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What the hell was that? She had kissed me, the sweetest and most glorious kiss of my twenty something years and then she ran like hell. What the fuck was I supposed to do now? If it were up to me, I would have run after her and begged her to kiss me again, just one more time. I wanted her to talk to me, and I wanted to let her know that she could. I lifted my hands up to my lips and swore I could still feel her mouth against mine. It was soft, sweet and god she tasted good. Fuck, when did I turn into such a fucking girl?

I grabbed a cold beer from my fridge, quickly pulling the cap off and tossing it onto the counter, where it clanged loudly against the marble. I then threw myself down on the couch and began staring at the photos on my wall, unsure of what the hell I should do next. Do I tell Bella I like her? Do I tell Penny that I like Bella? Do I take a shower, because I feel like it's been days since I had one? I felt like ass as I downed the rest of my beer greedily and headed up the stairs into my bathroom.

I stripped down, tossing my clothes into a pile in the corner, as the water heated up. As I stepped into the shower, letting the hot water soothe my aches and pains. The time away to Chicago, although fun with the exception of my mother, had been draining both physically and mentally. I lathered up my body and then washed my hair as my mind wandered, to Penny.

We had spoken very little while I was away, but that didn't mean that my thoughts of her had faded any. The promise of what was to come between us suddenly brought forth several images and before I had a chance to realize it, I had my cock firmly in hand and was stroking it slowly to images of her and me together. As jerked myself slightly, my image of Penny turned into Bella, which made my cock twitch excitedly.

Thankfully for me, I already had some body wash on my hand, which made my task all the more easier, as I began running my hand down my hard length. I was overcome with visions of Bella bent over my desk in the living room as I took her from behind. Her long hair running sensually down her back as I wrapped a bit around my hand and pulled her back, kissing her lips passionately and I thrust into her. I grunted as I palmed the head of my cock while I closed my eyes and saw Bella's tight ass in my hands as I rammed my cock into her, my name falling from her lips like a chant as I made her come over and over again around me.

With a few more flicks of my wrist and some gentle tugging, I was coming quicker than I could ever remember, my hand firm on the tile wall as all of me disappeared down the drain and I turned off the water, feeling tired as all hell.

When I finally stepped out of the shower, I was quick to dry myself off and toss on a pair of boxers before climbing into bed, feeling both exhausted and relieved. I lay in bed with my eyes wide open, staring at a non-existent spot on the ceiling as my mind kept wandering back to the kiss in the bookstore, and it soon crept into my dreams.

I walked into The Bookshelf and an uneasy feeling hit me as I listened to the bell over the door ring loudly. "What are you doing here man?" asked Jasper, who was sitting in his favorite stool behind the counter typing away on his computer. I shrugged my shoulders, a little unsure of why I was there and moved over towards the counter to see him. He hadn't called me to come in and see him, or even to work a few hours to help him out, so I was appropriately confused. Then again, couldn't I just stop in whenever the hell I felt like it? "Whatever, it doesn't matter why you are here, but can you do me a huge favor and cover for me? I have something I desperately need to do."

"Seriously?" I croaked out incredulously as I eyed him tentatively, until I heard the clacking of heels against the hardwood floor. Alice came out from the back room, clutching a couple of books and quirked her eye brow at me. "Don't you mean there is someone you desperately need to do?" I corrected him with a sly grin.

"Great. Is Edward here to cover for you? I'm literally dying to get out of this musty old place," she said casually as I looked around the store, wondering what the hell was going on. I felt like I was looking at a scene from the outside in, because before I even had a chance to respond to Alice and Jasper, they were walking out the door of the shop into the darkened night, wishing me good luck as the bell over the door rang around me.

"Don't forget to lock up after closing," Jasper called as he waved haplessly and continued down the street and away from my sight. I was pretty fucking pissed. I had come in here for god knows what reason and now I was watching his damned store while he went off to fuck his girlfriend? How is this fair?

