I came quietly into the mostly dark house after a long shift at the hospital. The light over the stove was left on as a night light of sorts. That thoughtful gesture was a small reminder that I was coming home to the people who love me. I kicked off my shoes, and padded quietly down the hallway towards our bedroom. There, in the soft light of the bedside table, was the love of my life; a book draped open on his thigh, and our six-month old son curled up under one of his arms with his baby-fat fist full of chest hair. I chuckled softly to myself while walking around the bed to extricate the baby. I lifted him up as my husband stirred.

"Shh," I whispered. "I'm just going to take him to bed."

"M'kay," Jasper's voice, hoarse from sleep, responded. "Hurry back."

I snuggled myself into the soft baby flesh under my nose. He smelled like he had a bath recently. He curled towards my chest, and I released a slow breath at this feeling of utter contentment. I tucked the baby into bed, and stopped, peaking in the next room at the sleeping form of our five year old daughter, before heading back to our room.

When I got back to the room, I found Jasper now curled on his side and once again asleep. I pulled off my shirt and socks, leaving on my scrub pants and climbed into bed behind him, curling my body to his. I leaned forward and dragged the tip of my nose from his shoulder to where his neck makes that delicious dip before disappearing into his hairline.

"Are you asleep, baby?" I asked playfully, as my hand stroked his arm from shoulder to fingertip, supplying just enough pressure to make him moan.

"Not if you keep doing that," he chuckled. "Is the door locked?"

"Yes," I breathed over his neck, and he rolled over and wrapped his arms around me.

"I missed you," he whispered against my mouth before his thick, strong lips began to wrap themselves around mine.

Jasper slowly placed soft pecks against my eager lips, then his lips part and mine followed in kind. The tips of our tongues teased and tasted. I closed my eyes and reveled in the smooth flesh of the underside of his tongue before running the tip of mine over the rigid buds of the top. Bursts of cinnamon tickled my taste buds from where Jasper must have brushed his teeth before lying down, and the sensation made me smile.

"What?" Jasper said through his own smile that was spurred on by my own.

"I can taste our toothpaste," I said, still smiling.

"Mmm. I taste…" he responded raising his eyebrow playfully before leaning in and thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, leaving me breathless before surfacing, "coffee. Knowing you, I taste a Pumpkin Spice Latte."

"Indeed, you do," I laughed, but then pulled him close to me. "I love that you know me so well."

"I know every detail about you," Jasper said as his nose started to skim down my throat causing me to moan. "I know this scar," he said kissing the horizontal white line on my bicep, "came from where you fell out of a tree when you were eight. And this one," he said trailing wet kisses down to the line on my lower abdomen, "is from when you got your appendix removed when you were fourteen. And this," he said sliding his full body up mine, and placing a kiss over my heart, "is mine, and will never suffer a scar under my watch."

I pulled him up and kissed him hungrily now, and sighed at the feeling of how much he wanted me, needed me after all these years together. Our tongues became more urgent as Jasper began rubbing himself slowly, yet firmly along my body. The smooth plane of his chest rubbed deliciously along my bare one. I had been on call for two days, and I was desperate for this man. I ran my hands down Jasper's side, and slid my fingertips under the waistband of his plaid sleep pants. I reached until I could grab his ass with both hands and pull him firmly against me.

"Fuck, baby," Jasper gasped. "It has been two days too many. I want you so badly."

I pushed down his pants as far as I could reach with my hands before hooking them with my toes, and dragging them the rest of the way, letting the arches of my feet rub against his firm thighs and calves. He was quickly untying my scrubs, but paused gasping in pleasure as his erection sprung free and slapped against my stomach.

"Need help with that?" I asked through a chuckle, as I replaced his hands with mine on my pants, removing them, while he regained his composure.

Once we were both lying naked, the frenzy had calmed, and I took my handsome man's face in my hands, and stroked his cheek while whispering my love for him. He lay down over me, and began kissing me passionately, putting all of his love into his kiss, and his slow caress of my hip and thigh.

"Jasper, I need to feel you inside of me, baby," I begged.

I reached out blindly then, fumbling with the bedside dresser drawer, as my husband sucked and kissed where my neck met my shoulder. That spot drove me insane, and he knew it. He laughed into my neck as I struggled to find what I was looking for. He took pity on me, and grabbed the bottle I was fumbling with before he coated himself, and loving plunged his dripping fingers into me. I gasped at the sensation of him, closing my eyes at the feeling of his fingers twisting within me. He stroked me until neither of us could take the wait any longer. He pulled back, and I was soon filled with every delicious inch of him. We both moaned at the connection. He sat frozen for a moment, and I relished the feeling of him pulsing inside of me. Once he had gained control, he started a slow rhythm and breathed out a single word that was both praise and thanks.


A/N: I wrote this as part of a collab to write Ninapolitan little quick one-shots for her birthday. MsKathy said I had to make it it's own story under my profile, so she could find it easier. Here you are, MsK! xo