Title: Shattered Windows and The Sound of Drums

Music: Lully, Lullay (The Coventry Carol), Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Warnings: spoilerage for Waters of Mars, some suggested insinuation if you really read into everything. Jussayin'.

Disclaimer: Don't own. Wish I did.

His heart, the part of him that has been broken since a day on Valiant when the last shread of his past broke away, leaving his hearts in shattered glass, is beyond repair.

He hears them dying, screaming for mercy, and he feels, as he always has felt, torn, hating the fact that he can't interfere.

Since when do you care about rules, dear Doctor? You were the one that stole a Tardis, journeyed across time and space, and interfered.

It's almost as though he's been inside his head. Ever since then. Master.

He'd deny to anyone who asked that he's dead. But he lives on inside his mind. The opposing part of his conscious that defies the rules.

It's always been a part of him, but Kosch has been like ... there is no other euphemisim then fuel to the fire...

It's not our place. We can't interfere. We die if we interfere. It's written in the Laws of Rassillion.

He's dead. There's no one to stop you. Not even him.

If he can change one fixed point, perhaps he can change the one that matters to him most. Maybe he burns a different body and never knows...

All those times he couldn't - or perhaps it's wouldn't - save them.

Just save someone. It doesn't have to be signaficant.

I couldn't save you, Donna...

The voices ring in his head. The deathly silence after the war. The emptiness.

Renewed as the old broken fob watch was opened on Malcassairo - the sound, the beautiful noise of the telepathic link that The Master used to torture him.

More than once. Severing, then renewing the connection, raking his mind, mentally wounding him more than physical abuse ever could. Yet the aftershocks, the times that he ached to be held, even in his possessive touch, belonging somewhere...anywhere.

He always did like to have the upper hand in things.

There's no one left. In a few moments he will be the only survivor of this event. And no one will ever know.

But something monstrous takes hold of him as he realizes something.

He could save them if he wanted to.

Even Captain Adelaide Brooke.

If he really wanted to, he could change history. They're always begging him to do it, asking pleading, but something inside him has always managed to say "no". His morals. The unwritten code he swore to abide by even as he was exiled.

Never interfere, always protect.

But where has that got him? What's he ever gained from abiding by the rules.

He can hear it, he's always denied it, the drumming of the universe. Urging him to do this. This one thing. This one, little, little thing.

He has the power in his hands why not use it?

As he's thrown the ten meteres, something in him snaps.

And he follows the call. The TimeLord Victorious. The TimeLord Victorious and The Sound of Drums...

For just a brief moment, The Master is alive again. Out there somewhere...and so close. So near his hearts he's almost beating in his chest.

And the Laws of Time will obey me. For once. No one else. Not even him.