Chapter One

Bella POV:

(song for chapter) Crush By David Archuleta

"Bella your turn." Jacob told me with a grin. "Alright, umm, Angela, Truth or dare?" "Truth." She said confidently. "Is it true you have a crush on Ben Cheney?" Every one began to make flirty sounds. "Yes." She said shyly and we all began to cheer and hoot. Today was the last day of summer vacation and tomorrow will be our first day as seniors in forks High school.

This summer has been the best and it sucked that it had to end so soon. Since it was the last day of vacation I decided on having a farewell summer get together with my closest friends.

It was Jacob Black which I knew since I was three. He was like my brother, Rosalie hale who was my Best friend. I met her sophomore year in high school when her and her brother Jasper moved over here from Texas. Jessica Stanley who just recently became my friend. We use to not get along but one day we just made a truce and decided to become friends. And Angela Weber. She was the sweetest girl you could ever meet. She was really quiet and shy. She's a great girl But sometimes I feel like Angela was jealous of me, I don't blame her. Not to sound all cocky or anything but I'm the most popular girl in school. I have a perfect life, Every girl hated me because they wanted to be me but if I at least asked for a pen they would swear we were best friends, Every guy wanted to date me, and my dad was the richest guy in Forks Washington. He was a big important lawyer. My mother didn't live with me, she decided to move to Florida after her and my dad divorced. I was also the prettiest girl in school and in guy terms also 'the hottest.' I had every thing a girl could ask for. Life couldn't be any better. "Rose your turn." I said turning to look at Rosalie. "Alright, Jake, truth or dare." "…..Dare Baby" He said playfully and I ruffled his hair. I was sitting on Jacobs lap, in a friendly way no where near flirty.

Rosalie has always asked me why Jacob and I have never dated. She would always bring it up. And to tell you the truth, I never really knew why. I mean Jacob was the hottest boy in school and Every girl wanted to date him, he's funny sweet and an all time gentleman. But I never really given much thought if he liked me more then just a friend.

"Alright, I dare you to kiss Bella." Rosalie told him with a smirk. I turned to look at Rosalie and glared at her. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. Everyone started to laugh and I began to blush. I turned to look at Jacob and he was staring at me. "Well Jacob I'm waiting…" Rosalie said and everyone else began to chant 'kiss, kiss, kiss' we both took a deep breath then he came close to me until his lips were on mine. I would think that the kiss would gross me out but it was kind of….nice. And it defiantly lasted longer then a dare kiss should last.

When we finished kissing I looked up to everyone and they were just staring at us in silence. I think that kiss was a little longer then what I actually realized. I looked at Angela and she mouth "wow" to herself. Now things were just awkward in the room.

"Ok guy well its pretty late I think we should all go home, we have school tomorrow." Jessica announced. I have never loved that girl more then at that moment. Every one got up except for Jacob because I was still sitting on his lap. I decided to get up and walk them to the door. I felt Jacob behind me. I gave Jessica, Angela and Rosalie a hug. "That was some kiss." Rosalie whispered in my ear and made sure no one heard her. I blushed terribly. They all left except for Jacob. I closed the door then turned around to face him.

"I think we should talk." He said in a serious tone. "About?" I asked, acting as if I didn't know what he wanted to talk about. "Bella, you know about what…." He said sitting down on the couch. "Jacob….it was a dare, nothing more." I lied because I knew I felt something when I kissed him. "Did you not feel what I felt?" He asked me. "Jacob please stop, your like my brother and I don't wanna end that because of one kiss." I said in a soft voice. "Bella, you know dam well it was more then just a kiss." He responded shaking his head. I took a deep breath and sat next to him. We didn't speak for about three minuets. "Ok, I admit… I liked that kiss more then I should." I confessed still with my eyes closed. "But we cant let it ruin our friendship." I whispered. "Bella I hope you know that I have always liked you more then just a friend" That made my eyes snap open. "What?" I whispered. "Bella, you never noticed?" He asked in shock. "Jake-" He cut me off. "I just never told you because I knew you didn't feel the same…"Jacob" I whispered He leaned in and kissed me again. We kissed for a while until he leaned his forehead on mine and whispered in my ear. "Bella, give me a chance." "Jacob, I don't know" I said shaking my head. "I know you feel the same. That kiss said everything for you." "I think our friendship is too important to then lose if this doesn't work out." "Our friendship could become something even more amazing, if we give this a try." He said touching my cheek with his thumb.

