Entry Ten - Blizzard

~~~You know, it's surprising what you can do and find when there's a snow storm going on outside your house.

It was going on ever since I woke up. It was mercilessly pounding on my window and it was so blurry outside that if a person would have to stand a few feet from the house I was in, I wouldn't be able to see him anymore because of the blizzard. Besides, he probably wouldn't last long in the freezing cold anyway.

At the sudden realization of this, I had noticed that I would be alone the entire time until the storm dies down. Now what are you supposed to do at a situation like this?

First of all, I had to stock up the firewood for the fireplace I was able to receive from Robin. She gave it to me because she said she had this new one that looked way better, so she gave it to me as a gift. For 1,000 bells. Eesh...whoever knew she was cheap? Still, I bought it since the snow falling seemed to have doubled compared to the previous days, and I was worried that there would be no source for warmth in my house besides that little wax candle. A fireplace would have been a great addition in case something bad would happen...

And it did happen.

Fortunately I just have enough pieces of wood to last me for the rest of the day. If the blizzard were to drag any further though, I would be screwed. So I grabbed one plank at a time and placed it carefully inside the rectangular hearth. After that I found a matchbox and took out one of the matches and lit it. Soon I had a roaring fire and it made the house a whole lot warmer already. And wow...it feels nice. But there was something more troubling than the temperature in here...

That was the food supply.

I thankfully still have some pellets left for Gold, but what about me? With what I have now, I could probably only go on till early afternoon. That's definitely not good, I have to find a way to get some more food...but where? There's a dangerous snow storm going on and if were one to go out he might never come back again. That would be simply terrifying considering how small FreeSky town is. For all I know you might accidentally walk on the frozen water and wander out to sea until you realize that the next few steps would take you underwater.

"There's only one option for me now..." I thought as I turned to one of the fishes I caught and placed it in my house. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention whenever you would place a fish down, an aquarium appears out of nowhere. Again another strange thing about this town, but at least it was convenient.

The next part might disgust you, so I'll skip to the part where I finished having a carp for breakfast. (Yeah...I think Blathers had been blabbing something about how to cook one with the most minimal materials. I was able to catch some parts and worked the rest of my way there. And to think I didn't like fish...they actually taste good.)

Now that breakfast was taken care of..."What am I going to do now?" I asked even though the only other living thing there was my goldfish.

I actually wished that Miyu was here; at least she was someone I could really talk to. Well, I mean, I can talk to you Tomo but...you know, you're really just a journal. Sorry for the blunt statement.

So I spent around a couple minutes puzzling over what to do while staring at the translucent window.

The good news : I found something to do for that day.

The bad news : I had to take care of a lost individual who got caught in the storm.

It was really creepy when I first saw the silhouette. I thought at first I was hallucinating, but after blinking a few times and the figure didn't disappear, I decided to check it out. I grabbed my slightly thick dark coat that Sable gave me in case of the cold winter. The snow was terribly deep and I tried my best not to be heavy or I'll fall right in. I was able to approach the person or animal in the storm, and I was surprised that it was indeed a human.

Though, it wasn't Miyu at all. Still, she was freezing. It was really obvious that she was shaking to get herself warm. Strangely, she didn't notice me yet. Her vision must be blurry from the blizzard...and in her condition, she wouldn't last long. "H-hey..!" I shouted.

The girl looked up and her eyes gleamed when she saw me. She mouthed 'help me' as she continued to tremble. Of course I quickly went towards her and guided her back to my house as fast as I could.

When we were both inside and I closed the door, I was finally able to get a better look at her. The girl had long straight black hair, ice blue eyes and a pale skin complexion. Honestly I didn't know if that was her real skin tone or it was because of the weather. She was wearing a thick coat that reached her black boots. But even with that she still seemed freezing cold. "T-thank y-you for h-helping me..." she stuttered as her teeth lightly chattered.

Instead of responding to her gratitude, I helped her get closer to the fireplace. It looked like it helped a lot, because some of the color on her face was showing. "Stay here while I get something to eat." I told her as I headed towards my stock of food.

"A-are you sure..?" she asked in concern.

"It's no trouble. You need it more than I do." I replied. Grabbing a clean plate from the shelf, I heated some of the noodles on the stove with a pan. (Yeah, Miyu taught me how to use the kitchen equipment.) After a few minutes I handed her the plate with noodles on it and other pieces of toppings you would put on it and a fork. "It isn't much, but..." I started.

"No...it's great." she smiled. "I haven't had any decent food in quite a while."

"Really?" my curiosity got the better of me. "What were you doing out there anyway?"

"I didn't know the storm would be that bad...and my home was destroyed last night so I was looking for a place to stay." the black-haired girl muttered sadly.

"Y-your home was destroyed by the blizzard?"

"Actually, the cave nearly collapsed on me."

"Cave?" I repeated; confused. I had asked myself why she would be living in such a place. I mean, aren't caves normally cold, dark, and damp?

"Please don't tell anyone...but to tell you the truth, I ran away from home and I've been trying to find a place to settle in ever since..."

"R-ran away?" I suddenly thought about my situation.

"Yeah, my parents were horrible to me." she stopped and showed me her arms, which I only noticed then that they were filled with scars of different sizes. All of them looked pretty deep though. "My parents are rich, but they think that I'm a burden to them. So they treat me as a servant instead so that what they pay for my needs would be returned..." her voice was dark. "They-they love to use the whip on me...it's their favorite toy. The other servants in the house weren't that nice to me either. They think that my work is lighter than their own." I was speechless in what she was telling me.

"I was never allowed out of the house, and my room is the cellar where they keep their wine. My parents have many other rooms, but they think that it's a waste for me to claim one of them as my own." she paused and deeply sighed. "I was able to escape by chance. And I've been wandering ever since then..."

The silence crept in the house, and I was motionless. "Compared to you, my reason sounds so petty." I mumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm...a runaway too. But unlike you, I ran because I felt like my parents were neglecting me and leaving me alone all the time. They always go on trips that don't seem to matter; it's like they just want to avoid me. I rarely ever see them and I'm always stuck in the house. The maids and butlers are quiet and kind though. At some point I couldn't stand it and used whatever information I knew about the world to leave. That's how I found this town...sort of." the stillness hung in the air.

"In a way, we're the same." she muttered after some time. "We both ran away from our parents."

"But I'm starting to neglect my decision..." I uttered. "I was acting selfish and...I want to go back. I want to apologize to them, but...I have no idea how I even ended up here in this place."

I only noticed at that point that I was sort-of rambling. "S-sorry I shouldn't be boring you with this kind of stuff anyway my name's Shouta what's yours?" I said really quickly. Ugh, only a couple of minutes have passed and I'm already embarrassing myself. I felt myself going red too...*sigh*

She actually laughed at me from that. "My name is Fuyu...nice to meet you Shouta."

I blushed; her voice sounded so nice and sweet that I felt like it was too good to be true.

"H-hey, your food's getting cold."

"Oh, right." she smiled. "Thank you for letting me stay here Shouta. You're really nice."

'Oh boy, this is going to be one long day.' I thought.

Sorry, this is getting really long...I'll cut it here for now Tomo. By the way I forgot to tell you that I have some more food now so I'm okay. Hehe, it's like I cut you in a cliffhanger or something. Anyway, I'm getting really sleepy and I'll continue when I have the time to alright?

-Night* Shouta 12/15

A/N : Actually I just got really lazy in writing that I cut it in to two parts. But anyway, I honestly didn't expect a girl to show up in the blizzard. It just well...came along with the story I guess.

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