Okay guys that's it! I've re-read the whole thing today and tried to think of ideas but I've got nothing!

I wasn't happy with this story because it was supposed to be a one shot; I also want to finish There's A First Time For Everything and so unless someone gives me a decent idea or I get a good number of reviews asking me to continue, I'm going to completely take down this story.

I have one more short story to upload after There's A First Time For Everything and then I need to focus on Digimon: Saviours that my friend and I are working on.

So if you really want this to continue, please review. If you can give me ANY ideas as to where you want this story to go then PM me. I check my emails multiple times a day so I will reply/discuss/get started on anything as soon as I receive ideas.

And I urge people to review after reading ANY story! It really helps a writer to focus on what YOU want and makes them WANT to write for you. It only takes a simple 'Well done!' or 'I love this story!' etc. to make someone feel their work is appreciated.

So get reviewing and idea giving guys! I hate giving up on stories and as I previously said, I don't let others adopt my stories.