"NO!" Dean yelled, trying to get past two demons to get to Faye

The two demons grabbed either side of him and threw him against the wall, he hit the back of his head and fell face first onto the wooden floor.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, clutching onto the demon's hand that was around his neck, holding him up and choking him

"Argh!" Lachlan screamed, falling back against Bobby's turned over wheelchair whilst Bobby lay unconscious on the floor. Lachlan felt his leg crack as he lay over the wheelchair and pulled Ruby's knife from his stomach. He quickly threw it back at the demon and stood up only to be knocked on the back of the head, rendering him unconscious.

Dean looked up at Faye who was being pinned to the wall, his vision was blurry but he could see her struggling and hear her screaming. Sam fell unconscious and the demon let go of his neck, grabbed a pole on the ground and ran towards Faye.

"NO!" Faye yelled one last time as a demon raised a pole and hit Faye in the stomach with it at full force. Faye began to feel blood coming out of her mouth as she struggled.

"Stop!" Jeb yelled, "You'll kill her!"

Jeb lifted up his hand and several of the demons pinning Faye to the wall were thrown across the room. Two demons continued to psychically assault Faye, concentrating most of their aggression by hitting her stomach. Three other demons ran towards Jeb and started to attack him. Jeb placed his hand on the head of one demon and his eyes lit up. He lifted another demon over his head and threw him across the room before kneeling down and taking Ruby's knife from the demon Lachlan had lay waste to before plunging it in the third demons chest.

"Stop!" Jeb yelled, looking up at the other two demons who were still attacking Faye. He stepped forward and they let Faye go and disappeared.

Faye slumped to the ground, barely able to move.

"Faye" Dean said, trying to get the energy to stand up

Jeb started to move towards Dean but Lachlan jumped on Jeb's back

"This is all your fault!" Lachlan yelled, "I'll kill you!"

Jeb grabbed Lachlan and threw him to the ground, knocking him unconscious again when he realised he had a knife lodged in his side. Jeb took one last look over at Faye who was not moving and ran.

"Bobby" Sam said, waking up and looking over at Bobby who was lying unconscious on the floor with his wheelchair next to him

Dean's vision finally cleared and he was able to crawl over to where Faye was lying on the ground. She was barely moving and he looked down at her jeans, they were stained with blood.

"No..." Dean whispered