There is no summary to this story so please read and I'm sorry for the summary, I suck at summaries

Chapter One

Black Ghost was watching a family in their own home from a tall tree and he wanted two members of the that family badly for something important for his reasons.

"guards, attack them." said Black Ghost.

The guards understand that.

The guards nodded.

"yes sir." said one of the guards.

The guards ran off.

Zak Saturday was watching a movie with his parents, he was sitting between them, leaning on his mom's shoulder.

Drew Saturday has her arms around Zak's body.

Doc Saturday has his arm on the back of the couch resting his arm resting behind Zak's head.

They were watching "The Day After Tomorrow."

All of a sudden the TV shut off.

Doc Saturday said "what?"

And the lights went off also.

Zak Saturday said "huh?"

They all got up from the couch and ran in different directions

Zak ran to the window and he learned on it and all of a sudden the window opened by itself and Zak fell out of the window, Zak didn't scream as he fell out the window and after he landed in the grass, someone come up quietly behind him and blindfolded him and they put a rag over his mouth and nose so he can't breathe and he started to struggle with the person until after a couple of minutes, Zak passed out in the person's arms.

The person started laughing.

Then someone else came in.

"you got him." said the other person.

"yeah" said the person.

"give him to me." said the other person

"here." said the person.

He looked at Zak who was passed out.

The guy gave the body of Zak to the another person.

The person lifted with Zak's body.

Meanwhile with Drew, Drew was running to the weapons vault, she was running fast as she could, she fall down and she also passed out like Zak.

The next thing Drew remembered was waking up on a cold hard laboratory table with no clothes but a blanket was covering her body and she looked down and saw residents were holding her arms down.

Drew tried to move but a scientist with a mask on come in, the scientist saw Drew awake, she saw him too and she noticed he was staring at her like he was in love with her or something and she was about to ask him a question but instead he put a oxygen mask over her mouth and nose before she passed again, she looked to her right and she gasped a little and she saw Zak laying down also on the same table like hers next to her also passed out with no clothes also but he had his underwear on him with a oxygen mask on his nose and mouth also but residents weren't holding him down because he has been like that for last four hours.

"Zak." said Drew.

Zak didn't answer her nor he didn't move also.

Her vision become blur when she was looking at her only son and soon she passed out again when the scientist turned the sleeping gas on.

Meanwhile with Doc.

"Drew, Zak, where are you guys at?" said Doc.

Doc was outside looking for them when he saw "The Claw" on the ground.

Doc gasped as he picked it up.

Doc said "I may not see them ever again."

Doc was hugging "The Claw" and started to cry.