The Resurrection

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(Cyclonis' POV)

"Do something you arrogant witch!" his words echoed in my ears as I watched him hang from one of the spikes on my tower. His words angered me and made me think of something. The Far Side crystal! Of course! I focussed my binding abilities and drew power from the gigantic crystal and shot it at my servant.

"More!" he called and I did as he said, "More!" he cried again and I gave him more. He began to scream for more but it was too late I realized the crystal energy that was building inside of him. "Cyclonis stop! You're killing him!" I barely heard the words. It was far too late, my greatest servant disintegrated before my eyes. 'No…' I glared at my opponents and floated down into my palace.

I landed at the door that led to the Far Side of Atmos and looked behind me. That pesky sky knight and his girlfriend were following me "Go ahead and follow me sky knight! If you dare" I said and slipped through the door.

I found myself back in the same place I was before. I walked to the palace and found Domwick standing at the gates "Master Cyclonis" he bowed

I waved him away and walked into the palace. I wasn't in the mood to speak, for if I did, I would have burst into tears. The small couch in the parlor looked comfortable so I flopped down and buried my face in a pillow "what have I done?" I sobbed and looked at the sword I carried into the Far Side door with me. Never had I felt such a grief. Never in my life had I ever actually been sad or full of remorse. Now was different. He wasn't only my assistant or servant… no, he wasn't just my right hand man. He was the only one I could ever trust to take care of me. In a way, he was my soul mate.

I hated myself for loosing control of the binding. There was no way I could ever bring him back. He may have called me an 'arrogant witch' but it was no excuse for me to do what I did. It was too late. I could never bring him back… unless. I remembered a legend that my grandmother Cyclonis used to tell me when I was small. The legend of the Eternal Life Crystal.

She used to tell me that a crystal existed on the Far Side of Atmos that could bring back even someone who had died over a century ago. It could only be used once every year and only by one who possessed the binding. It was my only chance, I had to locate that crystal and bring my Dark Ace back. "Domwick! Get in here!" I ordered and soon I heard footsteps and the blond explorer walked in "yes master?"

"I need you to lead an exploration… take the remaining night crawlers and locate the Eternal Life Crystal for me" I ordered

"But master Cyclonis, that crystal is only a legend" he tried to explain. I became furious. Then I thought of something and smirked, "Ah but so was the Door to the Far Side… and yet I managed to find it" Domwick was silent for a moment then he nodded. "I will do my best master, but… the night crawlers are all on the other side of the door"

I looked down "then you and I will go… get supplies. Since there are no sky rides here, we go on foot. We are going to need a lot of supplies" I said and attached the double barred energy sword, that once belonged (and will again) to my Dark Ace, to my back.

He looked at me like I was crazy then I pulled an oblivion crystal from my pouch "do as I say or perish" I said and his eyes widened to the size of the oblivion crystal and he nodded quickly.

(End Cyclonis POV)

(Dark Ace POV)

Where was I? This infernal darkness… what happened? Then I remembered "HER!" my own master killed me. But where was I? This wasn't death… was it? I looked around and could only see darkness and not even my hand in front of my face. This silence just pissed me off more. I knew, if I ever got back to the other side, I would kill that arrogant little princess.

Then again, perhaps it was my own fault. I did call her an 'arrogant witch' out of anger. How could I have done such a thing? It was my own fault I was dead. Or was I dead? Such confusion in this godforsaken place. I hated this infernal darkness and wanted nothing more than to see light. Just the slightest light would make me happy. Perhaps I would never feel the touch of her fingers on my skin or her lips on mine. What was I thinking!? No! She's my master and that's all. I couldn't love her… could I? "Could I?" I wondered. Again I looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of light but at no avail. The darkness shrouded me and I simply sighed and closed my eyes once more. It was better to sleep than to worry about what could have been or what might have been.

(End Dark Ace POV)

(Aerrow's POV)

Ships log

Day two on the Far Side of Atmos.

Not a ship in sight. In fact, I don't think they even exist here. The Condor is holding up just fine and in tip-top condition thanks to the new crystals that Piper located here on the Far Side. Still no sign of Cyclonis' work or any evil doing. The Far Side is brilliant and just majestic. I never would have thought it would look this way. I always expected it to be a lot like Cyclonia. We have enough supplies to explore the entire world… I think anyway. Who knows with the way Junko is eating.

