By Elishak

Castle and Beckett are in the police car waiting that a suspect exit a building. In the meanwhile, Castle tries to clear some doubts about some things that happened a time ago. Some things that they never talked.

Hey Beckett! Can I ask you something?

About what?

Well, did you remember that day in the hospital when I told you about your mother´s case?

I can´t forget it. What happen with that?

This guy, Sorenson…


I never knew what happened with him. He left the hospital and…

He returned to Boston

And what happened between you two? I mean, he had asked you about came back together, like a couple, but if he returned to Boston so…

Please, Castle! What do you want to know exactly?

Did you say "no" to him? About came back…

Yes, I said no, so he returned to Boston.

Why? Why did you said no?

What are you, Castle, an undercover FBI?

Please, answer me, Beckett!

I said no because our relationship never worked well. I don´t love him, I think that I never did.

Did you tell him about what I did?



Because that wasn´t his business. He never wanted talk about my mother, you know, he evaded this topic every time I said something about it. Will was good but I felt alone with him.

I am sorry!


Because you are the best woman I ever met and you deserve a good man in your life. I mean it.

Thanks, Castle!

Can I ask you other question?

Shoot it!

Why you avoid the thing every time that someone says something about us as a couple, when they made a mistake?

I don´t avoid anything. I only say the truth about that.

Why bother you so much the idea of us together?

I… I don´t know!

Do you think that I am not the right man for you, don´t you?


I know that I am not the best person in the world. I am the most handsome but… well, I am a bit irritable but I swear that I am a nice man.

Castle I know that you are a good man.


So what?

Why you reject me?

When I rejected you?

The entire time. I try to stay close to you but you… Did you remember when I said "not yet"?

Yeah! That day I thought about it all day.




Because it surprised me! Why did you say that?

Because... I believe it. I want to be with you, Beckett. And maybe someday if you don´t reject me I will try it.

Well, I think that you should try to see what happen.

They smile and when Castle is going to try kissing her, the suspect leave the building and Kate opens the car door for go until him. Then Castle goes behind her.

The end!