"Shit," I cursed loudly as I threw my hand a little too forcefully against the counter, cutting my finger against a chipped piece of the countertop. "Fuck. What the hell else could go wrong now?"

I went to the bathroom and washed my hand in the small sink, the blood falling onto the white porcelain as I then found Jasper's first aid kit under the counter. I rinsed the mess off my finger and patted it dry with a paper towel before I wrapped a small band aid around the cut. When I looked down at my middle finger, I couldn't help but groan, feeling like a complete idiot.

I sat down on the stool and was about to start surfing porn on the internet, when I heard a small thud, which sounded like a book hitting the floor. Great, was the place fucking haunted too? I thought I was alone, thus the decision to play on the internet. Hmm… I wonder if Penny would be online to play with me? I shook the thought from my head and made my way down each aisle looking for the cause of the noise, finding a very unexpected sight before me.

There bent over in the middle of the aisle was Bella, her ass high in the air as I noticed her luscious looking cheeks peeking at me from under their tight denim confines. She was dressed in the exact same outfit she'd had on the very first day I saw her in Common Grounds. The tight t-shirt, red and white striped socks pulled up to her knees and the awkward looking rain boots were making a comeback as well as the bright yellow rain coat.

"Can I help you with something?" I asked, catching her off guard. She dropped the book she was holding again and when she picked it up, she moved so slowly that I couldn't help but stare at her long lean legs which appeared to be tanned to perfection. I also couldn't stop staring at her as she slid the book back into place on the shelf and ambled over towards me, her hand reaching up and moving gently across my chest, then over my shoulder and down my back. Her gentle hands leaving a trail of goose bumps behind them under my t-shirt.

"I may have something that you could help with Edward," she said seductively as she turned the corner and walked down another aisle, leaving me a breathless mess with my feet glued to the floor. I wanted to move, I really did. I wanted to know what she was doing, but my body was frozen. "Are you going to come for me Edward?"

Fuck Yes!

I suddenly began moving, my feet stepping heavily down each aisle as I looked for her, hearing her voice echo around the small, dusty shop. As much as I loved Jasper, I made a mental note to remind him to get a decent cleaning service in here when I went I talked to him next.

When I turned the corner to walk down the last aisle, which ironically was filled with historical romances, Bella was leaning up against the shelves, one foot perched behind her as she looked at me with dark eyes and a lustful gaze. She strolled towards me and in a rather bold move, even for her, she began palming my cock through the fabric of my khaki shorts as I groaned loudly from having her touch me. God, how I had dreamed of this moment so many times, but having it happen to me, was unlike anything I expected. Bella stood up on her tip toes and her lips wrapped around my ear lobe and she sucked furiously, my entire body trembling in excitement.

"I want you," she whispered sexily as I groaned again and her lips grazed down my jaw slowly. "Here in the store Edward."

I froze; surprised by the words that fell from her lips, as though she was desperate to speak them. Before I even had a chance to register her words, I was grasping her hips firmly in my hands as I turned her around so that she was facing the shelves and I moved forward, making Bella move with me until her hands were gripping the shelves and my now aching dick was pressed firm against her ass.

"Bell…" I began to say before her hand rose up and her small fingers pressed firmly against my lips. I couldn't help but kiss them sweetly, wanting for this not to be some quick fuck in Jasper's bookstore. Hell, if I could have my way, we'd be high tailing it back to my apartment where I would make love to her all night long, but she seemed to have different ideas.

"No talking. Just fucking."

What the hell?

I was about to respond when Bella suddenly pushed herself back against my straining cock, moving slowly as she made the growing tightness in my shorts even worse. Her body turned slightly as she used one hand to unbutton my shorts and then tug on the zipper, watching them puddle to the floor at my feet. I opened my mouth but nothing came out, as I found myself desperate to follow her rules and not speak. Instead, I let out a low groan as I grabbed Bella's hip again and turned her around, facing the books again, as my hands wrapped around her till I found the button on her indecent jean shorts.

