I was slumped over his shoulder; his every footstep resounding in the empty hallway as he took me towards death. I didn't know what I had done to deserve this end; kidnapped, molested and soon murdered by this psychopath. I was a good and honorable person; no questionable morals and I never could get myself to upset someone that wanted to help me. All those things will become nothing soon, and I was furious that I would go down because of some nutcase.

I couldn't even understand why he was dragging out my death; his pace slow as he carries down the hallway to the one door at the end. It was so difficult for me to understand that this all was actually happening. To think I had a normal life before I was brutally taken from the relative peace I had.

His hand caressed my lower back, smoothing over the paralyzed muscles before trailing down to my buttocks. I could only let him touch me, and my thoughts grew darker as we neared the door. If I was capable of crying, I would be. It was a disgusting thought but I would definitely be crying because this slow pace promised pain.

"Ah, we're almost there" he mused and I wanted to beat him with a pole. He was doing everything he could to terrify me and it bothered me that it was working. I felt him stop minutes after speaking; the hand on my butt pinching the skin before the sound of a door opening alerted me to our arrival. He was moving again, and I could feel the darkness spread around me as the door was shut behind us.

It felt cold to be in this room, almost like death stood above us waiting to take its next victim. The iciness of the air and the darkness making it so difficult for me to hold onto my sanity as I thought of all the different utensils he probably had laid out for his fun. I kept praying in my head that maybe he would make it quick. Please. I couldn't say a word, but I hoped that perhaps he could read it from the fear in my eyes.

I felt his hand leave my backside, and felt him grasp me by my waist as he laid me down a stretcher. If I could tremble, I definitely would be. His hands skimmed over my tattered outfit; his lips stretched into a thin smile as he grabbed something from the small table beside me. I couldn't turn my head to see, but it seemed to glow in the darkness of the room. Almost as if it were promising the pain that I knew would surely come.

Light suddenly came on moments after he picked up the utensil, and I felt my retinas burn from the brightness of it. Tears welled up but didn't fall as my orbs adjusted to it and immediately looked for the hand with the tool. I had to see what was coming; I couldn't just let him take me by surprise when I was slowly falling to fucking pieces. I gazed at the small pair of scissors in his hand, and would have cussed at how close it was to my eye. "Looking for this?" she turned her gaze to him and glared angrily as he pulled back to laugh at her. Bastard.

He brought the scissor to her shirt, and easily snipped the material to expose me to his eyes. He took his time; reveling in the looks of discomfort and rage I shot him when he cut through my bra and began to remove all the items off my torso. His eyes did not look away from my chest; almost as if his eyes were caressing the unblemished skin as he brought the scissor down the middle of my breasts and scraped the sharp end on the skin. I winced, the sting becoming more unbearable as the pressure he placed seemed to increase in mere seconds.

Blood had yet to bloom, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before my skin yielded to his ministrations. However, he paused to look into my angry eyes and he smiled a vicious grin. "I can't damage you too much," he murmured in thought and placed the scissors back to the table beside me. I exhaled in relief at being given this reprieve, even if momentary, and watched him remove a syringe from the table. "Now, let's begin."

"Sakura" the name seemed to filter through my head; like a melody that never seemed to leave. I didn't understand what it meant, but somehow it seemed so familiar. I couldn't get it out of my head, and I turned to the man beside me with a look of confusion.

"Do I know you?" His face was shrouded by the hood of his jacket; making it difficult for me to see just who he was. He remained silent after my inquiry, and that seemed to somehow make me a little nervous. "Sir?" I voiced again and without a thought the man turned away from me. "That was just plain weird," I thought aloud and turned back to the empty street of my neighborhood. It was always peaceful here; no one was ever out at night and it was almost always a soothing stroll for me. But I always had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind whenever I walked through her; almost as if I knew this place.

I shrugged, heels clicking on the cement as I clutched my purse to waist in thought. Maybe I had a dream about it? That didn't make any sense though! I sighed and turned down the alley near my destination. I always came here, but I never could remember why I was compelled to be here. Almost like something powerful just kept dragging me back to this place that I never had been to before.

I opened to old door; hearing the tell-tale creak as I stepped through and into the darkness. I shut the door behind me and didn't bother to turn on a light. Lights were never enough to shed some clarity within the room. I dropped my purse on the ground without much thought, and began the familiar trek down to the lower levels of the building. I don't know how I knew the way, but I somehow just knew that this was where I needed to go to reach it.

I descended deeper into the shadows of the abandoned home and opened the door that lead to the short hallway. There were so many doors, but there was only one that mattered. I leaned down and removed the stilettos from my feet; chucking them aside as I got up and walked towards the door. "Sakura," I could hear my name being called again, and reached the zipper from the back of my dress to remove it before entering the room that beckoned me. "Sakura," it seemed to call again with a silky voice of promise. I dumped the dress to the dirty ground, removing my feet from the clothes before opening the door and taking in the sight of a prostrated man.

"So you've come," said the voice again, and I came closer to the man that lay on the table with his eyes closed. "Wake me up," it said again and I was compelled to touch the man. His chest did not move; I don't believe that he was even breathing at all! I began to shake him then, my hands clasping onto his shoulders in a strong sense of desperation. I had to wake him up for some reason.

His eyes opened suddenly, and somehow, there was rightness to it. He needed to be awake, and I needed to be the one sleeping on that table.

I woke suddenly, my body heaving and shaking from the strength of the dream I had been induced in. I didn't understand anything, and the clear realization that I woke to the same man from the dream made me want to run. "Sakura" the man said again, and I didn't know who that was. Who was she?

"Who is she?" I seemed to murmur in my own confusion and the look that flashed in his eyes was terrifying. He seemed elated by the answer I gave, and his proximity from me seemed to lessen as he came towards me to caress my chin.

"A success" he murmured quietly, almost to himself, as he grabbed my chin and leaned in close enough to warm my lips. A scratching sound met my ears as his fingernails scraped against my chin. But is my skin supposed to do that? He smirked at my confusion, his lips drifting from my own trembling ones and pressing against my ear. "You're not human," he said again, his hand leaving my chin grabbing onto the back of my neck. "My perfect marionette."

I should be afraid, but somehow I couldn't gather enough emotion to fear the man that spoke of weird things. I felt an emptiness inside me; almost as if I was stripped from something valuable. I turned to face the man with my own qualms, and felt the same confusion at my sudden appearance come again. "Who am I?" I spoke and the man before me chuckled at the confused tone of my voice. Is confusion the only thing I am capable of feeling?

"Sakura" I turned to him at the name and felt the familiar tugging in the back of my mind. "You have no before, only an after," he spoke again and traced my exposed thighs gently.

"Sasori?" I whispered and felt that same rightness fill me inside. "Master," I repeated to myself, and turned to the man that I somehow knew deep inside. "Master." The word tugged at me, and the blankness of my memories did not hinder me from acknowledging the man who gave me an identity.


Author's Note: And we've finally reached the end to this story! I am sorry for dragging this out for so long. I hope you enjoy and understand this final chapter for what it is. It may come off as confusing, but I'm sure it will somehow be understood. Read between the lines! If you catch any grammatical errors or any other typos, please let me know :) I am glad you guys stuck with me for so long!