It has been over 200 years since the Vampires came out of hiding. Over 200 years since the world was thrown into chaos. Now creatures of myth walk freely, while humans hide in fear. If they find rogue humans, they will either kill or keep them.

When they want to keep you, you may get turned into one of them. If your Lucky. If your not so lucky, you become a slave. And if you have no luck at all, you become a walking blood bank from Vamps.

There is of course a war going on. Some humans wont go down without a fight. Some wish to win back our freedom and right to live. As of yet, we haven't won. But we wont give up. The monsters seem amused by our tries.

Though I put myself with the humans, I am not. I am part Witch and part Hunter. Both are noble races. But the Hunter's have all but died out.

Hunter's were here to stop humans from finding out about the supernatural creatures of the world. When everyone found out about them, they had no reason to be. But I have heard rumors, that the Hunter's are coming back. But now they will enforce the new laws of the world. Hunter's are as strong as Vampires, and as fast. Their senses are sharper then them though. They have knowledge to make weapons, that can kill any creature that they need too. You could tell if someone was a Hunter, by them wearing a Celtic cross necklace, and having a cross with angel wings on their lower back.

Witch's, are peaceful for the most part. They didn't care about power over the humans, or that they had to hid what they truly were. Witches are more in touch with nature. Witches have many powers, and almost no one as the same extra gift. But all Witches have knowledge on potions, herbs, basic spells, and healing. You can tell if someone is a Witch, because they have a gold ivy leaf on their left cheek and silver eyes. Witch's are only female. They can only have daughters. The Leader's of the family coven would wear the triple moon choker.

Both are Immortal.

I was born with both the cross with angel wings, and the gold ivy leaf, and of course my Mother's silver eyes. I wear my Father's Celtic cross necklace, and my Mother's triple moon choker. I have my Father's old weapons.

My Mother, was the last of the Family coven apart from me. Now I'm all that's left of it. The hybrid, was the last leader of the Swan Coven.

Both my parents died in battle. They both wanted to help get the humans freedom back. And because of that they lost their lives.

Now I am the Protector of the small clan of humans. I was the one they turned to, I was the one who would defend them against anyone who tried to hurt them.

I have lived in the middle of this war for 18 years. 18 long, pain filled, years. Yet, I knew I wouldn't change them. Even though my family died, they died with Honor. Their death's made me who I was today. I was stronger because of them.


I turned away from the view of the city lights, and the forest around it what we could see from the cave we was living in, and saw Angela. Her black hair was like always up in a pony tail, and her brown eyes always held a small amount of worry.

"What is it Angela?" I asked.

"We're running low on food. The younger ones are hungry." Angela told me.

Angela was a sweet girl, and I had grown up with her. She held no fear when it came to me, she was one of the few people who didn't.

"I will go to the city and get some. Make sure to no one leaves the cave." I told her.

"I will Bella." She promised.

I walked with Angela back to the main part of the cave. The cave we lived in had my tunnels in it. It was prefect from us to live in. One of the tunnels led to a cave which My Mother filled with water.

I walked into my own little room, I made. And took my Buster sword, First Tsurugi. My Dad made it, said he took the design from a game. I placed it in it's holder on my back ready if I need it. I also picked up my Glock .40 automatic pistol, and placed it in it's hold around my waist. I knew no one would question why I had weapons on me. We was at war here. Also I was part Hunter. Hunter's never was seen without a weapon.

I walked out of my room, and started to head to exit. I could feel the eyes on me, but I said nothing about it. I put my hood up, on my black cloak, when I was out of the cave and jumped down the mountain. I landed in a crouch before I took off running towards the city.

When I entered the city, I walked at human speed. Though most supernaturals can go faster, they still go at human speed. I entered the super market and began to shop.

My family, had left me enough money to feed everyone in our small clan of 20 humans, and 1 hybrid. When I had enough food, to last us till next week, when I would go on a bigger raid to get our food, I went to pay.

