Summary: Dr. Kirkland, after a long string of events, finds himself shuttled into the dusty old town of Sandy Flats, adjusting to the hilarious characters, dark villains, and charming heroes of a classic but eccentric Western town.


Warnings: Yaoi/Boys-Love, heavy language and possible suggestive situations. Minor violence.


Chapter Thirty Five: A Wild and Bold Adventure


Two years passed. Arthur sat, sipping tea, at the same round kitchen table that he always had when the new telephone rang. He settled the cup in its saucer and answered it, listening to the cracking voice on the other end.

"Arty…?" asked a fragile voice.

The doctor nearly spat out his tea. "Peter?" he asked incredulously.

"Oh, Arty! You must come home! It's all gone wrong! Mum's dead and Father's off of his box! He's lost nearly all of his money to gambling and I've saved up several hundred pounds in case something happens and the police want to send me to live with Uncle Barry and I don't want to; he drinks so much! Oh, Arty, you have to come home right away! I'm sorry for being such a prick to you, really, I am, but I missed you, and you've been gone so long-!"

Arthur took a long breath, and stared out of the window at the dry barren landscape, the flourishing squash leaves covering a patch of the ground. "Come live with me, Peter."


Arthur smiled softly, and spoke into the telephone. "Come out West."

"But – Arthur – I mean…"

"It's a bit of a change at first, yea, but you'll grow quite fond of it. Here, get a scrap of paper."

He could hear Peter bustling about for paper and ink. "Got it."

"Write this down: USS Elizabeth to New York. Take the Blue Ridge Train to Washington D.C. Do not leave the train station. Take the Cardinal Train to Phoenix, Arizona. Hail a cab; don't let him ask too many questions. Make him drive you out to Sandy Flats. He'll say he doesn't know where it is, but press him for it. They all know."

Peter scribbled furiously. "I think I have it all down… But Arthur, will this work?"

Arthur chuckled. "Hopefully. A few hundred pounds will get you there, for sure. Change your money over in New York, though, the dollar will get you farther."

"Hey Arty?"


"What happened to my rule-abiding brother? The one that wouldn't let me run in the house or look scruffy?"

Arthur pondered this for a moment, looking up at his tea. Boots on the table, chair leaning precariously back as if it were about to fall, sat Alfred Jones, his notorious hat over his eyes as he snoozed in his fiancée's kitchen. "He had a wild and bold adventure, Peter, and, eventually, fell in love."


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Written: December 13, 2009.