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Call me obsessed, call me insane.

Something's creaping through my veins.

Eyes cannot see what's underneath.

I can't stop and you can't stop me.

I'm gonna get the fire started. (Started)

Impossible for you to breathe. (Breathe)

The temperature's rising up. (Up, so hot)

Cause I'm burning up.

Pyromania! Pyromania, ow!

Pyromania! Ah-ah-ow!

Pyromania! Pyromania, ow! Ow! OW! (Heat it, heat it up!) (ma-ma)

Julie groaned as she woke up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring out one of her favourite songs. Sighing, she got up and rubbed her eyes before looking at her clock. 6:00am Sure, Ben wasn't picking her up for another hour, but she wanted time to get ready for school and breakfast. She turned off her alarm clock and headed to her bathroom to have a shower

Once she did all that, she moisturised her body and everything before emerging from her bathroom wrapped in a white bath robe. She looked through her underwear draw looking for a suitable pair of undergarment. Pink, blue, purple, green...she went through every colour she had before deciding to go with red. She put her panties and strapless bra on before she went to her closet. She didn't have anything to wear. And most of her clothes were either in the wash or still in her dirty clothes basket. She looked at the clock. 6:50

She had 10 minutes left until Ben came over to take her to breakfast, than school. Her lower arms started to glow white along with her eyes. She focused her energy on what she wanted. Then, in a flash, she was dressed in her black boots, black skinny leg jeans and figure hugging red strapless shirt. Then, she brushed her hair, cleaned her teeth and packed her bag. She smiled to herself. Ben would be arriving in 5 minutes. Just enough time for some practise. Then, her lower arms and eyes started to glow white again.

5 minutes later, her mother entered her room. She noticed her daughter was practising some techniques for her powers she was taught by both herself and her grandmother before they moved to Bellwood. As soon as Julie noticed her mother standing there, she immediately deactivated her powers. Her mother gave her a look.

"Morning, Mum," Julie greeted, acting as if nothing had happened.

Her mother's face was practically telling her, 'What the heck are you doing?', but after a few seconds, she shrugged it off.

"There's a very handsome young man waiting outside on his bicycle for you," her mother told her.

Mrs Yamamoto was a woman who looked like she was 27, although she was actually a 300-year-old Sonakite. She had brown hair that reached the end of her shoulder blades, hazel eyes and olive skin. Her name was Melanie Yamamoto.

"Oh. That's Ben. He's taking me to breakfast and then, we're gonna head to school together," Julie told her as she kissed her mother on the cheek before grabbing her bag and heading outside.

"Have fun!" Melanie called out to her daughter, before reminising great memories from when she was her daughter's age.

Once she was outside, she saw Ben leaning against his bike smiling at her. He was captured by her extravagating beauty and intriguing personality. If only Julie could tell Ben that she's an alien. If only Ben could tell Julie that he was part of a secret organisation which involved saving the world from aliens who want to do all the basic bad guy things...with a twist and he had over a million aliens in his wristwatch under his command.

"Ready to go?" Ben asked.

"Ready for a race to the cafe?" Julie retorted as she slid her jacket and helmet on and climbed onto her moped.

"Oh. So you want me to kick your butt again?" Ben responded, smirking.

"Don't be too sure on that, Tennyson," Julie said as she started her moped.

"Bring it on, Yamamoto," Ben retorted as he climbed onto his bike.

"Loser buys breakfast," Julie retorted back.

"On your marks," Ben started.

"Get set," Julie added.

"GO!" they finished together.

And so the race began. They were neck and neck when they were halfway there. But unfortunately, for Ben, Julie beat him to the local cafe. So he was stuck buying breakfast. They went inside and ordered pancakes and juice. They told each other more things about themselves, making sure that they kept the Omnitrix and Sonakite powers a secret. They needed to earn each other's trust before they can tell.

"Come on. We're gonna be late for school," Julie said.

They stood up and grabbed their bags before walking up to the counter and paid for breakfast. Ben noticed something on the corner of her mouth.

"Uh, you have some maple syrup on your face," Ben pointed out as he went to remove it.

He ran his thumb over the corner of her lips and along her cheek to remove the syrup. They felt the spark again and their smiles slowly disappeared. Their behaviour was ridiculous. They only met yesterday afternoon but, they felt like they've known each other forever. They slowly leaned in, longing to feel their lips against one another. Julie closed her eyes when she felt Ben's hot breath tickle her lips, trying to keep her raging hormones under control. Ben stopped there, teasing her.

"Don't move," he whispered as he noticed Julie giving in to the temptation of closing the small gap between their lips.

Ben was also trying to keep his raging hormones under control. He was about to kiss a girl he only met yesterday. But, to them, it felt not wrong, but right. Like this was meant to be. They heard their hearts pound and race a thousand miles as Ben's eyes kept darting between Julie's closed eyes and slightly parted lips which were practically begging for a kiss. He stepped closer to her, longing to feel her body pressed against his. Just when he was about to close the gap...

"Hey, Tennyson! No snogging in public places!"

They pulled away blushing and turned to who interrupted a potential kiss. Standing before them was a 17-year-old boy who had jet black hair, onyx eyes and was wearing black shoes, jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue sleeveless jacket. Next to him was a 16-year-old girl who had fire red hair that went down to her waist, emerald eyes and was wearing black flats, jeans, a black blouse and a red vest over the top.

"Kevin, you don't have to ruin moments for him. Besides, we do that all the time," she said, giving the boy a look.

"Uh, Julie, this is my twin cousin, Gwen, and her idiot boyfriend, Kevin," Ben said, snickering as he introduced Kevin.

"You are so lucky you're girlfriend is with you," Kevin threatened.

"Girlfriend? No. No, no, no. Julie's a friend from school," Ben corrected, his cheeks as red as a tomato.

"That's what you say," Kevin muttered under his breath, which earned a glare from both Ben and Gwen.

"Well, Ben and I better head to school. The bell's gonna go soon. It was nice meeting you," Julie said as she and Ben left the cafe.

"Same with you!" Gwen called out before turning to her boyfriend, "Seriously. Why DO you do that?"

"It's fun to annoy your cousin," Kevin responded.

"Awww," Gwen cooed as she kissed his cheek, "Don't do it again."

"No promises," Kevin retorted as he kissed her temple.

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