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This is going to be real short, but I just had to write it.

Greg whistled softly as he strutted down the hallway. 'This is going to be a great shift!' He thought, opening the door to his lab.

A few hours had gone by before anything "exciting" had happened. Though he hadn't realized it at first, he slowly started to feel multiple sets of eyes boring into his back. He frowned. Had he done something wrong?

Greg got up and closed the blind he had installed. He also closed his door. 'There!' he thought, triumphantly. 'No more eyes!' he then realized that he would have nothing to do while he waited for his backlog samples to finish.

"Bobby D!" He shouted, whipping his door open.


"Can you run to my car and grab my laptop?"

"Sure thing! Do I need your keys?"

"No, it's not locked!"

"I'll be right back!" Bobby raced off.

Greg smiled before retreating back into his lab. That was when he caught sight of himself. Laughing Greg took in his appearance. He was still wearing the shirt from last night, the one that showed all of his tattoos, and Nick's jeans. He'd completely forgotten to change before going to work.

"Hey G," Bobby said coming through the door.

"Hey," Greg replied, tearing his eyes from his reflection. "How come no one said anything about my clothes?"

"It's you G, we expect it out of you," Booby explained, handing over the laptop. "We just hadn't realized that you had so many tats."

Greg smiled, looking back at his reflection. "Thanks Bobby."

Bobby waved and walked out. "Hey Nick."

Nick walked in and caught a spinning Greg in his arms. "Whoa, Greggo," He said smiling down at the bundle of energy in his arms. "We wouldn't want someone else go and start catching you, now would we?"

"No," Greg breathed, "We wouldn't."