"Hey Al…you still awake..?" Edward's distance voice traveled slowly across the small bedroom.

"Mm.." Alphonse muttered.

"Where do you think he is…?" Ed's voice got even softer as a sore subject slowly rose between them.

"Father?" Al had now faced towards his brother a bit more.

"Yeah.." Edward's face was still staring at the ceiling, engaged by the moonlight that spread across it.

"Somewhere..doing something good I hope.."

"Tsh.." Al could hear the sarcasm start to build from Ed. "didn't do any good here, what good can he do out there.."

"Brother.." Al knew his complaints couldn't stop Edward when he went off on his tangents of how much he loathed their dad.

"How could he do that? You've heard her haven't you?"


"Yeah..she cries herself to sleep every night now…because of that bastard…"

"And yet…" Al's attention then turned to the ceiling as well. "she still gives off this warming glow as if nothing is wrong..as if everything is peaceful.."

"I came across something today, Al.."



"Homon..cu..li..?" Al took a few moments in between words going through his handy-dandy "alchemy dictionary".

"Homonculi are..practically artificial humans, created to bring about philosopher's stones, but they already have them located somewhere on their body.."


"and the only way to kill them is to stop them from regenerating, that power comes from the philosopher's stone."

"So..killing them repeatedly..?"


"Brother…they sound scary…"

"Well that's just the thing Al..It's impossible to make such a thing..I thought it was pretty weird myself.."

"Let's hope we never run into those things..Or else..we're screwed.."

"Damn straight!"

They both broke out in a quiet laughter; it slowly faded as Alphonse became serious again.


"Yeah, Al?"

" I promise..I'll always stay by you..I'm never going to let what happened to mom..happen to you, alright..?"

Ed laughed lightly, "Al..don't be.."

"Ed!" Alphonse said, now slightly embarrassed and irritated.

"Alright..alright..Don't get so mushy all of a sudden, I hate when you do that.."

"You love it.." Al said chuckle.

"Shut up, Al!!!"

Suddenly Winry jolted up in her bed, blond hair askew, and rubbed vigorously at her eyes, "Edward..?"