Yesterday~By SoddenEye

Roundabout: Naruto was 22 and in serious need of a sense. He found a way to make his past more beneficial, however the now never really went away. Confusing you? Well it means he fixed his past but he continued his course in life and well whatever. That Naruto died and was met with the faces of those precious to him that had been killed. If you're even more confused go look it up cause I offer no reasonable excuse to my own ramblings.

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Chapter 5: Don't Let Me Down

Naruto walked into his house with his bag strapped over his right shoulder. He looked sround the room and called out, "Mom? Dad? Old man?" he made his way to the kitchen and found a note on the table. It read, "Naruto, went out to get some food and other things. Be home around eight. Love you."

Naruto glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall. It was just about ten minutes to seven. Naruto shrugged and exited the kitchen to go up to his room. Naruto shut the door behind him and threw his bag on his bed. He laid down on the bed for a few minutes before realizing that he only had about a chapter left in his book. "I think I'll finish it up right now." Naruto looked through the bag and picked the book out and turned to the page he had folded the edge for. Naruto laid back on the wall from his bed. The last paragraph went like this,

"I knew from the beginning that my time would come and end. I had accepted that, but I just couldn't accept it when the one I loved died. Maybe my life turned for the worst when I couldn't even realize what it was that I was doing. I was focusing to much on the past and on what had already happened that I lost all sense of the present. As my final breaths are drawn in I have realized something. The past can't be changed. We must accept that if we want to move forward. If you can't learn from yesterday then you can't move forward to tomorrow and today means nothing. I figured that my past was full of mistakes and now as I look at the faces around me I know it's to late. I can't stop the inevitable, but I know now I'll see her again soon. "

Naruto closed the book and closed his eyes. He thought long and hard about the last paragraph and the meaning. The message was all to true and was very deep. He got up off his bed and looked at the book in his hand. The authors name was Niiru Suspensa. "I think I need a new book." with that Naruto slipped his sandals on and went downstairs to the kitchen. He took out a water bottle from the fridge and looked at the note his mom had left him. He brought a pencil out and wrote his own message.

"Was home for half an hour, went to the bookstore. Might stay out tonight. Be back whenever." Naruto cracked his neck and put the pencil down. He closed the door behind him and locked it up. He turned and walked outside into the cool autumn air. A slight breeze hit his face and made Naruto shiver a little. He loved the cold air on his face, it felt great. Naruto zipped up his jacket and walked down the sidewalk. Naruto also loved the nightlife in Konoha. It was always busy at night.

Tonight Naruto felt especially good as he walked into his favorite bookstore. He looked in the section his last book had been in. He couldn't find any different books from the author though. The owner of the store poped his head from behind the shelf. "Ahh Naruto. It's a pleasure to see you again, and so soon." he laughed at the young boy.

"Hey Hon Osso-san.(see the end)" Naruto went back to the shelf after greeting the man. The old bookkeeper looked curiously at the boy.

"What is it you are trying to find?" asked the old man. Naruto looked up to him and brought out his book.

"I'm looking for another book by this guy." the old man chuckled at the boy.

"Oh I don't think you want that author. He usually does nothing but romance books, and I believe this is the only one the isn't." the old man smiled as Naruto looked at the book.

"Can I get one of those then? He is an amazing author." Naruto asked and the old man stopped laughing.

"O.k but I still don't think they'll be your style." the bookkeeper left for a minute and came back with a book in his hand. "This one seems to be the only one that you might like. It's got action but it leans more to romance than anything." he handed Naruto the book. Naruto shrugged it off and stared excitedly at the book in his hand. The title was "Don't Pass Me By".

Naruto handed the man the amount due and thanked him before he left the store. The old man watched as Naruto walked away thinking to himself, "That boy might like it......but romance." the old man chuckled and went to tend to some things.

Naruto was walking through the busy streets of Konoha with his book placed in front of his face. He had been reading ever since he had left the bookstore. It was definitely something new from what he was used to reading but it was still very good. Naruto was understanding most of the concepts in the book and taking in a great deal of new words. "Hmm the words amorous, infatuated, incognito. Interesting, to say the least. New vocabulary words I suppose though."

Naruto continued walking while reading until he finished the first chapter. He closed the book and looked ahead of him. He stopped dead in his tracks. This was night was Naruto's first memory of when he had started to fall for Hinata. She was walking with Sakura and Ino while wearing casual clothing. Not the acadamy kinda clothing that everyone would wear regularly. (I mean seriously)

Instead she has on a tank top with very thin straps. She was wearing her headband around her waist just above her pants. Naruto was looking at her in complete awe until he figured what it was he was doing. Naruto placed the book in front of his face so she wouldn't notice him. He couldn't understand it at all. He had been friends with Hinata for a long time and now those sort of feelings were coursing through him. Naruto walked forward hoping she didn't notice him, just this once. He walked forward, each step making his heart beat even faster than the previous.

