~*~ His Wish ~*~

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Warning: This story is really SUPER short, so… yeah… I couldn't get this idea out of my head, but it ended up being really short, so sorry about that… Still, I hope you enjoy~

*~* *~* *~*

I watched her closely, the anger and spite in her beautiful golden eyes. I couldn't stand to see these emotions touching her, but what hurt the most was these emotions were pointed towards me. I'd hurt her, but it was necessary pain, for both of us. If we wanted to live happily, if we wanted the Pokemon to live happily, we needed some loss.

She probably hated me now, because of all I'd done. She didn't realize she would still be around in the new world. Of course, many would die, but many were evil. Some of the deaths would be of her friends, but she would forget that soon enough. She would see the joy on the faces of those who live, and she'd forget… I really hope she'd forget…

"You're insane!" I heard her yell, and couldn't control the flinch that wracked my body… It hurt, but I had to let her force her anger on me. If she were angry with herself about this… Well, I couldn't think about that.

The new world would be wonderful. The pollution would dissipate with time. The evils of humanity would disappear. The Pokemon and those left would be happy… Those left would have children, children who respected the Pokemon, who helped them rather than harmed.

We would destroy all evidence of the previous crimes. The homes, the buildings, factories… Everything would be gone! Gone for good! There would be more than five survivors left, she believed it would only be me and my companions, but… Some humans were good; I had to believe in this…

So I took the pain, the hate, and hoped one day she'd understand. I've seen her cry over the pains of Pokemon, I've seen her mourn the deaths caused by humans, I've seen her weep… All because of humanities stupidity…

Those left would consist of the Elite Four, Professor Oak, her, and a few select others. We would know what to do, because we were not evil like the others. We would not hurt the Pokemon like the others, senselessly. We would never do this!

Didn't she realize that I, Lance, was doing this all for her, Yellow? Didn't she realize everything I did, every emotion I felt, was for her and her alone… Didn't she realize I loved her?

If she didn't, I would make her realize the truth! I would force the truth on her, and she'd believe in me and me alone… She'd know the truth, and she'd love me as I loved her…

A man can wish, cant he?