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Bella POV 1919

It was Christmas and I was in my room reading, since coming to Biloxi I have had hardly any time to read and relax. Not that I minded, I loved spending time with my figlia, ah little Alice was always a happy child no matter what. But I could see the suffocation behind those bright blue orbs of hers the longer she was stuck in that small crappy room.

I shot up with a smile completely forgetting about the book and raced to Gabriel's office, today we had the day off since we were working the late shift tonight and just barged into his room. He looked up startled until he saw my smile, his emotions shifted from fright to confusion.

"Is there something wrong bell?" he asked putting down the pen he had in his hand and stood, his gold hair falling in his eyes as he did.

"Yes, yes I was wondering would you like to go to the small field we found the other day as a family? It is a nice day and I am sure Mary Alice would love to go out in the sun" I said happily and his face lit up, her red eyes dancing with joy.

"Yes, let me go get ready and you go get Mary" he said happily before pulling out some clothes to go shower. I just shook my head and laughed while teleporting to Mary Alice's room.

"Madre" my little figlia yelled before throwing herself in my arms smiling happily.

"Would you like to go outside to play for a little while figlia make a family day of it?" I asked her and her eyes danced with joy and happiness much like Gabriel's did.

"Yes, yes, yes… oh but what about the nurses?" she asked feeling a little down with the thought and I shook my head, she always forgot my powers the silly girl. But I love her none the less.

"Are you forgetting what I can do mio figlia?" I asked amused and Mary's eyes lit up with joy and recognition again. I chuckled and picked her up bridal style and created an illusion of her sleeping before teleporting back to Gabriel's and my cabin. She gasped in awe as the room came into view and I set her carefully down on her feet, this was the first time she has been to the cabin.

"Ah figlia, go look around I am just going to get changed." I told her and she nodded before dancing off towards the back door. I put a small physical shield around her just to be safe and smiled when I felt her joy and shock.

"Downstairs Gabriel" I told him while rolling my eyes, her knew all to well where she was. He smiled and dashed off downstairs and picked up a squealing Mary just as I removed my shield. I shook my head and looked through my dresser to see if I could find something to wear and smiled when I saw a simple summer dress with long sleeves to cover my scars. I quickly changed and was about to leave my room when I saw one of my old yellow summer dresses in the bottom of the draw, I smiled and teleported downstairs to see Gabriel in the kitchen with Alice eating some chocolate.

"Figlia, I found this for you. Go get changed and we can leave" I said smiling while holding up the dress, she squealed and clapped before racing up the stairs with dress in hand.

"You know it is going to be sunny in the field?" Gabriel asked while packing a small picnic basket with sweets and all sorts of food.

"Yes I do, it will all be fine she will love it" I said and spun around just as Mary Alice reached the last step.

"My you look beautiful Ali" Gabriel said as he stood next to me with basket in hand and she smiled.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked smiling and she nodded before grabbing my hand. "Alright then let's go" I said before teleporting us under the large oak tree, Alice gasped as she saw the field. We cut the grass or well I cut the grass so it was up to our ankles and it had lovely wild flowers growing every where.

"Go play daughter, have fun, enjoy the sun" Gabriel laughed as she looked at us confused, not really sure what she should do.

"Okay" she said before running out in the field and threw her head back with her eyes closed and danced in the sun.

"This was a good idea bell, she needed this" Gabriel told me with a sad voice.

"Yes I know Gabe, I know." I said never taking my eyes of my daughter. Suddenly Alice was running over to us smiling and reached out for me.

"Momma come play in the sun" she laughed, still holding her hand out for me to take. I didn't know what to do, she has never seen us in the sun before and she has never seen my scars. I shot Gabe a worried look who simple nodded at me saying it was all fine.

"Alright figlia, I'll come play" I said slightly wary, I stood and slowly stepped into the sun. I could see the thousands of rainbows flitter the grass as the sun hit my skin. I heard Mary gasp and my eyes shot to her worried; she was feeling awe and joy. I had thought once she saw the true skin of a monster she would run away screaming.

"Momma you're pretty" she whispered before reaching up and tracing my face, I couldn't help but smile as her hands ghosted over the scars. She didn't even notice them; my little one was always surprising me.

"I may be pretty Mary but you piccolo mio are beautiful" I told her honestly and held out my hands for her to take, she eagerly did and stood on my feet as usual when we danced and I waltzed us all around the field.

"Look daddy, me and momma are dancing" she sung out happily to Gabriel who was smiling at us with pure joy.

"I see that Alice, you are doing a wonderful job" he called back in his lit and smiled wider as I spun Mary around a little faster causing her to laugh and squeal with joy. We continued dancing for hours only stopping when she needed to eat; we switched dancing and didn't stop till twilight.

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