Wario gives Mario a lift to work.

A short story by Stephen Paget.

One day, Mario was running a little late for work at his plumbing shop. He was walking quickly trying to make it to his business in time, when he saw Wario driving up to him on the road. Wario rolled down the window, and spoke to Mario.

"Good morning, Mario" Wario spoke to him. Mario stopped walking

Mario was surprised to find Wario cheerful and even call him Mario, usually he called him all sorts of insults.

"So off to work?" Wario asked.

"Yeah, I am. I'm afraid I can't talk, I'm running late." Mario replied.

"Tell you what, why don't I give you a ride?" Wario offered.

"YOU!? Give me a ride!?"

"Oh come on, nobody's evil all the time, Mario! Can't I just offer you a ride as a friend?"

"Well…..O.K but don't try anything!"

"I won't."

Mario got in and Wario started driving again. Mario started a conversation with Wario.

"So what are you doing nowadays?" Mario asked expecting him to say "kidnapping you!" or "looting castles."

"Nothing much. I'm a mechanic." Wario replied blowing smoke from the cigarette he was smoking.

Surprisingly Mario made it to the plumbing shop without any hassle.

"Maybe Wario has actually changed." Mario thought to himself

Just as Mario was about to get out, he gave Wario an opened letter which he had moved from the seat before he had sat down.

"I found this in the seat before I sat down. A bill or something I assume?"

"Why don't you read it and find out?"

Mario took out the piece of paper and read it.

"Oh my god. It's a blackmail letter, it says a million gold coins gets my silence. I know what you've been up to, you asshole. I have photographs with proof with what you've been doing!"

"Oh hey thanks Mario!" Wario smiled "I've been meaning to leave that in a friend's locker all week!" Wario took the letter from Mario.

"Well here's my stop." Mario gave a fake smile.

"Have a nice day." Wario said.

Mario got out the vehicle and Wario drove off.

"Nope, still the bad-taste Wario." Mario sighed.