Hinata on the other hand had noticed Naruto a few seconds after he had put his book up. She was a single step in front of Naruto when she stopped. She thought Naruto had also noticed her and would stop. Naruto, who had his book in front of his face didn't know of this though. Instead of stopping he walked right into her and fell down on top of her. He winced at the encounter and looked at the person he had fallen on. It was Hinata, and the position that they were in was questionable. "Ohh....uhm." Naruto felt his face redden as his face was only inches away from hers. Hinata also felt embaressed, hell even mortified but she didn't show it.

"Naruto? Can you get off of me?" she asked in the same tone she always talked in. Naruto scrambled up and apologized.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you and all." Naruto tried to make an excuse to himself. In reality his heart was telling him he had done it on purpose.

"No, it's alright. I thought you saw me and well......I don't know." her train of thought drifted a little. Naruto bent down and picked up his book that was lying on the ground. He looked at Hinata and felt a blush sweep across his face. Naruto looked at her with a straight face.

"Oh, no it's all my fault. I wasn't paying attention at all." he rubbed the back of his head, "I probably shouldn't read while walking." he smiled and felt the tension ease. This whole time, however, their were two girls there with Hinata. Sakura and Ino were whispering back and forth between each other the entire time.

"Kinda funny, don't you think?" Ino asked Sakura as Hinata and Naruto continued talking nonsense. Sakura nodded and tilted her head at the two.

"I think they like each other. I mean look at them." Sakura whispered back to Ino. Both watched Naruto as he explained the book he was reading to Hinata.

"Yep and I think, as friends, we should leave them." they both snuck away from the two teammates. After a few more minutes Hinata felt she should get back to her friends.

"Well I should probably get back--" she looked behind her and noticed two blank spots. She looked around and saw no Ino or Sakura.

"I think they ditched you." Naruto chuckled as Hinata snapped her head. Naruto signaled with his head for her to follow. "Come on, we can spend some time together. It's been a while since we've done that." Naruto began walking before Hinata could answer.

"Hey wait up!" she ran up to Naruto side and fell into step with him. She looked at Naruto with a small smile. 'Some time with just Naruto. That sounds very nice.'

"Heh, now that I think about it." Naruto grinned to himself and kept it to himself. Hinata eyed him as he grinned to himself.

"What?" she was a little curious at this action. Naruto looked at her and shook his head.

"Well I just thought that this was like a date. I mean now that we're older people would see it that way. Wouldn't they?" Hinata raised an eyebrow at him and smiled inwardly.

"I suppose people would see it that way. What's so bad about that?" Naruto tilted his head, "I mean you've never been shy about anything." Hinata smiled as Naruto's face took on an offensed look.

"I don't think that's possible. I mean we've been friends for so long." Naruto tried to get the discussion off of him directly. Hinata felt a little hurt by this though.

"What it be like if it were to happen though? I suppose it wouldn't be that bad." she was looking in the opposite direction of Naruto now. She couldn't bring herself to look at him. Naruto however was starring at her with wide eyes.

"How do you figure." Naruto felt a little dizzy now. 'What? Is she asking me out?'

"Uhm, I was just saying that it may not be that bad." she looked at Naruto with a hopeful look. Naruto saw this and understood what it meant. His eyes were even wider than before.

"A...are you asking me out?" Naruto asked with shock and hope lacing his voice. Hinata smiled at Naruto making his heart skip a beat. She stopped walking and turned to her left.

"I might be." she looked back at Naruto and winked right before she sprinted away.

Naruto stood in the middle of an alley with a dumb expression on his face. Naruto returned home that night with his book in his hand and a very longing sort of thirst. He barely had a grip on the book as he walked past his mother and Jiraiya in the kitchen. They both gave him questioning looks as he slowly walked past. He put the book down onto the counter and opened the fridge up. He brought out a water bottle and quickly chugged the beverage. He finished to the last drop and panted as he caught his breath. Kushina was about to say something but nothing came out and Naruto walked past her. Naruto walked up towards his room and closed the door behind him.

He sat on his bed and ran his fingers through his hair.

'What the hell was that tonight?'

The next few weeks were frustrating and awkward for Naruto. In total they had been given nine missions. All of them were crap though. Helping load and old mans cart, and looking for a fat old ladies cat was not something Naruto felt fitting for a ninja. That wasn't the only problem for Naruto though. Naruto hadn't really talked much with Hinata after that night. He tried to avoid her as much as possible. However he didn't want to seem rude and drive away his friend.

Naruto had other things on his mind at the moment. He was in the mission application area where his father sat next to Iruka. Naruto was looking at his father with hardened eyes. Hia father in return gave a pissed off look to him. Iruka on the other hand was trying not to look in that direction. Narutos teammates were both looking at Naruto with an unengaged look on their faces while Kakashi sighed.

"Naruto let me get this straight." his father wasn't in the happiest of moods, "You think you need a more challenging mission?" Minato sighed as his son nodded. "Ok I get it. Kakashi?" the Hokage looked at Kakashi.

