Me: This all came to me in a dream...before dreaming that I was watching an episode of Alien Force and the ending was that Ben and Julie have decided to continue their relationship via long distance...because Julie had to move to England because of her father's job.

Ben and Julie: YOU DID WHAT!?

Me: But to me it was a nightmare. You 2 even kissed!

Ben and Julie: Good save.

Julie: Why would I move to England?

Ben: You better not want to move to England.

Me: Hey. I don't decide what I dream. It's pretty hard for me to control.

Ben and Julie: Just do us a favour and get on with the story.

Me: I own nothing. Enjoy the story.

Oh! Before I forget, Ben and Julie are 16 in this. The series actually happened. Except the fact that Ben and Julie never met (obviously), Ship doesn't exist yet (Awww!), Ben was never on the soccer team (Awww!) and Ben never called a truce with Cash and J.T. (bummer)

Ben and Julie: OK. Now you have the all clear to enjoy the story!

"OK. If you can handle a hundred aliens at once, you can handle soccer tryouts. You can do it," Ben Tennyson muttered to himself.

It was tryouts time for the school soccer team at Bellwood High. Hundreds of boys signed up for the tryouts. But spots were limited. There was even a chance that those who were on the team last year might not get in. Ben stood outside a goal in a goalkeeper's position. He was tested for mid-field, striker and defence. Now, he was being tested for goalkeeper.

"Alright, Tennyson. Let's see your stuff," Coach said before blowing his whistle which left a shrill sound.

The fellow hopeful kicked the black and white ball towards the goal. Ben caught it before it even had a chance to go in. Kick. Caught yet again. And this went on for another 8 kicks. The coach was impressed. Very impressed, in fact. He thought he was watching what could become the best goalkeeper in Bellwood High history. The team would be lost without him. After that, the Coach blew the whistle and everyone rounded up.

"OK, gentlemen. The list will be posted on the bulletin board tomorrow morning so, check to see if you made it as soon as you arrive at school. Get changed and those that do get in, I'll see you at training tomorrow afternoon straight after school," the coach announced.

Everyone headed towards the change room. 15 minutes later, everyone was leaving the change room or leaving the soccer field. Ben was undoing his bike chain and was about to leave when suddenly, the coach approached him. The coach was still holding the clipboard from the tryouts and he was...smiling. The coach never smiles. Ever. OK. What impressed him?

"Coach Clayton?" Ben said in disbelief.

"You were very impressive today, Tennyson. I've never seen someone save goals like you did in a very long time. You'd change history here at Bellwood High," Coach Clayton complimented.

"Wow. Thanks," Ben responded.

"I can tell you right now that you have earned yourself goalkeeper position on the team," Coach Clayton told him.

"Really?" Ben asked.

"Really, son. Now, head on home and rest. Tomorrow's your first training session on the team before a game next weekend. You'd be pretty useful for the team," Coach Clayton told him.

"OK. See you tomorrow at training," Ben said as he climbed onto his bike and left the grounds.

At the tennis court...

"OK. It's just a game. Nothing else. Just remain focused and you can do this," Julie Yamamoto muttered to herself as she bounced a yellow tennis ball.

Around the same time as the soccer tryouts, Julie was playing a game of tennis against Rydal High. She was feeling a lot of pressure on her shoulders. If she lost this match, she'd ruin the hopes of Bellwood High going to the district championships. She threw the ball up and swung at it with all her might. Her opponent dove for the ball but missed. She now had an advantage.

"Quiet in the court please," the announcer said.

She bounced the ball again and looked at the audience. She saw a lot of fellow students from Bellwood High in the audience cheering her own. She threw it up again and hit it. The opponent managed to hit the ball...but it hit the net. Julie's eyes widened as she smiled and hoisted her hands in triumph. Everyone from Bellwood High was cheering. She's now taking Bellwood to the district championships. She could defiantly change history at Bellwood High!

Shortly after the game, Julie was searching her keys for the key to the moped. She suddenly saw someone approach her. She turned towards him and saw a tall brown guy with black hair and he was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt with a touch of black. He also had someone with him. A short, chubby white guy with brown hair, glasses and he was wearing jeans and a yucky green t-shirt.

"My, my. You are one hot lady. The name's Cash Murray. And you are?" Cash said to her as he waggled his eyebrows. (Ben: Can I kill you? Me: Wait for it...)

"Not interested," Julie responded dryly as she went to start her moped.

"Aw, come on now, baby. There's no need to play hard to get. You, me and a hot date at the pier. What do you say?" Cash said as he leaned against her moped, smirking and doing a little wink. (Ben: Why on Earth are you making Cash hit on Julie!? Me: Again, wait for it...)

"I don't think so," Julie responded, glaring at him.

"Uh, Cash. I do recall her saying that she's not interested," someone said.

