Chapter 4: Old Friends

(Cyclonis' POV)

I lie on the bed thinking to myself about what had occurred today. I thought to myself 'where was that flash of blue light coming from?' but I remembered that once the Eternal Life Crystal was activated, the twin could be too. I rolled over and slid off the silky bed and walked to the balcony and stared out at the lovely surroundings. It was normal to me to hate things like this but abnormal to take in the surroundings as beautiful. I sighed and laid my head down on the railing of the balcony and closed my eyes. I remembered when my grandmother used to tell me stories of this palace and how she grew up here before the war began. The mountains that surround the Far Side and cut through Atmos to do so, were put up by her grandmother using a crystal that had been destroyed after.

I opened my eyes and noticed a tiny speck floating in the distance "the Condor" I said quietly. I stared at it for a minute then got my telescope out and looked through. It was definitely the Storm Hawks but as I looked more carefully I could see not one red haired Sky Knight but two. I blinked and used the button to zoom in on the two "it can't be…" I said and put the telescope away. I walked back into my room and pulled my cloak on. I then went to Dark Ace's chamber "I thought you said you killed him!" I was furious.

"Killed who master?" I thrust my telescope into his hands, "Look at the Condor and then tell me who you supposedly killed!" Dark Ace looked into the telescope and then pulled away and looked again "it can't be! I watched him fall to his death!" he said and looked at me, "is there more than one Eternal Life Crystal?"

I gasped and remembered that navigator. Piper's crystal had to be the twin "yes, there is. It's said to be the twin to the Eternal Life Crystal. That pretty navigator of the Storm Hawks has it" I said and laughed, "how could I have not seen it before!" Dark Ace looked at me and shook his head.

"Master, she must have brought Lightning Strike back from the dead" he said and strapped his weapon on his back, "no matter, I'll send him back to his grave"

(Normal POV)

Cyclonis smirked "not yet. Let the sky knight have his reunion with his father. They still haven't found us yet so be patient and they will come to us sooner or later. Then you may have your fun Dark Ace"

"Yes master" he bowed and the woman left his chamber. He looked at the Condor through the telescope again "hello again old friend" he laughed, "we met in the afterlife and now we will meet again face to face real soon". He walked to a drawer and pulled a small silver box from it. He opened the box and sat on his bed. "I was reunited with you my love. It was only for a day or two. I felt your soft bleach blond hair through my fingers once more and kissed your soft lips. Oh Tessa, this is the one thing I miss about being dead. I got to see you again and that was all that mattered. Now I am stuck here away from you on the Far Side of Atmos. We will be together soon my love. Sooner than we know" he pulled a small picture of a greenish blue Merb with bleach blond hair that reached passed her waist. He sighed and stared at the picture "my sweet Merb. I wonder if I will ever meet my child that was born while I was away." He kissed the picture and put it back into the box. He set the box on his dresser and lay down on the bed staring at the ceiling.

Piper finished her tea and looked at the red haired woman who just smiled "I am so glad to have been brought back to life to meet you dear" Aurora said and stood, "you will make a fine wife for my Aerrow"

Piper smiled "thank you" she stood and hugged the woman, "you are going to be a great mother in law" she took the empty cups and walked into the kitchen to rinse them. She stood and stared out the window for a moment "if he's anything like his father, he has" Aurora's words echoed through her mind. "he may be like Lightning, but he's no pervert" she laughed and sighed, "my Aerrow"

"You say something Piper?"

She turned around and saw Aerrow standing there "just talking to myself, your mom and I were talking about stuff and it was something she said that made me stop and think"

"What would that be?" Aerrow asked walking up to the girl. Piper smiled and hugged him, "she's really glad I'm with you" Aerrow wrapped his arms around the girl and kissed the top of her head, "is that all?"

"No. but, it was the subject for a while"

"What was the rest of it?"

"Well, she says I'd make an excellent daughter in law. She asked me if we've had…"

"had what?"

"had 'you know what' yet"

Aerrow laughed and looked hugged the girl tighter, "my dad asked me the same" he pulled out of the hug "I told him I was going to wait until I married you"

"I told your mom the same" she kissed his cheek, "I love you Aerrow" she walked out and left the boy standing there in the kitchen with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

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