I thought about it for a second. We didn't speak for about three minuets, until I broke the silence. "Give me time….please" I told him in a soft voice. His face was disappointed. It hurt me to see him that way. "I'll wait as long as long as you need." He whispered and gave made ma a kiss on the forehead. "See you in school tomorrow." and wit that he walked out the door.

I walked up stairs to my bedroom and decided on taking a bubble bath in my bathroom which was connected to my bedroom. After the bubbles and water was ready I took my clothes off and went into the water. It was nice and hot just how I like it. After my bath I went back into my room and threw on my favorite sweat pants and a tank top on. I threw myself under the covers and thought about what Jacob told me. There was no doubt that I had feeling for him but I just think it wouldn't work out, and if it wouldn't it would just kill me to lose my best friend. Within seconds I feel asleep.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Ugh my stupid alarm clock woke me up at 7:00am. I didn't feel like waking up but I had no choice. Today was the first day of school and like they say 'Dress to impress'….yea like I didn't always. I got up from my bed and walk into my walk in closet.

I took me around thirty minutes to pick out what I wanted to wear, and I thought it was perfect for the first day of school. I decided on my favorite William Rast jeans, a black tank top with my hot pink DKNY cardigan, my Betsey Johnson studded ankle boots, and my juicy couture tote bag. I threw on a necklace, ring, and earring.(picture of the outfit on my main page) I waved my hair, dabbed some eyeliner on a lip-gloss, very simple I really didn't need the makeup. Grabbed my ray ban aviators and was on my way down stairs.

There I saw our chef cooking my favorite. Blueberry pancakes with eggs, and bacon. "Yum smells great bill." I complemented him and he gave me a smile. I sat down when he placed a plate of food on the table for me. While I began to eat a saw my dad walking down the stairs in a rush. "Good morning honey." He said to me giving me a kiss on the forehead." "Morning dad, late?" I told him with a smile. "Yea that stupid alarm clock is busted." He said while he opened the fridge and got a cup of orange juice. "I have to go, so ill see you this after noon, good luck in your first day of school." He gave me another kiss on my forehead and started to walk tords the door. "Bye dad, love you" I shouted. "Love you too." He shouted back then left.

Once I was done eating I got up. "Bye bill." "Good bye miss, have fun in school." He told me flipping some eggs. "ill try." I told him as I walked out the door. I went to the garage and got into my brand new red 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Convertible. (picture of the car on my main page) The drive to my school was about ten minuets so I got there pretty quick.

Once there I parked in my usual parking space, no one dared to take it cause they know that's where Isabella Marie Swan parked. I started to strut tords the main door still with my aviators on. I saw some guys staring at me I rolled my eyes and thought to myself 'Some things just never change.' Inside, the hallway was swarmed with teenagers, who cleared the path for me. They all stopped what they were doing to watch me. I smirked as I strutted down the hall. 'its good to be back' I thought to myself. Girls scowled but couldn't hide the look in their eyes that so clearly said 'I-wish-I-were-her.' Boys whistled and howled for my attention but most knew they wouldn't even have a chance. I strutted all the way to my assigned locker to find Jacob there waiting for me. I gave him a smile. "Good morning." I told him. "Good morning gorgeous." He said "So what I cant get a hug now?" He said playfully. I smiled at him and gave him a hug. We spoke for a while until the bell rang meaning we were going to be late for homeroom.

I took my time walking to class because I just didn't feel like rushing. I finally got to the class and the teacher glared at me.

"Good for you to join us miss Swan." Mr. Green snarled. I took my aviators off and took a seat in the front row. "I'm sorry but I was having some problems opening my locker." I lied innocently. "ill help you open your locker any day." A boy said loud enough so that the whole class heard and gave his friend a high five. I rolled my eyes at them. "Alright, alright, Enough" Mr. Green said.

