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Action takes place after the Ala Alba's return to Mahora and at the beginning of the Fairy Tail manga.

There's more then one World of Magic

By fg7dragon

Chapter One

The Seven Created Worlds

Almost four months have passed since Negi Springfield and his students had returned to Mahora Academy from Mundus Magicus. During their journey, they had discovered the truth about Negi's mother, Queen Arika, and about his own student Asuna Kagurazaka, or Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, who was a princess of Ostia and his distant cousin. They had even saved the Mundus Magicus from destruction and defeated the Cosmo Entelecheia remnants, even though they escaped capture. But the original purpose of their journey was not fulfilled, as they found not trace of the Thousand Master, Nagi Springfield.

So, Negi had returned to classes and continued his training in the arts of magic for over three months. Until a shocking discovery was made by Yue and Nodoka, during one of their trips to the underground library. They had run across the magic accumulation device they saw during the school festival.

"This place looks as amazing as last time" Asuna said, looking around.

"Yeah, but back then we didn't have time to investigate, we kind of had a dragon on our tail" Konoka giggled.

"Hm, that's odd, I was never able to come to this place. There was supposed to be a barrier around it." Albireo Imma said thoughtfully.

"I never knew about it" Eva said slightly surprised. "I was more interested in the areas with books when I was searching for a counter-curse."

"Well, it doesn't have as much magic accumulated as last time, but it's been months since the festival" Negi said looking at the core.

"But what does this place so, anyway?" Chisame asked not very interested.

"Well, let's have a look at these walls, they're full of marks" Yue said as she headed for the nearest writing and started taking pictures.

"All of them?" the hacker asked weakly as she looked around the huge room.

"Don't worry, Chiu-chi, I'll take care of that half of the room" Kasumi said as she headed towards the other side of the room and began recording the writings with her artifact.

"This will take a while" Negi thought as they left the chamber, after taking photos of everything.

"Negi!" Asuna gasped as she looked at the outer door to the chamber. It was run down and collapsed, but otherwise intact.

"What is it, Asuna?" Negi asked as he approached her.

"That writing on the door…" she pointed towards a red sketch on the door.

"That's…" Negi froze as he immediately recognized the grinning face.

"Nagi!" Eva stared at it with her mouth open.

"It says 'My clue' underneath" Yue said surprised.

"'My clue'?" Negi asked weakly.

"That's the same thing written on the map you got from Eishun!" Eva said enthusiastically.

"But the writing was on the corridor that leads to my residence" Al said.

"Isn't that place very close to here?" Konoka said with an amused smile and a deep silence followed.

"That idiot marked the wrong corridor on the map!" Eva, Al and Asuna yelled in one voice.

"Should have seen this coming" Negi mumbled.

"Now we really need to investigate this place" Eva said looking back towards the chamber.

"Hey, there's something stuck under the door" Kotarou pointed out.

"Huh? Oh, it's just some book" Eva said without interest.

"That looks oddly familiar" Al said thoughtfully as he approached. "I've seen it before"

"So have I" Negi added as he began lifting the bolder.

"Where?" Eva asked as he picked it up.

"In your dream" Negi said with a wide grin.

"In my… you mean that's…?" Eva stared.

"Yep, dad's notebook for curses" Negi confirmed showing her the insides.

"But that means…" Asuna began but noticed that Negi suddenly went bright red as he read the contents.

"It has the counter-curse?" Eva asked hopefully.

"Eh, not exactly a counter-curse, but it will free you from the curse." Negi answered as he closed the book and avoided looking her in the eye.

"Then, you can free me?" she asked getting closer and closer to the young mage.

"Well, yes, I can. But I don't know if you're gonna like the method." Negi blushed more.

"Spill it!" she demanded as she cornered him.

"A Pactio, judging from the blush" Haruna grinned.

"Yes" Negi admitted.

"You mean I need to become your Magister?" Eva asked relived.

"No, you need to become my Ministra" Negi said an Evangeline froze.

At that, all the others burst into a hysterical laugher.

"Dark Evangel…Queen of Darkness… calling a ten year old 'Master'…Bwahahaha!" Al laughed.

"What comes around turns around, right Eva-chan?" Asuna laughed holding her stomach.

"I never thought this day would come" Chachamaru said in her usual voice as she tried to repress a smile.

"Hohohoho, I've been expecting this since Aniki caught her from falling off the bridge." Kamo said entering his 'dirty old man' mode.

"What?" Eva asked with a blush and then noticed what the ermine was doing. "What are you doing, small animal"

"Drawing the Pactio circle, of course" Asakura said putting a hand on Eva's right shoulder.

"Yep, looks like he's done" Haruna grinned, seizing her other shoulder.

"Hold on, let's talk about this first" Eva began, with a grater blush on her face.

