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Odd Class Out

Prologue: BLU, RED, and…white?

"And I'm tellin' ya, mate, there ain't no such thing as ghosts," Sniper grumpily argued, having been awoken so early in the morning, "Go back to sleep, you crazy wanker." He looked back at the alarm clock in his room to confirm that it was indeed 2:08 AM in the morning…2:08 FREAKING AM…and it didn't help that it was raining and quite cold.

"But I saw it!" Scout tried to explain, pointing at the roof of the Sniper's Nest, "It fell RIGHT there!!! You gotta check it out! It was white and see through and everything!" Sniper glared at the young Scout, sighing as he looked to his fellow teammates, all of whom who had been woken up by the Scout. Demoman was holding a bottle of Jack ready to smash into the Scout's head, the Spy seemingly unfazed but had a dangerous aura around him. Heavy looked as though he was going to fall right then and there back to sleep standing, the Medic barely holding up the Heavy and held a needle of adrenaline for Heavy if needed, a bottle of chloroform for Scout if he was lying. Engineer just shrugged, although obviously annoyed at the disturbance, and the Soldier merely held his shovel tighter with conviction. Only the Pyro was hard to determine by expression, wearing his gas mask, but the pilot light on his flamethrower was lit, and hazardously pointed at the Scout's rear.

"Fine, but after this, you leave everyone alone, right?" Sniper warned, Scout nodding his head vigorously, "Come on then." They all trudged wearily along, only Scout seemed to be aware, holding his Scattergun up at the Sniper's Nest, as if it would protect him. The rain made it hard to see in the dark, and quite easy to slip in, the Heavy falling down a couple of times for not watching his step.

"So, Scout, how do you know ze ghost is zere again?" Medic grunted, trying to keep Heavy up by nudging him when he leaned too far to the right.

"Okay, so there I was, right? Staying up to watch some TV and I heard this weird boomin' sound outside," Scout gestured to the Sniper's Nest, "I looked outside and somethin' fell on the Sniper's Nest. So I thought, maybe it's those damn BLUs tryin' to get a jump start on us! I went outside with my trusty bat and gun, but when I looked back up there, I saw it. White, all wispy and everythin', and its eyes glowed! Then it called out ta me in a real weird voice, 'Who am I?', that was freakiest thing I ever seen in my entire life!" Almost everyone rolled their eyes, Scout's mouth set in a firm scowl.

"Don't believe me? Look up, now!" Scout pointed up, and they looked up. Nothing. There was nothing. Scout's mouth dropped at his bad luck. Everyone was pissed off already, with it being so early and them walking around in the cold rain. However, he thought he'd be okay, because he was sure he saw a ghost, but now…they were going to massacre him. However, he perked up when he and everyone else heard the ghostly wail.

"Who…Who am I? Will someone help me?" came the voice, everyone shuddering, even Heavy waking up to stare wide-eyed at the sound, "Heeeeellllllllppppp." The last droned out word was the final straw and they backed away for a second. They all looked at each other, only the Spy staying cool and collected, scrutinizing the Nest.

"No bloody spook's gonna get me running scared," Sniper finally spoke up, shouldering his weapon as he walked to the ladder, "And they ain't hauntin' my nest if I can help it!" He started climbing, everyone staring after him. When he finally got to the top, he carefully opened the latched door into the Nest, pausing before bursting through it, taking out his Kukri and waving it around, as if the invader would be hurt by a knife. Cautiously, he continued his ascent into his Nest, looking around to see what had occurred exactly. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw a giant hole in his roof, cursing at the damage, then froze. Twin glowing lights stared at him from the hole before the ghostly wail came again, "Help me…who am I?" He backed away, tensing his whole body to jump through the door below. Suddenly, the "ghost" crawled through the hole and fell, landing heavily.

"FUCKING CHRIST!!!" he swore, jumping at the motion, his back smacking against one of the walls of his Nest, "GET BACK OR I'LL MAKE A MESS OF YA!!!" Everyone jumped at the amount of noise that the Sniper was making, running back further from the Nest.

"Please…help me…who am I?" the ghost sat up and looked at him solemnly, "It hurts…" The Sniper was near terrified now, but then, the twin lights that he thought were the ghost's eyes flickered out. He frowned and reached for the flash light on a stand near him, turning it on and pointing it at the ghost. The Sniper's mouth dropped slightly in amazement before chuckling in relief: it was just a girl. He took a better look at her as he crouched down, noticing several gashes on her knees and arms. There was also what seemed like remnants of a bike scattered across the ground, realizing that the twin lights that were the ghost's "eyes" were actually bike lights that were somehow stuck on her head. The girl was dressed in a white dress with a hem that went to her knees and a white shawl; her clothes were slightly shredded, giving the wispy illusion of being see-through as the only thing one could see was her clothes in this darkness. The girl looked at him so blankly, he knew that she must have had at least a concussion when she fell.

"Hey, you all right? Where did you come from?" he asked, putting down the knife.

"…I don't know," she replied absently, looking behind her and all around, "I don't know where I am…nor do I know who I am…who am I? And who are you?" The Sniper sighed as he realized she might have amnesia, whether it was temporary or not was the real question. He scratched the back of his head trying to figure out what to do when she tried to stand, staggering and then turning around in wonder. His eyes widened at the cause for her confusion: a piece of her bike handle had broken off and embedded itself in the back of her head, and by the looks of it, pretty deeply. He put his hands on her shoulders and sat her down, the girl looking at him dazed and disoriented.

