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Last Option

Dean stared at the last picture of Jo and Ellen as it burned away in Bobby's fireplace

"What do we do now?" Sam asked awkwardly, knowing that it might seem insensitive to ask

Bobby didn't respond and Dean continued to stare into the fire. Castiel watched from the other side of the room and felt the despair – the Colt hadn't worked and they were almost out of options.

Dean turned and looked at Castiel "How come you failed to tell us there were 5 things in the world the Colt couldn't kill" Dean said aggressively, angry that Castiel did not know

"I was unaware that the Colt would not work, otherwise I would not have helped you on your insane pursuit to locate it" Castiel replied quite bluntly, "Even the demon Crowley believed that it would work"

Dean scoffed and replied "So much for all-knowing"

"Only God is all knowing" Castiel stated as Dean walked out of the house, Sam wanted to follow him but knew that Dean was better of mourning his losses alone, especially since he knew Dean blamed him for starting the apocalypse

Dean walked outside and leant up against his car, staring into the night sky. Thoughts kept coming into his head about how things would be if his father was still around, how things would be if Sam was never born. He felt guilty for having thoughts like that about his brother but couldn't help it, especially since Sam had betrayed him and helped Ruby to start the whole mess they were in.

"Who am I kidding, if it wasn't the apocalypse it would be something else" Dean said to himself not knowing that Castiel was standing next to him

"We must not give up hope" Castiel said, making Dean jump

"Dude….I told you to stop doing that!" Dean said frustrated

"I'm sorry but I thought I should talk to you about what we're going to do next" Castiel said

"Seriously Castiel – I'm not in the mood right now, it's been a rough day" Dean said

"It has been a rough day for us all, but I feel we need to think about our options" Castiel said, he wasn't about to give up hope just yet

"What options? The colt can't kill Lucifer and God sure as hell doesn't seem to be willing to come out from hiding and help" Dean said bluntly, although he was not about to let Michael take him as a vessel he felt that he had exhausted all their options, "And with the newest horseman, I don't think we're going to have much of a fighting chance"

Castiel sighed, "I still believe our best option is to find God"

"Yeah, you and about ten million other religious fanatics believe that will solve everything" Dean said, "If God cared, he wouldn't have gone into hiding, he would be out there kicking Lucifer's sorry ass all the way back to hell!"

"Perhaps there is something that is stopping him, either way he is our only option at this point" Castiel said, "My search for him has not been going well, and I have tried almost everything I can think of"

"What do you mean almost everything?" Dean asked surprised, "I thought you WERE trying EVERYTHING"

"There was one other option I considered, but I believe that it won't work" Castiel replied honestly

"Dude, this is the freaking apocalypse, you're meant to try EVERYTHING whether you think it will work or not" Dean said angrily, perhaps if Castiel had tried this earlier Ellen and Jo may still be alive, "I just watched more hunters die today for nothing, don't tell me you're holding back on me. What's this option you haven't bothered to try?"

"You're familiar with the myth that demons and other evil creatures cannot enter churches?" Castiel asked

"Yeah of course I am. Churches are meant to be hallowed ground but considering my father's priest friend was killed by Meg in one, I know it's a myth" Dean said

"Yes, but all myths stem from truth" Castiel said

"What are you getting at?" Dean asked

"Churches are considered Hallow Ground and low level demons generally cannot enter a church for this reason. However, there used to be a time when even the most powerful demon could not force his way into the large, important churches" Castiel stated, waiting for Dean's reaction

"How is that possible?" Dean asked curiously

"God is light and in him there is no darkness at all, God's light is the only thing that can defeat dark creatures or rather demons" Castiel replied, "The most important churches that harnessed God's light came to be known as Cathedrals, no demon, no matter how powerful could enter there"

"Yeah but HOW?" Dean asked, starting to get frustrated with Castiel beating around the bush

"Each Nun was entrusted with a necklace that carried a pendant made from the light of God, much like your necklace is able to find him" Castiel said

"I notice you still haven't given that thing back, I still feel naked" Dean said touching the place where his necklace used to fall

"Unfortunately, I have not finished with it and I believe that I know where we can find the light of God" Castiel stated

"Can it defeat Lucifer?" Dean asked

"I'm not sure whether or not it can defeat him, but if anything else it should help me to be able to finally locate God and it may be able to defeat the horsemen as they appear to be just as big of a threat as Lucifer" Castiel replied, "The nuns that were entrusted the necklaces were called cathedrals, since that is what they protected, but most of them were destroyed and their necklaces lost or buried"

"But you think you know where one is?" Dean asked

"I believe I know of a descendant of a cathedral that is in possession of this necklace" Castiel said, "But I do know believe that it would be possible to acquire the necklace from her"

"Her?" Dean asked, "You already know who this chick is? Do you know where?"

"I believe I do" Castiel stated

"Then why don't you go and ask her why she's not already using it to stop the apocalypse and to hand it over?" Dean asked, frustrated that Castiel did not seem to want to explore all his options

"Because I already have" Castiel said

"And?" Dean asked waiting for an explanation

"She said no" Castiel said

"That's it? You're an angel; you should be able to convince a nun to hand over a freaking necklace" Dean said "Does she even know what it does?"

"Yes" Castiel replied "And she's not a nun"

"Then what the hell is she?" Dean asked, confused as to who the descendant of a cathedral – a nun, could possibly be

"She's a hunter" Castiel said