I put down my pencil and closed the Condor's logbook. The fist day had been great exploring the first part of the Far Side. I stretched and stood from my seat then walked onto the bridge. Piper hadn't spoken to me since we entered the Far Side so I wasn't surprised to not see her on the bridge with everyone else. Stork was at his usual spot at the helm. Junko and Finn were sitting at the round table playing cards. I wondered if Piper was okay, she hadn't spoken to anyone in two days. "Has anyone here talked to Piper lately?" I asked hoping someone had.

Stork looked over his shoulder at me and shook his head "She said she wasn't feeling so well after that last binding she did" he said, "she hasn't said anything since"

I sighed and looked at the door that belonged to the midnight-blue haired female's room. "Maybe I should go check on her" Junko and Finn didn't look up from their game. I walked toward the door and knocked "Piper? Is everything okay?" I asked loud enough that I knew she would hear me. I listened for an answer and when none came I knocked again "can I come in?" again no answer. I took that as a yes and opened the door. Piper lay asleep on her bed. She looked as pale as she had when she had used the binding too much.

I cautiously walked over and put my arm on her forehead to feel if she had a fever. She was hot to the touch. I sighed "Piper…" I leaned down and kissed her forehead, "I'm so sorry you don't feel well" I looked at the beautiful girl who so happened to be my crystal specialist and smiled. She looked so peaceful, like an angel, while she slept. I was so glad to have known her. My Piper. She moved in her sleep and her eyes fluttered but didn't open. I moved a strand of hair from her face and took a seat on the edge of her bed. I took her hand in mine and gently stroked it with my other hand. She smiled in her sleep and that brought a smile to my face. It was the first time I had seen her smile since she developed this illness.

Her fingers curled around mine and she sighed in her sleep and muttered "Aerrow……" I smiled and was glad that she knew I was here. Her eyes fluttered again and slowly started to open. I smiled at her and she smiled back "hey…" she said quietly and barely audible. I smiled again "hey" I replied and she looked up into my eyes "I never got to say thanks"

"Thanks for what?" then I remembered, I had saved her life. She almost fell into the Wastelands and I had grabbed her wrist to hold her and keep her safe. I had also told her 'If we go down, at least we're going down together'. "Oh that…" I felt a warmness on my cheeks and laughed a little "I couldn't have just let you fall to your death Piper… you're my best friend" I thought for a moment. That came out wrong.

"Thanks again Aerrow, I'm glad it was you who saved me" she seemed to be looking deep into my soul and I felt like gravity was pulling me to her. I smiled again and looked deeply into her eyes. I could feel my heartbeat quickening and wondered 'why am I feeling like this?' then it hit me. I let the binding flow through me and into her to save her life. It was me… like I was chosen to keep her going. I couldn't see it before but now it was very clear. Like a song you hear, invisible, but yet still there. I loved her. "Piper…"

"Yes Aerrow?" she asked with such sweetness as if she were sensing something that I couldn't sense. I smiled. I had always admired that Piper was so keen with anything I was thinking. It was as if she knew what I was going to say before I ever said it. I held her hand in mine and leaned foreword caressing her cheek with my other hand. "I think… I think I'm in love with you" I said without a second thought. I hoped for the best but also feared the worst.

The color seemed to return to her face and a dark red blush appeared on her perfect cheeks. I chuckled a bit and she giggled and smiled. The silence seemed to last forever as we stared into each other's eyes. My heartbeat quickened and seemed to be going a million beats a second. That was when Piper put her hand on my cheek and smiled sweetly. "Aerrow… that must have took a lot for you to say" I braced for the worst. "I've always known though" she said and smiled with her eyes, "the way you're always worrying about me, how you put me first in everything you do, and how you're always protecting me. I've always known" she giggled again, "what I'm trying to say is… I love you too. I always have. Sometimes I'm afraid to express it. But, I really do love you Aerrow"

My heart skipped a beat and in my mind I screamed 'YES!' I looked deep into her eyes and leaned foreword. She began to lean foreword as well and our lips met just as the alarm on the Condor began to sound. I ignored it and kissed Piper again. She kissed me back and the alarm seemed to fade away into the background until we couldn't hear it anymore.