The female Werewolf at the check out, didn't ask why I had some much food, and for that I was thankful. I didn't feel like coming up with a lie. When I had payed and was out of the store, I teleported the food back to the cave, and then walked towards a near by park.

I wanted to have a bit more of a walk before I returned.

It was when I got to the middle of the park that I felt them watching me.

"Didn't anyone tell you, it's rude to stalk people?" I asked.

I heard their laugher as the came out into the open, and so I could see them. Their laughs were musical as well as deep. Vampires. Male Vampires.

Their was 4 of them and they began to circle me.

"I didn't know that, did you Laurent?" Said of them.

He had sandy blonde long hair in a pony tail, and red eyes. He was wearing plain blue jeans, with different object's attached to them. No shirt or shoes, and a leather jacket. It screamed tracker

"No, I didn't James." Answered another, with a french accent.

He had darker skin then the other Vampires, yet it was still paler then normal. He had dread locks. He was wearing black jeans, and an old fashioned waist coat.

They other two did not speak, so I was guessing that Laurent and James were the leaders. I did notice that all 4 of them had one thing in common. They all wore the same crest. It was a shield with a panther around a sword.

I knew this crest. It was the crest of the God of War. Though I had never seen him, I had seen enough of his men. He was one of the royal vampires. All together their was 5 royal covens of Vampires.

The Romanian Coven, The Volturi Coven, The Cullen Coven, The Denali Coven, and of course The God of War's Coven. I didn't know if he had a different name to it. But I knew it.

"Shouldn't you be getting along to your Master?" I asked, making sure to keep my head down so they didn't see my face.

"I'm sure he wont mind us having a little fun." James reasoned.

"Really? I thought The God of War, would want you doing your job, not have fun." I said in fake shock.

"Shut up." James snapped.

"If we want to have some fun, we will." Laurent added.

"Didn't your Mother ever teach you, never anger a woman with a weapon?" I asked, tired of this little game they was trying to play.

"Like you can use it!" James sneered.

I smirked under my hood and grabbed my Buster sword.

"Try me." I taunted.

And that's all it took to get them to attack. They was good fighters, but I was better.

I was born to fight. They didn't have a chance in Hell, in beating me.

I had them all down in under 5 minutes.

"You little Bitch." James spat at me, as he tried to heal his wounds.

"I maybe a Bitch, but at least I'm not a cocky asshole, like yourself." I told him before I placed my sword back, turned and walked out the park.

Peter's Pov.

Bastards. They just had to run off didn't they? They was always doing this. Leaving their job, undone. Going to find someone, and have a little fight with them, to make themselves feel better.

And who get's shouted at by Jazz-man? Me, that's who.

What does Jasper want me to do with them? Put a collar on them, and tie them up like dogs?

I shook my head as I followed their scents.

I found them in the middle of a park, circling what looked like a teenage girl, who had a gaint sword on her back. She had a cloak on so I could see much of her. I could only tell that she was pale, and was about 5"4. She was tiny, next to them.

Couldn't they find someone else to fight and leave this poor girl alone.

"Didn't your Mother ever teach you, never anger a woman with a weapon?" The girl asked.

Her voice was like pure honey and silk. Her voice sounded like, the voice of an angel. It sounded so innocent.

"Like you can use it!" James sneered.

She took the sword in both of her small hands.

"Try me." She taunted, you could hear the smirk in her voice.

And they attacked, I was going to step in to help her but she surprised me by taking them all down in under 5 minutes. And she wasn't hurt. James, Laurent, Kyle, and Connor, were 4 of our best fighters.

"You little Bitch." James spat at her.

"I maybe a Bitch, but at least I'm not a cocky asshole, like yourself." She told him.

I loved this girl. If I was in love and married to my Charlottle, I would marry this girl in a heart beat. She was amazing. I wished Jasper was here to see this.

She placed that big ass sword back on her back before she turned and walked out the park.

I came out on the forest with a big shit eating grin on my face.

"Well that was fun." I said.

The guys groaned, knowing they would never live this down.