"Yes sir?" Minato looked at him lazily.

"Is your team ready?" he asked wanting to see what his former student thought. Kakshi looked back at his team and nodded.

"I think they are more than capable for a C rank mission." Kakahi noticed Naruto's expression change. Minato rubbed his temples. His headache was getting worse and worse.

"Ok I'll give you a C rank mission. Iruka, I suppose you should give them something.....challenging." the Hokage looked at Iruka with tired eyes. Iruka flipped through all the missions and found one that suited their tastes. He found it right away.

"Here we go. Mission details: Escort the Daimyou's granddaughter to the lords estate." Iruka put a check next to the mission. Minato watched their expressions lighten up a little. At least they were going to get out of the village. Not Naruto though.

"That's it?" Naruto asked. His father looked at him with a frown.

"It's an escorting mission. It's also the Daimyou's bloodline. Have more respect that you're getting this mission." he peered at Naruto with his fingers clasped in front of his eyes.

"But it just seems so generic and easy." he tried reasoning with his dad, "I mean it just seems to simple." Kakashi placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder causing the boy to look up at him.

"Don't worry Naruto. We'll get our share of action. However for now be grateful to the Hokage. He's being extremely generous." Kakashi put emphasis on the word Hokage. Naruto looked at his father who was smiling. He knew that he had just won.

"Well.......fine." Naruto turned around and ran his hands through his hair. On one hand he could argue with his father. However on the other hand he was supposed to respect the Hokage.

"Ok then. The mission is set to start tomorrow afternoon. Oh and Kakashi, please don't be late for this one." Minato glared at his former student. Kakashi returned his glare with a smile.

"I'll make a better effort. Sound good?" Minato sighed and motioned for him to leave. He turned to Iruka and shook his head.

"I wonder why I even bother with him." Iruka looked at the Hokage questioningly.

"He's always late. I thought you would have gotten used to it." Iruka half asked. Minato shook his head.

"No. I mean Naruto."

Naruto was walking outside with his two teammates. Kakashi left to get some "personal things" to prepare for tomorrow. Naruto was walking along side Sasuke who was in between him and Hinata. Sasuke had noticed that for the past few weeks their was a certain awkwardness surrounding them. They continued walking through the silence though. Even if it was akward as hell. That was until Sasuke decided to speak up.

"You guys wanna get something to eat? I mean we rarely do anything with all three of us." Sasuke looked at Naruto and then Hinata. They both avoided looking over Sasuke's opposite shoulder. He noticed this and stopped. They both kept walking and went past Sasuke. They kept walking while looking at each other. "Hey! Idiots!" Sasuke yelled, snapping them out of their thoughts. They both starred at each other in the eye for about ten seconds until Naruto broke it.

"Uhm yeah sounds good." Naruto said cooly but trying not to stammer. Hinata also looked the other way embarrassed.

"Uhuh." Sasuke said with a small frown. 'These two are annoying.'

They began walking again, this time in extreme silence. Naruto didn't know what to say and Hinata had no comments. Sasuke on the other hand was pissed at the silence that had befallen his team. 'These two are making me pissed off.'

Naruto Uzumaki (notice that the changes are going to be the last name. This is the Hokage Naruto btw. Oh and also envision this as the Bleach shinigami world)

Naruto sat in his bed with his hugging his legs to his chest. He was scarred. The idea that he didn't see his life through to the finish. The fact that his friends would all die and seek Naruto for information. The solid truth that he had cowered away from whatever would have happened had he stayed. Last but not least was the fear of being judged harshly by those he considered friends and allies. Chouji was the first of what would be many people. They would all eventually die no matter what and they would all have one goal. To seek Naruto out and find out the truth.

Naruto was horrified by this. He had built friendships up for so long and made so many connections. He left them though. They were all probably hurt by Naruto's sudden disappearance. He found himself in his room cowering most of the times now. Hinata tried to make things better but she could barely get him to move. Naruto was just to fixed on hating himself and feeling self-pity.

"Naruto, please. You have to go out some time." Hinata sat next to Naruto and rested her head on his shoulder. Naruto only shifted his eyes at her.

"Hinata......I...I just can't. I'm so confused right now. I have no idea of what's going on in my head. I just want to know it'll all be ok." Naruto was shaking. Hinata caressed Naruto's cheek.

"Naruto, you have to accept it. You made your decision as a means to better the future. It failed and now you have to deal with it." Hinata kissed Naruto. He returned it with a small smile.

"I can only hope I suppose." he kissed her again and moved closer to her. He hugged her and pulled her into a long and passionate kiss. However in the back of his mind Naruto could only think of his future problems.

Yep I skipped the Zabuza saga completly. Any complaints will be ignored cause it's my story. Oh and for future refrences, the Zabuza saga went by the same way but with a different team. Deal with it and don't complain. Read and review and look out for more shit to unfold. SoddenEye~