One-shot: Arthur Finds Out About Merlin's Magic
Chapter 1. Truths Revealed

"Merlin! Get in here" the price shouted angrily from his chambers.

"What is it, sire?" Merlin asked

Arthur rolled his eyes at his servant and pointed at the dirty clothes on the floor. "I need my clothes and this whole room cleaned by the time I am back; I have to be in the grand hall with my father tonight to greet our guests, so the clothes must be spotless, the room needs to be done anyway. Got it?"

Merlin nodded his head and walked over to the filthy clothes and gathered them up.

"I have something I need to attend to. I'll be back just before our guests arrive."

Merlin stopped looking at the mess and watched as Arthur left. "Yep, not like I have anything else to do."

Merlin left to clean the clothes and returned an hour later. He placed the clothes onto Arthur's bed and looked at the room.

He began cleaning the room, but as he sat to scrub the floors he started to feel tired as that morning, before his usual work with Arthur began, he had been helping his mentor, Gaius, with his medicine practise. But for Merlin, that meant cleaning and running around for the physician.

Merlin's head dropped as he fell asleep, thinking of who the guests to the castle were.


He awoke when the sky had darkened and he knew Arthur would be back any second.

Worried, Merlin did only what he could think of doing. Magic.

He had used the same spell many times to clean his own room, so he stood up off the floor and recited the words to the spell.

As he finished speaking things began to fly around the room, cleaning itself.

Just as Merlin was about to uncast the spell, the door opened and Arthur entered.

As Merlin saw he had entered, he lost his concentration and all the objects still in the air, fell to ground with loud 'thuds'

"What the hell! Merlin!" Arthur shouted after he had composed his face.

"Yes, sire?" Merlin said timidly

"Was that- was that you?" Arthur asked sceptically

"Was what me?" Merlin tried to play dumb, but had obviously failed

"Merlin, even you aren't that stupid. Were you doing magic?" Arthur asked in a harsh voice

Merlin unsure of what to do replied with one simply answer that could kill him, or ignite a better friendship with his prince.


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