AN: As the summary states, this is not an actually story. I will never write more than this. It was a bunny that happened in the creative process of another story that was changed, so that this wasn't true. It is up for grabs. Anyone needing inspiration can take it, edit it however they want, and write whatever they want around it. Just please tell me, because I would like to see what comes from it.


"I've been a soldier my entire life. My dad was so afraid of losing me, he never noticed he was pushing me away. Every time I made even the smallest mention of the army, he would, he would punish me. But I soldiered on."

"He punished you?"

"He was terrified. My older brother... My older brother was born seventeen years before I was. My parents were very patriotic people, and they pressured him to join the army.

"He never wanted to. Jasper wanted to go to college, to teach. Learning was his passion. But he loved our parents, so he respected their wishes.

"He joined at seventeen, they pressured him so much. There wasn't a war going on, everyone figured he'd be safe. It was a freak accident. It shouldn't have happened. . .

"Two separate army factions just sighted each other from a distance. They hadn't known it was going to happen. Somebody shot. Everyone else followed. He ended up dead. Eight months later, I was born. I wasn't supposed to happen, but somehow, I was a symbol of hope for my parents. A second chance. They discouraged me from joining the army in every way they could. My father wouldn't tell me why, but Mother did one day when he was gone. It only made my resolve stronger. My father would. . . He would beat me to discourage me."

A gasp broke the silence until she continued.

"They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm pretty sure they're right. It didn't break my resolve, it strengthened it. And then the Civil War broke out. I wasn't able to sit by and watch while a war was going on, so I ran away from home, pretended to be an eighteen-year-old boy, rather than a seventeen-year-old girl, and joined the Confederates.

"War was easy for me. It was what I was born to do. I rose quickly through the ranks, fortunately, for I quickly received my own quarters, which aided my deception. Then Maria happened."