As you most likely have noticed that I haven't updated in a while...I've been racking my brain for ideas and I keep coming up short.
In all honesty, I just do not feel this story anymore, it doesn't bring me joy to write it, like it did.
I never got a lot of reviews, and that didn't help my confidence.
After just a few short chapters Bella and Edward just...aren't clicking.
I'm not proud of this story anymore, and I don't think I ever will be.
So, to clear up any confusion about why I haven't been updating, this story is now discontinued.
I suggest if you tell anyone about this story, not to tell them to read it.
I'm sorry if I have disappointed any of you.
Feel free to flame me if you want too.
Again I am sorry.
I hope to be continuing all of my other stories. I know Stalker is one that I will definitely be continuing, and finishing.
I'm so so so sorry, I want to die right now I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me, and please don't look down upon me as an author.
My book is on the third chapter, to let you people know that.

I am ashamed to say that Sorrow Brings Happiness is no more.

Your loving author,