Here's the fourth in The Language of Flowers series.

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A blue rose means mystery or attaining the impossible.

Yugito lies on the flat roof of the Raikage's compound. It is a garden, open to the air, the flower boxes filled to the brim with flowers.

It is sunset; the light is unusually dim. Soft shades of amethyst, gold, and ruby glitter across the sky, staining the expanse like liquefied jewels.

Yugito was told something by the academy students today that has left her bewildered and mystified. They told her that they like her.

Shakily, she raises a hand to her pounding heart, trying to still it. No one has ever told her this before.

Why? Why do they tell me this? To toy with me? Are they being sincere or aren't they?

She rolls one of the flowers from the flower boxes in her hands, close to her chest. Their aching perfume fills the air, drowning her. Her long silvery hair flutters out behind her.

As far as she knows, Yugito has never been liked by anyone. She is fifteen years old, and utterly alone in the world. If anyone likes her, she doesn't know about. Her senpai in the ANBU may deem her a friend, but more likely he considers her to be a responsibility he took on begrudgingly.

The students are the last people she expected to enjoy her company. Her instructing methods are less than conducive to good health. If anything, it's a rare thing if a student comes out uninjured after a week-long stretch of her teaching.

But five of the children just marched up to her early this morning and told her they like her.

Yugito tries to maintain a veneer of mystery. She doesn't like for others to see too far inside, for them to know who she is. It makes her far too vulnerable, far too easy to hurt, to attack. And she already has to worry about attacks; she doesn't need the threat of another sort of assault. Her eyes are shielded and as opaque as her ANBU mask.

None can claim to know Yugito. Not even the Raikage himself, who has trained and housed Yugito since she was a toddler. Her first and most difficult lesson was discerning how to keep the Raikage from knowing her, and it was a success. The man is bemused ever time she is in his presence.

None know Yugito.

But apparently, someone likes her. And to the teenager, staring up at the evening sky, her bare arms chilled by cool, smooth stone, that is the strangest thing.

I've attained an impossible dream, Yugito muses, her silvery blue cat eyes softened by begrudging affection. And that is the most amazing thing. She raises the flower to her face, inhaling deeply, delicately caressing its sapphire petals.

Around her, the blue roses bloom.

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