Author's Note: A completely different spin on the final confrontation scene between Artemis and Drizzt in The Silent Blade, told from Drizzt's point of view. Only I wrote the journal entry as if Drizzt wrote like a normal person instead of a ten year old trying to be old timey and dramatic. I wanted to experiment with tone, because tone shapes the information we receive. Like, everything Drizzt journals about is stodgy and stiff and annoyingly faux philosophical…but maybe it is because it's delivered that way. Maybe if he didn't write so stiffly, we'd want to hear his thoughts. Maybe they'd be entertaining. So, here goes.

Journal Entry #234: Death Isn't What You Think

* * *

So, I'm dying, there, I'm on the floor and all the blood is gushing out of me, and I expected it to feel bad, you know? Like I was dying. Like, massive pain and stuff. But I didn't. I felt the blood leaving me, and it felt good. Better than I've ever felt in my life. Theoretically, I must have known I was disappointing a lot of people by bleeding out on the floor, but all that seemed distant. Like, if they were there, they'd understand why I wanted it so much. And then I felt someone on my chest. Some stupid cleric wannabe with both hands, on my chest, trying to push my blood back in. Who is this loser? And then I realize: Oh. Entreri.

And just as quickly, I realize, he didn't mean to do it. He was trying to kill himself, and had an accident – probably because of that guy Jarlaxle hired, or whatever he did to make that guy cooperate with him. So he's trying to be where I am, and he's jealous, because I'm hogging it all. He's always jealous. Why is he so jealous of me? I didn't do anything to deserve him following me around like a dog trying to eat my table scraps.

Here he is again, shouting something. It sounds distorted, like my head is in the water. I want to taunt him. I oh so desperately want to needle him, tease him about having, once again, what he wants. But I can't. It's the oddest thing. I guess when you're dying you can't speak. I want to at least flash him a rude gesture, but my arms can't move. I needed blood to do that. The world fades out, and it kind of burns.

But when it fades back in – and it does, which I thought wasn't supposed to happen – an unfamiliar drow is looking at me. And he's wearing Lloth priest robes. First I think I want to kill him, because of what they did to my father. So I sit up real quick. But then I see Jarlaxle, and he's smiling, and I think, 'Oh no you didn't you son of a bitch. This was your fault?' And I realize: everything was his fault. Why was I surprised?

But he stopped me from going to the afterlife, where Zak was, and I hate him for that. I want to tell him that he owes me an Uncle Zak hug, but he wouldn't get it anyway and I don't sound mentally retarded unless I have to.

~ Drizzt Do'Urden