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Sonic & Conker: Vampire Lust

Chapter 1: (Arrival to Mansion Batula)

"What is this place? This isn't where I was suppose to arrive. In fact, I've never seen this place in my home world map."

Blaze the Cat had just finished her mission of retrieving the Sol Emeralds from Sonic's dimension. However, when she arrived back in her dimension, she was in a different place. One she had never been in before.

Currently, she had tackled against the zombies and skeletons of the undead at where she had landed: the graveyard. When all was done, Blaze arrived to a narrow path where a dark mansion laid to rest.

"Hmmm, I wonder if anyone can tell me where I am?" she spoke to herself.

However, undead skeletal worms popped out of the ground, almost making a grab for her. She frowned at the situation, not liking what she has seen. She would have to jump over them. It was the only solution and it would take a while.

Inside the mansion itself, a dead victim fell to the ground while the one with blood on his fangs grabbed his cleaning cloth, wiping it off.

This squirrel aged pretty well, despite what other people claim.

He had gray-silver hair on his head that was in the shape of a heart with the remaining long hair tied in a ponytail fashion, though in truth, it was to hide his mutated ears (which even he himself could not explain). He had wore a crimson robe with gold rims on the edges of the sleeves and part of his robe while wearing a purple gown and a necklace of sort. The rest of him, however, was covered by the robe and gown, save for his hands with sharp claws that had not been filed or trimmed for so long.

His dull blue-gray eyes glanced at the victim, speaking in a Romanian accent, "Not as good as my grandson's blood. Fortunately, I had an extra tail, though it took almost 24 hours to be revived, thanks to ze idiots down in limbo."

His now cleaned fangs regressed back within his normal teeth, all pearl white as if the plaque had never come.

Surely no one would miss this victim, he thought as he grabbed the dead corpse, then tossed it out to the pit near the mansion. After all, he had to ensure that no one would know about vampires existence, other than those accursed visitors.

Just then, a thump sound was heard before a voice spoke, "Hello? Can you help me? I'm lost!"

He turned, glancing at the big doors leading to the mansion.

"I guess one more couldn't hurt." he smirked slightly.

Outside, Blaze waited. Perhaps someone who lived in the mansion could give her a clue as to where she was.

Just then, the gates opened up as she looked. There, she was amazed at the inside, especially with a picture of a squirrel in warrior clothing hanging at the stairway. Blaze looked more concerned about the place.

Then, she yelped, noticing the same person bowing as he grinned.

"Greetings," he spoke, "Velcome to my house. Please, enter at your own free will, and bring vith you some of the happiness zat is so evident in your face, and so lacking...in my own."

She looked more concerned at him, speaking, "I am Princess Blaze, protector of my kingdom and the Sol Emeralds."

"Princess?" he spoke with a stunned look.

It was impossible, he thought. He heard so many vast rumors about a princess and protector of the royal staff from different people that had come from there, but never had he witnessed such a person here.

He shook off the thought as she spoke, "Can you tell me your name at least?"

He only nodded, looking at her telling her, "Yes...I am known only as Batula."

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