The teacher began taking attendance. "Rosalie Hale" "here" she said and I turned around to wave at her. Good thing she was in my Home room. "Mike Newton" "Here." Great I have mike in here. Now I'm going to have to hear him asking me out every single day for the rest of the year. "Lauren Malory" "here" Great She's in here. We have hated each other since freshman year. She never liked the fact that I was better then her in everything, so you could only imagine how she felt when we both tried out to become captain of the cheerleading squad and me winning by a landslide.

"Edward Cullen." There was silence in the classroom. "Alright not here." The teacher said writing an X next to his name. Edward Cullen? Who the hell was that? I knew everyone in this school and I have never heard of a Edward Cullen. Oh well, I guess ill find out who he is sooner or later. The bell finally rang and I waited for Rosalie. "Hey Rose." I said giving her a hug. "Hey Bella, what's up" "Jacob told me he likes me" I blurted out and her mouth dropped to the floor. "What? What did you tell him?" She asked in shock "Nothing." I said in a low voice. "Why Bella?" "Because Rose, I don't know what I feel for him. He told that he know I feel the same because of the way I kissed him back." I said in a soft voice. "Bella" She whined. "Jake is a great kid you should give him a chance." "I told him I was going to think about it." I told her. "Well think of it good and make the right choice Bella." She told me after giving me a hug and walking to her next class

I began to walk to my next class when I felt someone next to me. I rolled my eyes when I saw who it was. "Hi Bella." Mike said in with a smile. "Hello Mike." I said dryly, "…So how was your summer? He asked me. "Well, I went to Italy to visit my grandparents then spent two weeks in my fathers yacht in Miami." I responded. "Oh that's great I basically just worked. I Couldn't really afford a trip to Italy." He joked and I rolled my eyes once again. "I was just wondering…..if you'll like to do something with me after school….?" He asked hopeful.

"Sorry Mike but I have something to do with my father tonight." I lied. "Oh, ok well then um some other time then maybe?" He asked me. "Um yea sure." I told him as I kept walking.

I finally got to my biology class and took a seat in the front row again. The teacher began taking attendance. I knew everyone in my class except for again… Edward Cullen. After the teacher said his name I heard three girls behind me talking about him. "His family just moved here from Chicago. He has a brother and a sister." Jesus this girl sounded like a stalker. "How do you know all this?" Her friend asked her. "Because there dad is a doctor and my father is going to work with him in the hospital. "And have you seen him before?" Another girl jumped in. "Yes, and let me tell you. He. Is. Gorgeous. We need more guys like him around here." They all giggled and I turned around to face the stalker. She stared at me.

"Hi umm?" I waited for her to tell me her name. "Umm Bev, Beverly. My name is Beverly." She stuttered. "Hi Beverly do you have a pen I could borrow?" I asked her with a smile." She still stared at me in shock. Probably because I never spoke to her before. "Sure here you go." She gave me the pen she was using. What was she going to use now? I tired to hold me giggles, thinking how people did anything for me just to get on my good side. "Thanks ill give It you as soon as I'm done." "Don't worry about it Bella you can have it." "Aw your so sweet…" I told her. The bell rang and I got up and left. I heard her friend say 'Oh my god' and that made me smirk.

When I walked out the classroom I saw Jacob waiting for me. "Hey Jake." I smiled at him, he smiled back. "Did you hear about Taylor's party? He asked me and I shook my head. "Oh well its this Friday, are you going?" "Well yea I guess, sound fun." "And have you heard about the Back to school dance?" I asked him. "Nope, you have just informed me." I giggled "Well are you going, its next Thursday?" He made a grossed out face. "What?" I asked confused. "I'm not really the dance type. He confessed. "Unless…" He said and I stared at him. "Unless what?" I asked him. "Unless you go with me." He grinned. "Jacob…" I frowned. "I don't think that's a good idea…" I said when I realized that we were standing in the corner of the school and I was backed up on the wall. His face just inches away. "Bella, you said you were going to think about it." He whispered. And I looked down. I took a deep breath. "I don't think it would work out Jake." My voice cracked. And he just stared at me in silence. "I cant just be your friend anymore Bella." He said in a soft voice. "Jake, I told you this was going to happened." I told him and he crashed his lips on mine. He kissed me until he realized that I wasn't responding. He looked deep into my eyes and walked away. I felt tears running down my cheeks.