My fingers lazily traced circles on her smooth skin beneath the waistband of her shorts as I then pulled the zipper down and began to tug the denim roughly from her body. The moment I heard the fabric hit the floor, I grabbed the back of her hideous rain coat and pulled it from her, throwing it on the other side of the aisle as I stared at her, looking sexy as fuck in her knee high socks, tiny thong underwear and tight white t-shirt. I could see the black lace of her bra beneath the shirt and I growled possessively. Fuck, I wanted her.

I was quick to drop to my knees and grab the small scrap of black lace that she claimed were panties. I slowly pulled them from her body, sliding them down her luscious thighs as her sweet musky scent completely surrounded me. Once Bella had stepped out of them, I pushed them aside and grabbed her left ankle, lifting her foot till I could put it to rest on the second shelf from the ground, effectively leaving her open completely for me.

I reached up, feeling a little tentative, and ran one finger slowly around her clit. Fuck, she was dripping wet.

She was wet for ME.

"Jesus fuck Edward," she panted breathlessly, as I looked up and saw her knuckles turning white as she held onto the shelf in front of her for dear life. "More."

I quickly agreed to her request and placed my face back between her thighs as I extended my tongue out and licked her softly. Fuck, the first taste was always the sweetest, but with Bella, I had a feeling it would always be this good. I only wished I would have a chance to find out… repeatedly. I stretched my tongue out as far as I could go, and began lapping at her fiercely, eager to taste every inch of her. I could hear Bella's panting and groans as I felt my own cock, still confined by my boxer shorts, aching more than ever.

It was a little uncomfortable and when I adjusted myself, I turned my head slightly, giving me a better angle to her as I spread her lips open. I plunged my tongue inside of her, feeling her clinch around my mouth as I then scraped my teeth gently on her clit, teasing her. "Fuck yes… more, more, more," she pleaded with me as I pulled myself from her and blew a deep breath along her wetness, making her legs shiver. Deciding to surprise her, I thrust two fingers inside of her as my thumb found purchase on her clit and I pressed firmly, desperate to have her unravel around my fingers.

"Such long… oh my god… long fucking fingers," she cursed out as I smirked beneath her and pushed further inside of her wetness, curling my fingers, her moans and screams spurring me on. "Fuck me."

God, how I wanted to fuck her.

I found it very difficult not to speak to Bella as I finger fucked her into oblivion. I eagerly wanted to tell her how good she tasted, like the sweetest honey. I wanted to beg her to tell me what she wanted, what she liked me to do, but I was restrained, and it was almost as uncomfortable as my cock at that moment. "Harder, deeper," she begged me as I did as she requested, my index and middle finger buried inside her as deep as they could go. I picked up speed and began gently kissing the inside of her thighs, which was her undoing.

I felt her entire body tense as she yelled out my name and released around my fingers. I shoved them both in my mouth and took a moment to lick them clean, before I realized Bella was now on the floor with me, her legs straddling mine as she pressed against me, her bare warmth against my covered cock. She ground her hips down onto me, making me groan lowly through clenched teeth, as I felt her wetness against me.

"I need you inside of me Edward," she said as I looked up at her eyes and saw something there, but I wasn't sure what it was. She grasped my face in her hands and kissed me fervently, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth as she tasted herself on me. It didn't seem to turn her off at all, which was what I expected, so I decided to get a bit bold and I slipped my fingers back inside her wet folds. When I pulled them out and offered them to her, Bella quirked her eye brow for a moment before sucking them into her mouth. Her tongue worked languidly around my fingers… licking, teasing and tasting every inch of them as I rolled my eyes back in my head, suddenly envisioning her doing that to my cock.

"Stand up," she said a moment later, catching me off guard, yet again. She climbed from my lap and grasped the hem of her shirt, pulling it off over her head swiftly. Bella tossed it in a pile with her bright yellow rain coat and then made quick work of my own shirt, adding it to the mess of clothes that littered the floor of Jasper's now dark shop. I reached one hand up to cup her cheek and pull her in for a kiss, as Bella grabbed the waist band of my boxers and tugged them down in one quick movement. So much for being a gentle attentive lover, I thought to myself as I let out a loud moan as I felt Bella's hand wrap around my length.

