. … . … uploading… . … . …

Transfer complete. Connection Received.

Opening Data Platform "Higher Plane" Now.



Joshua grimaced as he felt the ends of his form materialize on the platform. He was stuck with his original form now, as he can't compose any new music. Where he found himself was the Entry platforms to the Higher Plane, a mute zone. The ends of his hair, which was tied back since it was longer, completed materializing, unhappily unruly and restless. He wasn't a big fan of transferring to different planes, he realized as he picked at his hair. For different data spaces, sure, he'll deal with that, but platform transfers, he'd like to avoid. Especially the Higher Plane. Once his feet finally completed its transfer, he stepped forward, just to step back again as an angel appeared before him.

"Hello…" Joshua greeted distantly.

The angel was rather small and stout in appearance, though the wings magnificently waving behind were clearly the main eye-catcher as it was twice the size of the angel's body. Joshua knew these type of angels in the Higher Plane, the kind who were positioned to allow entry as well as analyze uploading data. This angel, though, was wearing shaded sun glasses, having a gradient of blue to green, and a cheeky grin spread across his face, which quickly disappeared at the sight of Joshua.

"Alright, listen here, bud." Joshua's eye slightly twitched. "I don't want to be here right now just as much as you do. Let's keep this short and sweet, yeah?" The voice… the tone of the angel was MUCH deeper and raspier and totally not angel-like then anyone would expect. Joshua didn't say anything in response but gave a curt nod. He was rather amused and quite thrown off by the fact that such a gentle looking so-called angel contained such a manly and gruff voice. It just didn't fit quite right for his liking. But that didn't matter.

The angel held out a straight hand and slowly swiped it from left to right, a transparent screen materializing along with the movement. And after some inputting of data using rapid typing and manipulation skills, which by the way looked like a complete blur to Joshua, the angel made his own identification on the screen pad. Joshua, at the moment, felt like he had been missing out on all these upgrades in the Higher Planes, not that it bothered him since he didn't want to be there in the first place. But it still was a thought.

"Name?" The angel asked quickly.

"Yoshiya Kiryu."


"Composer." Here, Joshua received a pause from the angel, who stole a short, questioning glance at the composer, until he snorted and started inputting away again.




"Platform 71016*."

"A. C.*?"

"Shibuya, Japan."





"Aw, that sucks."


"Producer name?"

"Sanae Hanekoma."

"He's a good guy."

"Is he?"

"Yeah, go out for coffee with him any day. But then again, he just doesn't shut up about his beans. I mean, sheesh, he could be going loco soon. Gyahaha!"

"Is this really relevant?"

The boisterous laughter ceased.

"Conductor Name?"

"Megumi Kitaniji."

"So he was erased…" And off he went again. "Heard he liked the latest fashion."

"He never got old."

"Favorite fashion?"

"In Japan?"


"Probably Pegaso."

"Oh, aristocrat, eh? You look fit for one."

And the Angel winked at the Composer. Admittedly, that was uncomfortable.

"…Why… thank you."

… then after a moment of awkward silence…

"Well, it was nice talking to ya." The angel said with a smile.

Joshua stood there for a moment, then asked, "So I can go in?"

"Nope." The angel grabbed the inputting pad and handed it to Joshua. "Read it and weep, Composer of Shibuya. Looks like you have quite a record yourself for things you've done. And by wild rhythm, who woulda thought that someone would actually go against the Director? Props to you, Composer, but that's some kind of suicide you was thinking, whatever it was. Can't let you proceed without a provided entry code from the big boys." Then he leaned a bit forward, using a little push from his wings. "So, what the hell did you do anyway to get this kind of list, eh?"

Joshua ignored him, scanning over the long list of 'crimes' (he considered a third to be fair game and appropriate… and the rest was… well… "misinterpreted decisions") A rather smug smile to appeared on his face when he looked back at the angel. "Sure, I've got a long record, but the pass key for me is right here." He returned the pad back to the angel and pointed down on the screen.

"Like they would actually," the angel began looking at the screen, "…let you in. With this kind of record, you're equal to that of a Fallen Angel." Then lo and behold, the pass key. "Oh, dang… You're right. Sorry for flaking you off like that."

"I would think anyone would do the same, truthfully."

"So what are you here for? To get your Producer back?"

"Along with some extra luggage, yes, that is the plan." Easier said then done, Joshua thought for sure he should add.

As the angel was inputting the passkey with a pacing blur, "Heard you had some crazy three-week game period going on."

"So you know about it too?"

"Not all the details, but obviously some pretty hectic stuff. Has been the highlighted buzz among the angels for how long now."

"News tends to spread fast around here."

Then with a quick click on the enter button, "You're free to go."

Joshua gave him another subtle nod and bid him a silent, unnecessary farewell. That surprisingly was longer and easier than he thought it would be. He was instantly transported to another mini-platform, appearing in a different sector, called Notes, in the Higher Plane, and from the pitch of his vibes alone, he could tell he was in the lowest sector - Bass Clef, C note.