"About what?" Asuna grinned, pushing Negi towards her.

"Well, he's just ten and…" Eva tried.

"Didn't stop ya last time" Kamo grinned.

"Zip it ermine!" Eva blushed even more.

"I see no problem" Haruna said.

"But…" Eva began but her lips were suddenly pressed against Negi's.

At that point, they both stopped their struggle and kissed. Slowly, a huge mass of magical energy engulfed them.

"Oi, it's been almost two minutes!" Chisame said annoyed and with a blush on her face.

"It's even longer then the one I had" Chachamaru said with an uncharacteristic frown.

"So what? I had a lot of power to recover" Eva said as she stepped away from Negi and licked her lips.

"Right, oh mighty servant!" Al laughed and the next moment an energy blade went through him.

"Damn his phantom body!" Eva mumbled.

"Oh, did that upset you, Kitty?" Al grinned, reappearing behind her.

"Well, at least I'm a girl so I have a moral excuse for making a Pactio with a guy. Unlike you, Colonel" Eva grinned evilly.

"Ouch, that was a dirty counter Eva" Al said losing his smile.

"Proof that I'm back" she grinned and looked back at Negi who was now reading something in Nagi's notebook. "Right boya?"

Negi didn't answer, but examined the page carefully and finally murmured "I think I did everything right" and then blushed when he met Eva's gaze.

"What are you reading, boya?" the vampire asked suspiciously.

"Oh, just making sure I broke the curse the right way" Negi said as he hid the book behind his back.

"What do you mean by 'the right way'?" Asuna asked and Eva blushed and looked a little disappointed.

"You mean that was required for…" Eva said weakly.

"Best performance of the artifact" Negi said holding out a card with Eva on it.

"What was required, all you did was kiss her" Kotarou said uninterested.

"Unless… the kiss was…" Haruna began with a hungry look in her eyes.

"Yep, a deep kiss" Kamo confirmed as he read the book he somehow retrieved from Negi. "Never seen this pattern, though" he added with his 'dirty old man' mode at max.

"Wha?" the other girls demanded ran towards the ermine to see the book.

But before they even got close, Eva snatched the book and unleashed a menacing aura that stopped them in their tracks.

"The only ones that are allowed to see or touch this book are to ones that knew Nagi personally. With the exception of Rakan and Imma" she said and the runes of the Magia Erebea began to glow.

"I agree, who knows what else Nagi wrote in here" Asuna said as she casually took the book from Eva's hand and looked at the contents with a bright blush.

"Geh, forgot about you, Kagurazaka" Eva said annoyed.

"To late for that now" Asuna grinned and then stared at the page and then at Negi. "On second thought, maybe we should burn it." she said like she was in a trance.

"Read the last part, huh?" Negi blushed.

"And I though you were gonna become some playboy when you grow up! You're already one, damn it!" Asuna said as she began hitting Negi on the head with the book.

"Asuna, that book has more then that on it, don't rip it!" Negi said as he covered his head.

"It has some info on this place on it, I recognized some of the writing!" he added as she stopped.

"Let's take this discussion to my place" Al suggested and they all followed him.

"So? What does it say about those ruins?" Asuna asked.

"Chisame-san, can you project this page and this picture with your artifact?" Negi asked giving her the book and his digital camera.

"Sure, but I need to take a picture of the page first" she answered and projected the requested materials on a wall.

Everyone gasped in shock at the sight. The picture from the ruins was taken near the core and it displayed several key-shaped slots around it. Some of them were as long a Negi was tall, while others were regular-sized. But what surprised them was the shape of the keys.

"They look like they staff Auveruncus used to have the Lifemaker posses me!" Asuna said and took a step back.

"The tools of Creation and Destruction. That is what it says in dad's notebook. Those staffs are what control that worlds that were created. And the smaller keys are what activate the Gateports" Negi explained as he pointed towards the other projection.

"Did you just say worlds?" Eva asked surprised.

"Yes. As you know, the physical place that corresponds to the Mundus Magicus is the planet Mars. From what I can read here, seven worlds were created: on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and even on Earth itself." Negi explained.

"I never heard anything like that. I always thought there was only one created world, Mundus Magicus!" Eva said.

"Aparently, the secret was very well kept. And for a very long time, too." Al said as he looked at Nagi's notes.

"For more then twelve thousand years. That's how old these ruins are." Negi said with his mouth kind of dried. Not even the Lifemaker, in spite of claiming he owns the Mundus Magicus because he was from the royal family, ever knew about this place. It was sealed until dad discovered it. Ten years ago."

"And he was last here six years ago." Al added.

"The magic accumulated by those ruins was what was used to create those seven worlds. That last one made was the only one we know: Mundus Magicus. But it was incomplete. Apparently, in the twenty-two years that takes for the magic to accumulate, the knowledge of how to do it was lost." Negi continued to read more and more shocked.

