E/O drabble challenge:-

Okay – first thoughts for drabble word "tense" were this has gotta be a serious little story. That's generally what the word conjures up, right. But then for some strange reason this popped into my head in the middle of the night. Think I'm just trying to compensate mentally for "Abandon All Hope."

Sorry it's a bit late - 100 words on the nose - hope you like it.


Dean sat staring at the TV. "Man this is getting exciting," he thought as he watched the scene play out. When the motel door opened unexpectedly and his brother walked in he quickly switched off.

"Hey … Sammy," he said, tensing, "you're back early."

"Catch you watching pay per view porn again, huh," Sam grinned.

"Thought you had laundry to do," Dean replied, changing the subject.

"Yeah … forgot the shirts …um … think I'll leave ya to it." Additional clothing in hand Sam left.

Dean turned the TV back on, smiling contentedly. Dr Sexy really was a guilty pleasure!