In the Higher Plane, angels are divided into Notes in a Clef depending on their rank. The lower and safer ranks lie in the Bass Clef notes, as it contains the less high pitched vibes and an easier rhythm to stand by. For higher ranks, which belong to the Treble Clef, the pitches and rhythms are challenging and intense, but it allows for more energy and music. Composers, as they are not Angels but are allowed in the Higher Plane using their own power, would most likely land a place in the Bass Clef. Angels and Composers are allowed to descend Notes, but cannot ascend until they have achieved the pitch and keep the rhythm.

Now, it's not like Joshua is of low ranking and has horrible, sloppy music, enough to land in the Bass C note. It's the exact opposite of that, as his ranking is quite commendable and his music easy and serene, and very well composed. It did quite irk Joshua that he had first found himself here in C note first, but it was better than immediately hitting off with the Trebles. It at least gave him some time think for his approach.

He knew for sure he wasn't going to do something flashy; attracting attention would be too much of a fuss. Joshua's plan? He just wanted to get in, jack the Director of Neku, figure out why his Producer was Angel-napped, and leave - gracefully.(Just leaving didn't seem right, thus an essence of grace sounds appropriate, however he may show that "grace", be it full of sparks or not.) He just had no time to just dilly dally here with angels, and the main reason, he didn't even want to be here. And Joshua certainly did not want to meet with him.

Now all he really needed to think about, as he brought a hand to his chin… was his approach. He couldn't go barge in there, as it would be the easiest way to catch his attention, but he couldn't just wait around either, hoping an opportunity would run his way. And also, he had to consider about where Neku could possibly be held and what they were doing to him. Being a Glitch meant all sorts of things, Joshua knew. Human to the bone, but with incredible music that was in every sense chaotic. Letting them have Neku, as well as his Producer, was easily dubbed suspicious and surely dangerous. As quick as possible, he needed to get Neku back before he realizes anything.

"Hey, you there!"

Joshua froze mid-step. The vibes that he sensed were of angels, and admittedly, with strong pitches.

"Isn't that…?"


"Yoshiya Kiryu, the one with the long freakin' list. The dude should be dead."

An in a blink of an eye, Joshua found an angel (and of course, large and quite muscle toned) hovering before him. "The hell are you doing here? Gonna start another pain in the neck for us too?"

And oddly, Joshua began laughing, amused at the current situation. It was like the little nerd, being bullied by the big boys. Surely, Joshua wasn't a nerd, oh goodness no, but he was in the exact same position, excusing that they were all heavenly beings with disastrous powers capable of destroying and recreating mass and space itself. That, and he clearly wanted to show that he was the least bit intimidated (probably just to piss them off). And right when sparks were going to fly and the music was going to clash, time stood still, the music stopped, just for a moment - enough to throw off their beat and diffuse their music.

"What going on here?" A tremendous voice boomed, swiftly sending a slight grimace to Joshua's face.

"I-Instructor…!" One of the angels squeaked.

Joshua stood straight again, dusting off his apparel lightly for any flakes. He turned around to find the angels make a bee line to another Note, leaving him with the arch-angel, the Treble C Instructor.

There are eight Instructors and eight Constructors, both being high ranks for arch-angels. Both are chosen by the grand Arch-Angels and blessed by the Grand Composer, asked to be responsible over their given important roles. Instructors contain the knowledge of everything, the know how's and the to do's to become a certain rank, status, and position, as well as all the powers and pitches and music needed to do varieties of tasks. The Constructors are much like Composers, when it comes to make or break, but they get to convert the music of the soul (Humans, Noise, Reapers, Composers, Angels, you name it) to be reincarnated, upgraded, or transformed to another position, looking at their record and music; it's similar to the thought of playing with one's DNA code, though musically. The main difference from them and the grand archangels is that they meet with every being from Noise to Archangels. The grand archangels… do not.

The Instructor looked at him with heavy eyes… then gradually began to chuckle, which quickly became a hearty laugh. His hand flew to his stomach and he bent forward a bit, the laugh reverberating through the silent Note.

And Joshua also watched silently.

This wasn't just any Instructor to Joshua.

This Instructor was his mentor for becoming a Composer.

Joshua rose his brows, a clear frown completing on his face. "Of course, of all Instructors, it just had to be you."

"Ahaha. Didn't you miss me, Kiryu?"


Transmission Discontinued…

… …. … … …

Resuming Previous Session…

Loading Session now…



* 71016 - How I got the number? It's from the keyboard. And no, it's not random number smashing (yes, there is some sort of connection). I'm wondering though if it's like the same as texting…. Probably not. Haha.

*A.C. - Assigned City. A.C. sounded cooler. Though, it now reminds me of Air Conditioning…

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