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One Step Closer

All Evan could think of when he made it into the arena the next week was Jack. He'd been thinking of the other man all week, trying to figure out everything. Jack had been so sweet while they'd been at the club, but at the same time he'd been so dominant and passionate at the same time. But at the same time, Jack has backed off when told to. He sighed, his head aching already. He opened the door to the locker room he was to be in that night but once he was inside his heart stopped, his dark eyes going wide.

There in the middle of the locker room was the man he'd been thinking about, with nothing on, toweling off his bright blond hair, his back to the door.

Evan's eyes moved over the broad shoulders and down the long back to Jack's firm ass before gasping, dropping his bag, and turning to face the door he'd just come in.

Jack turned, covering the front half of his lower half with the towel, his blue eyes wide when they landed on Evan. "I didn't know you were here yet," he explained, walking over to the privet shower for that room. "I… I'll just change in the shower room." He ran back out for his gear before heading back into the shower area and calling that he was in there.

Evan's heart was racing. He couldn't believe that he'd just seen a very naked, very appealing, very sexy Jack and he didn't know if he would ever be able to get the blush on his cheeks to fade. He looked down at his bag before looking over his shoulder for a quick peek to see if Jack was in fact gone. His muscles loosened when he saw the room deserted and he picked up his bag to set on the bench across from Jack's. He pulled out his tights and boots and laid them on the bench, wondering if he should change quickly, or wait until Jack was done with the shower and change in there.

"I'm coming out!" Jack called, waiting a few moments before poking his head out from around the stone shower wall. He stepped out, fully dressed in his ring gear. He tried not to smirk at the blush on Evan's cheeks. "I'm gonna go to the catering area for a bit, so you can… ya know… change and everything…" Jack looked down at his boots, suddenly feeling like he'd been the one to walk in on Evan changing.

Evan only nodded, looking up for only a moment to find that he wasn't the only one that was embarrassed about the situation. He started towards the shower but Jack gently caught his arm. "Jack?" he asked softly, his mouth suddenly dry and his heart fluttering with the soft touch.

Jack leaned in, his lips close to Evan's ear. His own heart was thumping so hard against his breastbone that it hurt. The scent of Evan only made it harder to push away the thoughts of what he wanted to do to Evan, and that was something that would only set him back. He couldn't afford that. His lips brushed the folds of Evan's ear and delicately he whispered, "You look good with a blush."

Evan flushed even deeper, watching as Jack left him alone in the locker room. He sighed, hurrying to change, putting on one of his T-shirts so he didn't feel as bare. He sat on the edge of his bench and sighed, what was he going to do? Jack was almost that perfect man, minus how forward he was or the fact that he had a more of an 'up-in-your-face' way of saying he was interested. "Fuck me…"

"Are you offering?"

Evan's head shot up his eyes focused on the door. He sighed and relaxed when he saw it was just Mike. "You fucking scared me!" he snapped, standing up.

Mike held up his hands in defense. "I just walked in, you were the one mumbling 'fuck me' under your breath," he defended, taking a step closer to Evan. "You okay?"

Evan nodded, looking down at his boots. "Hey, did you change with someone or something? I mean, we aren't locker mates this week." He was suddenly curious of why he was buddied up with Jack.

Mike shrugged. "I don't really know, I know that I ended up with John this week, Randy was beyond pissed, and Ted ended up paired up with Primo, Cody was stuck with Carlito, so you know Ted and Cody were pissed off, not to mention Carlito and Primo were, since they have their own little incestuous relationship going on. This week's crazy, I'm guessing all of us got moved so we'd stop having sex in the showers after the shows."

Evan shook his head, trying not to think about any of what Mike had said. "I see…" he mumbled, walking past the other man. "So do you know who you're facing tonight?" he asked, walking up to the curtains to find out where they were on the list and who their opponents of that night were.

Mike sighed, "It's us again later," he grumbled, walking back towards catering. "When are they ever going to give you some kind of push?"

Evan shrugged. "I was hoping for something by now. I'm still hoping for some kind of match at Wrestle Mania, but that's a while away," he said, chuckling. "Oh well, at least one of us is getting famous."

Mike grinned. "I'm telling you Evan, just be with me and I'll take you to the highest of highs," he said puffing out his chest with pride.