"Oh fuck… so fucking thick," she groaned excitedly as I looked down and saw my cock grasped firmly in her hands, which made my dick twitch and I had to fill my mind with several graphic non-sexual images so that I didn't lose my shit in her hand two seconds after she touched me.

I had to stifle a small laugh when I heard the crinkling noise of a condom wrapper and I noticed Bella pulling one out from the top of her knee high sock. When the hell had that gotten there? I shook my head, too busy to be bothered with minor details as threw my head back, closing my eyes as she sheathed my cock and then began to suck on my collarbone. How the hell did she know I loved that?

I was instantly overcome with desire as I grabbed Bella's ass in my hands and lifted her from the floor, her legs wrapping themselves around my waist as I positioned myself at her entrance. "Oh god, you feel so fucking good," she said through clenched teeth. There was a bit of hesitation as I moved to slide inside of her, but Bella was desperate to have me in her and the feeling was mutual. She squeezed her legs tightly, pushing me further into her depths causing me to grunt loudly, my noises echoing around the musty store. "Don't fucking move," she said as I looked at her face, watching as she bit her lower lip and literally shook in my arms.

My hands remained literally glued to her firm ass cheeks as I followed her instructions, holding her tightly in my grasp as I remained buried in her. When she bent forward and kissed me, her lips moving against my furiously, I took it as a signal and began to fuck her as hard as I could, her back pressed firmly against the shelves as she groaned and moaned, egging me on.

"Jesus Fuck… you listen so well Edward, I love it." I growled as she leaned forward and bit my neck, her lips then sucking on the same spot as I pistoned my shaft inside her soaking cunt. I had to bite my own lip to keep from calling out to her, telling her how good she felt wrapped around me, even better than my wildest fucking fantasies, which would never be able to live up to this. EVER.

"Edward, harder," she panted breathlessly as she wrapped her arms around my neck firmly, her legs still in place, gripping my waist. I grasped the shelves behind her with one hand, my other holding tight onto her supple ass as I fucked her as hard as I could. Several books were falling off the shelves around us as our pants and grunts filling the air. "Oh fuck yes… I'm almost… oh god… almost there."

I felt Bella's entire body tense in my arms, her legs like a vise grip around me as she came, screaming my name loudly as she squeezed tightly. Bella began milking my cock as I spilled into her following two more thrusts, my forehead landing on her shoulder as I tried to regulate my breathing. I shivered as I felt Bella's soft hands thread through my hair lovingly. God, how I want to be loved by this exquisite and sexy woman.

"Gah… that was just…" she said, unable to form a coherent sentence, which made me smirk since it was my dick that did that to her. I quirked an eye brow at her, silently asking if I could speak and when she nodded her head slowly, I walked towards the small table at the back of the store, with her naked body still wrapped around me. I gently sat her down on the edge of the cold wooden table and kissed her reverently, unable to think of something to say that was worthy of this goddess.

"You are fucking spectacular," I admitted, feeling a bit like those words were not enough. "Absolutely perfect."

"Thanks," she said with a small blush as I leaned in and kissed her again, wanting to show her with more than words that she was special and wanted. As I bent down to pick up her clothes from the floor, not wanting her to catch cold from sitting in Jasper's store buck naked, with the exception of her knee high socks, I heard the ringing of the bell. "Who the fuck would come in the store now? It's fucking closed and I'm not quite done with you."

Unfortunately for me, the ringing wouldn't stop and then it turned into obnoxious buzzing and I found myself opening my eyes and groaning as I reached out and smacked my alarm clock, finally turning it off. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and sat up, my morning wood practically staring at me in the face. I let out a huge groan and ran my hands down my face.

Why the fuck does this only happen in my dreams?

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