Disclaimer: I do not own supernatural. I do not think sex with kids is accetable, it iswrong, and never should happen. But this is just a work of fiction. Fiction!!! This has just been a idea planted in my head, by Dean. " But lilith is a little girl!"

Ever since Chuck told me that I was going to sleep with Lilith, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I have been obsessing over it, stewing over it; physically needing it. And it's sick.

The thoughts of Lilith are bombarding me in my dreams, my sick perverted nightmares. She comes it the room the same, just as she did in real life. But she doesn't look the same. She not all grown up in my dreams. She come skipping in, in one of her little girl suits. In one of her little girl dress. The dresses that are loose at the neck, so when she bends down you can get a peck of her chest.

Her smooth flat chest, with it's pink puffy nipples....

I get physically sick to my stomach every time my body reacts to one of these nightmares.

The girls change. Some are blonde, brunette, a few nights ago she was a redhead. The face changes too. Some have rosy cheeks. Some have dimples. Some have this cute little pout, that feels so good to run my tongue along...

I know each girl is Lilith. Lilith a demon, the first demon. Knowing that they are literally thousands of years old should make me feel better, right? But it doesn't because every girl I see in the streets I want her to be Lilith, I want her to be Lilith.

I'm not raping the girls in the dreams. They are willing, God are they willing.

Snugging themselves into my chest, wiggling in my lap. They tell me it okay, that they will make me feel good.

I fight it at first, clenching my teeth, my fists. The muscles twitch in my neck as I try and not look at them. But Jesus their smell gets to me, their small little voice...

And I give in and I kiss them. My large hands dwarfing their faces, as I cup their cheeks pulling her in closer. My hands drifted down their slim little limbs.

Skin shouldn't be so soft. Little girls shouldn't feel that soft.

A mouth shouldn't be that small when it's wrapped my cock. Sucking and licking with their tiny tongue. Little hands shouldn't be wrapped around my shaft.

They shouldn't be that warm, so warm that you burn at the touch of them. I shouldn't love how it sets my whole body on fire.

My hands shouldn't be magnetically drawn along their bodies. Over pink little puffy nipples, small tummies, down to a little hairless slit. They shouldn't be that wet! They shouldn't make the sounds they do as a sink a finger into them.

The muffled moans, the tiny mewls, drive me wild.

I shouldn't feel them pulse, and convulsive around my hard dick. I shouldn't hold on to their hips so tight. They shouldn't bleed so much.

But they do.

Dean wakes me up, by slapping my leg off the bed, " Do you keep moaning Lilith in your sleep, and unless you now sleep a sawed-off, it's a really good dream..." Dean starts to pace the room, " I know she was hot in that blonde, but Christ, Sammy, she's still a demon! You're -You're fucked up you know that."

I just look at him through morning eyes, " I know, Dean."