The winner of Little Miss Sunshine


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Finally everyone had calmed down.

That terrible family had left and it was time to appoint a winner.

The girls were on the stage again. Beautiful as little dolls. Over styled, over make upped… smiling…

But everything wasn't like before… there was something with their smiles…

The judge walked out on the stage.

"I apologize for the last performance. And now I will introduce the winner of our scholarship." She opened an envelope and read the name. "Miss Nancy Hastings!"

A sweet little girl with blonde curly hair walked over to her to get her prize. Still with this new smile on her lips. She didn't say a word.

"And now, the winner of Little Miss Sunshine! Miss Liberty Martins!"

Another girl with an unbelievable beautiful black hair that was arranged with a little white rose walked up to the judges with that shining smile.

They sat a beautiful tiara on her head, it sparkled with silver and diamonds. Liberty still smiled the same smile.

"Liberty, do you have anything you want to say?"

Liberty smiled to the judges and replied.

"Yes! But first, I and the others want to give one last performance together!"

Liberty still smiled, but not with her teeth.

"Of course! The stage is yours girls!"

The judges left the stage to let the girls do their performance.

An unbelievable sweet black girl named Josephine ran over to the Audio engineer to tell him which song they wanted and then she came back.

The song began to play.

It was Olive Hoover's song "Super Freak"

The audience and the judges got, if it was possible, even more chocked than the first time. And even worse was to come. Suddenly Liberty stopped dancing and walked over to the microphone provocatively.

"Hey mum, did I mention that I'll quit!" The audience panted. And Liberty tore the tiara and the rose out of her hair. The rose ended up on the floor and the girl stepped on it, and then she broke the tiara over her knee. "I don't want to be a beauty princess anymore. I want to be a lion tamer!"

Now Nancy stepped forward too.

"And I want to be a lumberjack! Don't try to stop me!"

Then she tore her scholarship into pieces. And then Josephine came too.

"And I want to become a fire fighter! Deal with it!"

Then the rest of the girls came one by one, and all of them had destroyed their advanced hairstyles.

"I want to drive a taxi!"

"Why drive a taxi when you can drive a bus?"

"I want to be a police officer!"



"I want to go to the moon!"

Now the judges were completely disconsolate. The girls began to dance again after finishing their "speeches". In their despair the judges now turned to Miss California.

"Stop them!"


"What do you mean?"

Miss California glared them right into their eyes.

"They're right!"


"They are right! Besides, I quit too, I have always wanted to be a plumber and now I'll go for it!" And with those words she put her legs on the table, opened a can of beer, drank and gave a provocative burp smiling to herself.


The End