless now. Sam Winchester was at his emotional end.

Castiel wondered if even Dean realized what that could mean for them all.

I'm hoping to write a longer tag to 5.10 later this week and this is kinda the set up for it. I've been wanting to explore Sam's mental/emotional state for awhile and the long hiatus seems like a good time to do so. :)