Alrighty! First JLU fanfic!

Fun fact: None of the chapters will be in any particular order. They'll still be connected but they won't have a specific pecking order. Does that make sense? If it doesn't you'll catch on soon enough.



Thock, Ka-thunk-thunk, thock!

Superman shook his head harder and dug his finger into his ear again before looking both ways down the hallway. He had been trying to pinpoint that noise that had echoed through the Watch-Tower with no luck; so far, anyway. He had a feeling he was getting close, due to the increasing volume.

He decided on the left and his footsteps joined the sound as he walked down the hall and listened carefully.

Thock, Ka-thunk-thunk, thock!

He noticed that its cadence had sped up considerably since he had first heard it and frowned contemplatively. Superman took one more step and suddenly—just like that— he was close enough to hear supportive cheers and whoops. He couldn't make out the words but the tones were unmistakable.


It briefly crossed his mind that some of the younger members of the Justice League were playing some form of game and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the circuitry in the Tower. Then again… None of the younger ones could ever get anything going that fast.


Superman found a closed door that he was positive the sound was coming from and pushed a button that had the door opening with a swish. The noise that had been muted was suddenly deafening.

The sight in front of him sported a Ping-Pong table with Flash whirring around both sides; smacking the ball back and forth and steadily picking up speed as he did so. A crowd of about twelve people were watching and Superman could pick out Green Lantern and Wonder Woman out of the main cheerers. He walked through the crowd to get to them.

"Do either of you want to explain what's going on?" He asked with a small grin in place as he watched the, surprisingly hypnotic, red blur as Flash sped up some more. Wonder Woman smiled at him.

"Someone from the government sent it as a thank you gift and Flash couldn't wait to try it out." She explained, laughter tinting her words.

"And the idiot decided he should see if he could play against himself. Then it escalated to how fast he could play against himself." The voice of Batman said from behind him. Superman blinked a few times in surprise before looking over his shoulder and, indeed, seeing Batman standing there and looking intimidating.

"I see…" He said. His eyes followed the ball a few times before he broke into a wide grin. "I call winner." He called loud enough for Flash to hear. From within the red blur came a laugh and an answer;

"A little slow there, Supes. Batman already called dibs."

You know it happened. They just forgot to put it in.

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