AN: Many thanks go out to d'angeli for her awesome help with this story. It started as a silly idea over a lunch break and turned into a fun piece to actually write. You won't find any deep character study here, folks. Just a fun holiday piece.

Hope you all enjoy.

"Rebecca, it's not that simple," Booth said into the phone, leaning his head back to rest against the door frame he was currently propped against.

"Seeley, he's your son. This is the first time I've ever asked you to take him over Christmas."

"That's because it's always been a family holiday," Booth replied. "We've always spent it together."

"Well, this year, Brent wants to get away – just the two of us. Come on, Seeley. Please?"

Booth sighed. "Fine. Fine. You know I love having him. I just wish I had a little more notice so I could have asked for a few days off, that's all."

"Brent just told me today."

The hair on Booth's neck stood in anger. "He does know that having a kid in the family means he can't just change things on the drop of a hat, right? This isn't the first step to you guys wanting to ship Parker off to some military academy, is it?"

"No," Rebecca sighed. "We both love him, you know that. We just need a little private time to … Seeley he and I have- we've got to sort out where our relationship is going. And it's a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. There will be snow, and caroling, and sleigh rides and it'll be romantic. I'm a woman. I need a little romance every now and then. Give me this one time, please?"

Booth closed his eyes and bit back the wave of frustration. "Enjoy North Carolina. Send me a postcard."


"Dr. Bones! Dr. Bones!" the blonde headed boy streaked into her office and headed straight for her, barely giving Temperance Brennan enough time to set her mug of coffee back on her desk before she was wrapped in a tight hug.

He buried his head into her stomach and squeezed tightly.

"Hi Parker," she replied with a grin, wrapping her arm around him and gently squeezing him in return.

"Put on your coat, Dr. Bones," he said in a rush of words, tilting his head back to look at her with the type of affection only children can offer.

"My coat?"

"We're going to get a Christmas tree!" he replied, loosening his grip and reaching for the coat that was draped over the back of the office arm-chair.

Brennan reached for the coat Parker held out, but her movement was stilled when she heard Booth's voice bellow down the hall, clearly less than pleased at his son.


The young boy looked up, his eyes wide. Like all children, he knew the 'you're in trouble' voice.

Brennan took the coat from the boy's grip and smiled reassuringly at him as she slid her arms into the sleeves.

"Parker, I told you not to go barging into Dr. Brennan's office," he chastised, coming around the door and glaring at his son. "Sorry, Bones."

"It's quite alright, Booth," she said, reaching into her coat pockets and tugging out her winter hat and gloves.

"Alright, Parker. I'm ready," she said, grabbing her purse and shouldering it quickly.

"Ready for what?" Booth queried, watching as his son grabbed the woman's hand tightly and started tugging her towards the door.

"Apparently we're going to get a Christmas tree," she explained, laughing lightly as the young boy tugged her out of her office, right past his father.

Brennan reached out, snagging Booth by the elbow and pulling him along.