We broke the kiss a while later and the alarms were still sounding. I looked over at the door and laughed "it's been a while since I've heard that alarm… I wonder what's going on"

Piper looked at me and shrugged and pulled herself out of bed. We both walked out of her room and Stork was standing next to the button for the alarm. "What the… Stork? Why did you sound the alarms?"

"Finn thought it would ruin the moment but apparently you only ignored it" Junko explained trying not to laugh. I looked at Piper and she was turning a dark red. I could feel that familiar feeling of a blush coming on as well "y-you guys saw?" I asked trying to hide my embarrassment but obviously doing a very bad job of it. Finn burst out laughing and wrapped his arms around himself and pretended to make out with an invisible person. I rolled my eyes and then I turned and sat at the round table. Piper took a seat next to me and smiled "it's okay… they all knew I liked you anyway thanks to the fact that Finn read my diary" she glared at the blond and sighed, "I'm sure it'll all be okay"

"Aerrow and Piper sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G" Finn sang. And I slammed my head against the table "it's worth it…" 'why me?' I thought

"First comes love" Junko added

"Then comes marriage" Finn said and laughed.

"Then comes the doom in the form of a baby in a baby carriage" Stork said unenthusiastically.

Piper glared at all of them "you know what… yeah I do love Aerrow, we did kiss so what!? DEAL WITH IT!" they all looked at her with wide eyes and went back to what they were doing before. "Wow… that… was hot" I joked and Piper nudged me and laughed.

(End Aerrow's POV)

(Narrator's POV)

Domwick fell to his knees "get up you lazy dog!" Cyclonis yelled and Domwick stood "how much farther do we have to go?" he asked hoping that it was the end of the journey to find the Eternal Life Crystal.

Cyclonis stopped and held out her hand "we're here" she said and walked into a cave, "I can sense something with an immense power… it's unlike anything I've ever felt before. I think it's the Eternal Life Crystal. It is said that only one with the binding can seek the crystal and find it."

Domwick rolled his eyes and followed behind the evil woman.

(End Narrator's POV [I suck at narrating sorry])

(Domwick's POV)

How could I be stick working for a self-centered witch like this? I didn't believe this. She was leading me on a wild goose chase. This 'Eternal Life Crystal' she keeps talking about… what if it didn't exist. And why was she searching for it in the first place. I couldn't comprehend the fact that she was searching for a legend. A myth. HA! I had to laugh. What did this teenage witch want with a non-existent crystal anyway? I had to know "master, why are we searching for this er… Eternal Life Crystal anyway?"

She looked at me "It brings back the dead. I want to bring back my… er… The Dark Ace" I smirked. So she wanted to bring back the Dark Ace. "Master, I didn't know he died" I said with a bit of smugness.

She glared at me "it's not a good subject for me Domwick… now drop it"

I laughed "all right, all right… I get it" I said and continued following her into the cave. What had happened, did she accidentally kill him by pushing him too hard to do something? HA! That would have been great to see! "Is that it master?" I asked pointing to the almost radiant white crystal with blue streaks on it.

"YES! At last!"

(End Domwick's POV)

(Dark Ace's POV)

My eyes fluttered open to the sound of someone yelling 'YES! At last!' I looked around. It sounded like master Cyclonis. "master?" I asked hoping for an answer but I could only see a white crystal looking light at the end of an almost bluish tunnel. If I ran in that direction maybe I would go to heaven.

(End Dark Ace's POV)

(Cyclonis' POV)

I took the crystal in my hand and said a Latin incantation that I had known from the legend. "A posteriori, ad astra per aspera ad honorem ad idem… ad infinitum, ad libitur. Ad vitam, ante mortem… antebellum Dark Ace!" (A/N if you want to know what the incantation is read the bottom of this chapter…) I cried and the crystal shone forth a light brighter than anything anyone had ever seen. I shielded my eyes and waited for the light to lessen. When it returned to the same brightness as before I looked up and saw a figure laying curled up in a ball. I walked closer to it and held the crystal over it. "Domwick… give me the clothes you packed" I said and he handed me a bag that was full of talon uniforms. I pulled the only one that I knew would fit this curled up figure.

"Welcome back to existence… Dark Ace"

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Latin incantation means: From what comes after. To the stars through difficulty in honor of the same mind, to infinity without end. As desired for life, before death, before the war.