Julie, Cash and J.T turned around and saw Ben standing by his bike giving Cash and J.T a look. There was something about him that caught Julie's interest. He was different than the other guys. Julie caught Ben's interest too. She was different from the other girls. Cash and J.T glared at Ben.

"What cha gonna do about it? Huh, Tennyson," Cash teased.

Ben raised his wrist which had the Omnitrix and placed his other hand over it. He was actually considering going hero but...if he did, his powers wouldn't be a secret. Cash and J.T just laughed.

"We aren't scared of you, Tennyson," J.T spat.

Cash took hold of Julie's hand but, she roughly got herself free from his grip...which only made Cash smile more. Ben got closure towards them.

"Get ready to run," Ben whispered in her ear as he stood behind her.

Julie only nodded. She grabbed hold of her key to her moped, which Cash and J.T didn't notice. They were too busy taunting Ben...and enjoying it like any bully would. (Me: Seriously, people! Bullying is way too immature. People do have feelings, ya know! Ben: She's right. Kevin: Are you 2 saying that because you 2 get bullied? Me and Ben: Gee. Ya think?) Ben nodded towards Julie before knocking Cash and J.T's heads against each other. Ben and Julie prepared themselvesand quickly jetted away. Once they were a good distance away, Ben and Julie stopped, took off their helmets and looked at each other briefly...before bursting out laughing, leaning on their modes of transport for support.

"Did you see their faces!?" Ben exclaimed.

"It was hilarious!" Julie responded.

After a few more moments of laughing, they were trying to catch their breath. Their eyes made contact with one another. His piercing emerald eyes met her breathtaking hazel eyes.

"Thanks for saving me back there, by the way," Julie said, breaking the unknown awkward silence between them.

"Hey. It was no prob," Ben responded.

"Hey. Do you go to Bellwood High?" Julie asked.

"Yeah. In fact, we have all our classes together. We sit next to each other in the back row," Ben answered.

"I wondered where I've seen you before," Julie thought out loud.

"Ben Tennyson. Hi," Ben introduced himself as he held out his hand for her to shake.

"Julie Yamamoto," Julie responded as she reached for his hand.

They felt something as their skin make contact with one another. It was like a jolt of electricity. A spark! They placed their hands back against their sides, blushing a light shade of pink. They laughed a bit.

"Let's try it again," Julie suggested.

"Yeah," Ben chuckled.

They managed to grab each other's hands...although they felt the spark again. They stayed where they were for a few hours talking and laughing...until they were interrupted by Julie's phone ringing. She mentally cursed the piece of technology.

"Hello...hey, Mum...I'm still at the courts with a I have to? ...I'm actually gonna grab a bite on my way home...yes, Mum. I'll make sure I won't miss curfew again. Bye," Julie said as she hung up. Out of all the times she could've rung, she had to ring now. Mothers.

"Overprotective Mum?" Ben guessed.

"She's been like that since Dad got a job which involves a lot of travelling," Julie told him.

God, she's so hot when she's annoyed. "Hey. Wanna grab that bite you told your Mum you were gonna get on the way home?" Ben asked.

"Sounds nice. Chilli fries sound nice?" Julie suggested.

"Race ya to the Burger Shack?" Ben asked.

"You're going down," Julie responded as she climbed onto her moped.

Ben beat Julie to the Burger Shack. There, they ate their chilli fries. After a few more hours of talking and laughing, they finally decided to head home. Ben accompanied her to her house, in case Cash and J.T suddenly appeared and tried to get a date with her again. They reached her house a half hour later.

"Walk you to school tomorrow?" Ben offered.

"Sounds nice," Julie responded as she parked her moped in her garage.

"Swing by at 7, maybe get breakfast on the way?" Ben asked.

"Sure. See you tomorrow," Julie responded as she went inside.

"See you later," Ben whispered to himself.

As he rode home, he couldn't stop thinking about her. In only a few short hours, he had learned so much about her and vice versa. He wished he could tell her about the Omnitrix. But will she run? Call him a freak? Tell him that she never wanted to see him again? But, Ben suddenly realised that telling her could put her life at risk. Once he got home, he decided to go to his bedroom. Once he brushed his teeth and stripped into his singlet and boxers, he climbed into his bed and fell asleep, thinking about Julie non-stop.

Julie was the same as Ben. She couldn't stop thinking about him either. She had a smile on her face the whole time she was asleep. One realisation hit both of them as they dreamed about each other.

Was it love at first sight for them?

Me: O...K. I've never written something like THAT before...have I?

Ben: Not that I'm aware of.

Me: *sarcastically* Gee, you a big help. *normal voice* You guys should know the drill about stories by now.

Julie: Review!

Me: Nice one. This makes one thing official to me: I'm losing my touch when it comes to writing.

Me, Ben and Julie: See ya!

Ben: And wouldn't wanna be ya!

Me and Julie: BEN!

Ben: I was joking. Sheesh...