"So that's why the Mundus Magicus was so unstable. It wasn't complete!" Asuna exclaimed.

"And still isn't. That staff should have been placed in the core of the planet. The real planet Mars. That kind of transportation magic is unheard of." Eva pointed out.

"All we managed to do was lengthen its existence for a good thousand Earth years. That's what dad must have been searching for all these years. He was trying to prevent a cataclysm." Negi said and turned towards Asuna with a smile.

"And the reason nobody has seen him in either this world or Mundus Magicus for the past ten years…" Al trailed off.

"Is because he hasn't been in these two worlds. He must have been in one of the remaining six!" Eva said enthusiastically.

"And he returned six years ago was because he had finished searching one of them" Negi added. "And he left from here. That place can be used as a Gateport once every six months. The next time is on New Years Eve."

"Hold on, Negi-kun! Don't tell me you're gonna…" Al began worried.

"Roll a dice and pick a key? That's exactly what's I'm going o do. And I'm not taking 'no' for an answer." Negi said determined.

"Same goes for me; I've been stuck here for 15 years. Leaving to a foreign world is exactly what I need." Eva said.

"Me too. And don't even think about telling anyone about it until we left." Asuna threatened.

"Don't worry Asuna, we won't tell grandpa. Colonel-san can tell him after we leave." Konoka said cheerfully.

"Eh, we?" Negi asked as he took a step back. He had a BAD feeling about this.

"Yes, us of the Ala Alba!" Haruna grinned evilly.

"You don't think you can go without us, do you sensei?" Yue asked as the group approached Negi.

"Well, even if I allowed it, there's a transport limit for the Gateport." Negi said. "Only five humans can use it at once."

"You need a healer, none of you three have any idea of healing magic" Konoka stated.

"Hold on just a minute here!" Asakura started.

"No fair aru!" Ku Fei complained.

"She has a point, though." Eva admitted.

"If ojou-sama is going, I am too" Setsuna said in a dangerous tone that nobody dared to contradict.

"Then I believe it's settled. Master, Asuna-san, Negi-sensei, Konoka-san, Setsuna-san, Kamo, Chachazero and myself will be the ones leaving." Chachamaru said calmly.

"Wha? He said five, not eight!" Asakura said.

"Five humans." Chachamaru corrected her.

"No fair." Haruna muttered.

"If we don't find him in this one, we can always check another world." Eva said.

"Don't I have a say in all this?" Al said weakly.

"No!" everyone else answered in one powerful voice that almost made the mage shrink.

"Eishun and Takamichi are gonna kill me" he whined.

"I'm going to investigate the device more carefully, and learn which key leads where. Colonel-san, I could use your help with some of the inscriptions" Negi said as he put the notebook in his pocket.

"Sure, I'm quite interested in that device as well. I never had a chance to examine a Gate first-handedly, but I know the theory" Al agreed.

"Well, we should start packing. Make sure nobody notices we're leaving" Asuna said.

"But what are you guys gonna do about school?" Yue asked.

"Well, I've had my share of school for ten lives." Eva answered darkly.

"I'm good too. After I got my memory back, I found out I already knew everything we learned here." Asuna said.

"My database can be updated with all the necessary information" Chachamaru stated.

"I initially came here to protect ojou-sama. It doesn't concern me." Setsuna said.

"I'm sure I can catch up with everything when I get back" Konoka smiled.

"Takamichi can handle teaching. He's still recovering and can't do field work." Negi finished.

"That won't be necessary, Negi-bouzu" a familiar voice was heard from behind them.

"Chao!" they all said as they turned round and saw the genius girl dressed in a Mahora uniform and drinking a cup of tea.

"Yo" she managed to say before she was hugged by her former classmates.

"Did you decide to stay in this time period, Lingshen?" Eva asked her surprised.

"Nope. I'm just visiting to help you guys out. I discovered that I can time-travel freely inside this room. But only time-travel. No space distortions." she answered with a smile.

"The, you mean to tell us that we can take us back to New Years Eve when we come back on the first of July?" Konoka asked happily.

"Yep. That's the idea" Chao confirmed.

"Not that I don't trust you, but why?" Yue asked suspiciously.

"Let's just say I'm following a history book that's now pleasant to read. I can't tell you any more then that" the time-traveling Martian girl snickered.

"Good to hear. Now let's start packing and catch up" Konoka said as she took Chao's hand and the girls and Kotarou left to the upper world, leaving Negi and Imma to their research.

A.N.: I hope you liked this first chapter. I noticed there were none Negima & Fairy Tail crossovers and I decided I couldn't leave it like this. They're both about mages, they're practically asking to be mixed.

If this story goes well, I might make a sequel for another of the remaining planets. I'm expecting some ideas on what I should mix Negima with next.