Evan started laughing. "Sorry Mike, I don't care for men of your… stature," he giggled, earning a good shove from the other man.

"At least I'm taller than you are!" Mike retorted, sniffling with feigned hurt.

"So is everyone here, but you're on the short end of the stick most of the time," Evan pointed out, moving away before he could endure another hit from the other man. "Well we got a little bit of time so I'm gonna go chill in the locker room and warm up a bit."

Mike nodded, waving when Evan turned to take another hallway to their left.

"I'll see you out there Mizzy," he said, waving and walking away. He wondered if Jack would be in the locker room again. He stopped, thinking that maybe he should just hang out somewhere else for a little while. He sighed, he did like the down time he got in a locker room but at the same time he really didn't want to be around Jack, not until he knew why his body did so many strange things while the other man was around. He pushed open the door, finding the other man sitting across the room with a set of ear buds in, a large hand around an Ipod, the dark blue eyes shut with his head reclined back.

Evan smiled softly, his eyes on the other man. He looked almost angelic, Jack's face completely relaxed, his arms laying in his lap. He walked over, resting on his knees before reaching up and taking one from Jack's ear and leaning in close so he could put it close to his own ear.

Jack's eyes shot open, his hand reaching out and grabbing Evan's wrist. He looked down at the other man, the innocent smile on those lips making him lose all protest of sharing his music. His fingers loosened and the small wrist slipped from his hand. He watched the black ear bud slip into Evan's ear and a smile etched itself onto Evan's lips. "You like Hinder?" he asked, his fingers moving up to secure his ear bud in his ear.

Evan nodded. "Not as much as Three Days Grace and Nine Inch Nails, but they are good," he answered, his hand moving on it's own accord. It reached up, and touched the slightly dark hands of the bigger man, little zings of excitement running up his arm and straight into his chest.

Jack's fingers moved over Evan's their fingers locking together as his heart started to thump hard in his chest. He leaned in, allowing Evan to have a little slack for the buds but he couldn't stop himself and before he knew it, his lips were pressed against Evan's, his eyes closed and waiting for some kind of backlash from his erratic decision.

Evan tensed up, his dark eyes open wide. They shut after a moment and he leaned into the kiss, letting Jack cradle one cheek, his hand resting against the back of Jack's. He didn't want to push the other man away, like the week before he liked it. He wanted more from Jack, but all the warnings were all screaming at him to stop. He groaned, the stray hand of Jack down the side of his neck so gently, it made him shiver with need. "Jack please," he gasped, pulling away from the other man, his breath gone and eyes half lidded.

Jack leaned back, giving Evan room. "I'm sorry, that was forward," he whispered, his lips tingling from the short kiss he had shared with the other man. His blue eyes ran over the small body, Evan's hand on his knees, his lips parted in a slight pant. Jack pulled his hands back, pulling the ear bud from his ear and taking the one in Evan's before turning off the Ipod and tossing it into his bag.

Evan shook his head. "Not too forward," he answered, his fingers moving up to stroke Jack's smooth cheek. He leaned in, his lips pushing against Jack's once more. He knew it was probably a stupid idea, but he really didn't want to stop kissing the other man.

"Well this is different."

Evan yanked away, turning and looking at the door, his eyes focusing on Batista standing there, his arms crossed over his chest. Evan shook with embarrassment, standing and hurrying past Batista and out into the hallway.

Jack looked up at the other man and glared. "What the hell are you doing?" he growled, standing up and getting in Batista's face. "This isn't part of the deal."

Batista just smirked. "You didn't say anything about me trying to get at his ass at the same time," he murmured, getting closer to Jack, so no one else could hear them. "I just said you had a month to try and fuck him and to prove it. That didn't include any kind of competition for his tight little ass.

Jack seethed, narrowing his eyes, ready to strike out at the other man. Before he could he felt a deep pain in his abdomen and all the air he'd had in his lungs was suddenly gone. He fell to his knees, grasping his midsection and gasping for air.

"It would be easier if you just gave him to me Jack, I wouldn't have to do this," Batista whispered, kicking Jack in the side of the head before stomping all down his body. Once he felt he was done, Batista backed off, and looked over his handy work.