"Now you stay right here, I'll be getting some help for ya," Sniper assured her, turning around but stopping when he heard the bed creak as she got up, "No, now listen here, sheila, you stay here. Don't move, don't lay down on your back, and don't touch anything, ya hear me?" She gave a blank nod and she sat back down, the Sniper hurriedly crawling down the ladder to the Medic.

"Hey, we've got an injured girl up there," Sniper urgently told the Medic, "She's in pretty bad shape, her head's nearly cleaved in half! She also don't have no idea who or where she is…" The Medic's eyes widened and he nodded grimly, knowing that the Sniper didn't bring her down because it would alarm the others. However, before they even started moving for the ladder, they noticed the girl already climbing down.

"AH, HOLY SHIT, THERE IT IS!!!" Scout screamed, everyone's weapons except for the Spy, Sniper, and Medic's were up.

"No, no, she ain't no ghost!" the Sniper held up his hands to stop the team, "It's just a little sheila who's hurt, bad. She ain't gonna hurt any-" He was cut off by a scream by the girl who lost her footing due to the rain and fell, Sniper gasping as he ran over to her, honestly concerned, the Medic following in panic. The rest of the team cautiously approached, but once they got a glimpse of the girl, they crowded around in worry. She had fallen on her front, luckily, avoiding getting the metal in the back of her head from digging any further. The Medic shook his head at the mess the girl was.

"She vill need extensive surgery," he muttered, turning the girl around to inspect her further, "Zhis head vound is no laughing matter…Heavy, carry her to mein office." Heavy complied and picked her up gingerly, trying not to touch the metal piece in the back of her head. She woke up at the movement and looked up, her eyes unfocused and glazed.

"Can you…tell me who I am?" she asked, weakly grasping the front of Heavy's shirt, "I'm scared…I don't know who I am! It hurts!" She began to shake slightly and tears welled up in her eyes. Heavy hesitated to move at the girl's face, and began to rock her back and forth slowly, hushing her.

"It iz okay, leetle baby, just go back to sleep now," he told her, her eyes closing and her breathing becoming less labored. He breathed a sigh of relief and followed the Medic to his office, everyone falling back into the base, discussing the appearance of the mystery girl in white. The Sniper, the first to find her, followed the Medic, extremely worried about her. He couldn't quite explain it, but since he was the first one to understand her situation, he felt responsible for her.

"Set her down here, Heavy, I shall be vorking on her shortly," Medic told the large man, who placed the girl face down, so that her face went through the hole in the head rest, "And get Engineer in here, I need him to build a Dispenser so that she von't die on me during ze procedure." Heavy nodded and turned to exit, passing Sniper who looked at the doctor seriously.

"Think she'll make it?" he asked, crossing his arms and looking down at her. The Medic prepared his equipment, looking at the Sniper from the corner of his eye.

"Vhat do you think?" he replied in all seriousness, "Vunce I remove ze shrapnel, zere is very little I can do to help her…ze Engineer's Dispenser and my own Medigun are her only chance. Und zhat is only if ve vork togezer. After zhat, it is up to her to decide vhether to continue living or not." Sniper nodded, mouth set in a thin line.

"And if she lives…think she'll get her memory back?" Sniper questioned, looking at the Medic. The doctor pondered, turning his back to the Sniper, walking over to a drawer to examine cerebral scans.

"Most likely…nein," Medic returned to the sleeping girl's side next to the Sniper, "Ze best ve can hope for is her to make a full recovery." Sniper just stared at the prone body, the Medic sighing and placing a gloved hand on his shoulder.

"Go get some rest, Sniper," he told him, "Ze Engineer should be here soon, and zhen, I must operate. It iz not going to be pretty…" The Sniper nodded and walked away, the Engineer tipping his hardhat in a weary 'see ya tomorrow'. As he walked down the hall back to his room, he met the rest of the REDs, just standing outside their rooms and looking expectedly at Sniper.

"What?" he spoke, their stares becoming rather uncomfortable.

"Well, what? What be the lass' condition, Sniper?" the Demoman spoke, this being what was on everyone's minds, "First girl to be walkin' these halls, be sure. Don't want her going out on us!" Pyro's muffled agreement and his waving about made the Sniper smile. Spy was merely interested, smoking his cigarettes, and leaning against the wall. The Scout was seemingly disappointed, relieved, and angry all in one that it was just a normal gal who scared the living daylights out of him. The Soldier was frowning as usual, though he was intent on hearing the news as well.

"They're workin' on her as we speak," he assured them, "But…Doc doesn't know whether she'll get her memory back, though…" They all accepted the news stoically, Sniper turning to get into his room, the others one by one following suit. Once inside, Sniper took of his hat and sunglasses, scratching his head in relief to be back in his room.

"Hope she makes it out all right," he muttered to himself before walking to his own cot and resting heavily on it. Tonight was one, really…REALLY strange night…and tomorrow, they had a mission coming up. He groaned in contempt, knowing that he was going to be one cranky Aussie in the morning.

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