Jack lay there gasping for air, his nose bleeding and left eye black. Dark bruises littered Jack's body, making him look more like a Dalmatian than a human. His dark, pain filled eyes, looked up into the dark brown ones. "I'm not… giving… him… up to… you," he gasped, his vision going blurry and just a moment after he was encased in darkness, the last thing in his line of vision being Batista's boot.

Evan sighed, rubbing his lower back. Him and Mike were going to have to have a conversation about using a little less force when he threw him into a turnbuckle. He waited behind the curtain for Mike, both of them walking back to catering.

Mike smiled, his eyes landing on one man. "Evan!" he squeaked, tugging on Evan's arm like a little kid would. "Jeff's here!"

Evan looked up from his feet, smiling when those soft green eyes met his. "Jeff!" he called, running up and hugging the man to him. "I've missed you!"

Jeff smiled, hugging Evan back. "I missed you too Ev! How's everything been going?" he asked, letting go of Evan and taking a step back.

"Good. Not to sound like I don't want to see you, but why are you here?" Evan asked, suddenly hoping that Jeff didn't want to go back to his locker room to talk privately.

"It doesn't matter Evan!" Mike snapped, walking up to Jeff and smiling. "He's back for a while and that's all that really matters. Enjoy him while he's here."

Jeff couldn't help but smile. If he missed something, it was Mike's suave way of talking. "I missed you too Mike." He felt a small blush rise up his neck to his cheeks, remembering the silly school girl crush he'd had on the younger man. "But I was hoping that we could talk alone." He turned back to Evan, looking down into the suddenly fearful brown eyes. "Something wrong?"

Evan shook his head, turning his back to Jeff and suddenly started to mentally freak out. He didn't want Jack and Jeff to see each other, especially since they didn't have a good history and Evan himself was starting to form some kind of crush on the other man.

Jeff followed Evan back to his locker room, crossing his arms over his chest when Evan stalled at the door. "I know that something's going on between you and Jack, Evan," he suddenly said, reaching out and resting his hands on Evan's shoulders and looking into the dark eyes.

Evan sighed, his shoulders sagging. "He's really sweet Jeff," he murmured, looking down at his boots. "He's cute, and he's gentlemanly, and he's not that bad of a kisser."

Jeff sighed, biting his lower lip. He wanted to warn Evan of Jack and how he'd dropped numerous guys right into Batista's abusive lap. He wanted to tell Evan that it was all just an act and that this Jack he was starting to like was nothing like the real Jack that would surface later. "Let's go in and talk it over."

Evan nodded, pushing the door open. He gasped when he looked in, his eyes landing on Jack, a small pool of blood around his head, his body crumpled up and motionless. "Jack!" he cried, running in and pulling the bigger man's head into his lap.

Jeff stood there, shaking. He'd never seen Jack like he was. He'd never seen the bigger man so vulnerable. "I'll get help!" he gasped, turning and running back towards the catering area.

Evan waited, smoothing back the blond hair, streaking blood through it. "Jack," he whispered, looking down at the pale, relaxed face. "Jack wake up, please."

Jack's brows knitted together for a moment before his blue eyes fluttered open. He looked up into Evan's eyes and smiled slightly. "Beautiful," he murmured, a weary hand struggling to touch Evan's cheek. "Just beautiful."

Evan's dark eyes were tearing up and when Jack's hand fell back the tears were realeased. He leaned into Jack, holding his bigger body closer to him. "Jack, wait back up please, Jeff's getting help. Please."

When Jeff returned, a small crowd of other wrestlers were with him and the paramedics. Jeff almost had to pull Evan off of Jack's unconscious body so the paramedics could get him on a gurney and out into the ambulance.

Mike was one of the few in the crowd and pushed through to Evan's side. "What happened Evan?" he asked, looking down into the teary brown eyes. "Evan?"

"We found him like that in Evan's locker room," Jeff said, turning to face Mike and Evan. "Why would he be in there? You two share a locker room all the time."

Mike's face drained of all color. "I was sharing with John," he whispered, thinking hard. "You were sharing… with Jack tonight… Evan?"

Evan sighed, nodding. "I have to… I gotta go. I'm sorry Jeff. I'll call you later!" he said, running after the paramedics, already sure that he was going to go to the hospital with Jack, to at least see if he was going to be ok.

Jeff watched as Evan ran, his heart aching and completely afraid for his best friend.


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