A/N: To those of you, this is a experiment pairing fic which means it may have some slight hints of Sonic/Blaze as well as some hints of Silver/Blaze, but it is solely a Batula/Blaze fic. Also, did I ask anyone if they could co-write this with me? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't.

Chapter 2: Intentions

Blaze looked concerned about it. Of course she heard of this Batula person, but they were usually myths about it.

"I just need a place to stay until I have enough energy to get home." she told him.

"It is perfectly understandable." He grinned, "Someone as yourself should not be out on such a cold and gloomy night."

At least he speaks like a gentleman, she thought.

The cat's hand was taken by the squirrel, heading up the stairs and into the bedroom. Hopefully, this night would help her rest up a bit.

Blaze came into the bedroom, looking surprised at the place. It was very old, yet beautiful at the same time. Some curtains hanged near the window as she smiled.

The cat turned, preparing to thank him, however, she noticed Batula had left the area.

"What's he planning?" she spoke to herself, "Could all those rumors be...nah, it couldn't be."

Blaze looked seriously before heading to where a bathroom was located. After all, even someone as old as he had to have some plumbing done within this vast mansion.

About ten minutes passed when Batula entered the room. He looked around, seeing if Blaze had fallen asleep.

The squirrel sighed, realizing Blaze had gone to explore the place. Might as well wait, he thought.

After all, unlike most of the other victims, Blaze herself struck with some interest.

Just as Batula began to go down the hallway, he heard singing. A wonderful voice was heard within the bathroom.

The vampire squirrel stopped, turning to where the steam had come from: inside the recently built bathroom.

Batula, of course, was a gentleman at heart, but his intentions and instincts were telling him to check on her. He was hesitating at first before he finally lifted up the picture near the door, looking in the peep hole.

There, he saw Blaze inside the shower, singing and naked while she was soaking herself.

It...it's too much, he thought to himself, but for some reason, it felt right to look at her.

The cat herself, was washing herself, touching her breasts as she slightly moaned. The cat gasped and moaned sweetly, believing it was that blue hedgehog or her friend, Silver, touching her and making her feel right.

The cat continued to rub herself with her soapy hands, rubbing downward before reaching her lower area, fingering and playing with it.

"Oh god!" she spoke, grunting.

She gasped, moaning and groaning as she kept touching her private area. Blaze couldn't help, but feel that she wanted something, and being alone, she was hoping to head home or at least back to Sonic's dimension to find either of her hedgehog comrades.

The cat meowed a bit, feeling a bit of precum going onto her fingers before she licked them. To her, it tasted good, and it would feel more wonderful when she had either partner at her arms again.

Batula, meanwhile, blushed deeply red at the sight. Never had he felt quite attractive to her. His bulge, when looking at it, looked like it was in agreement as well. The vampire couldn't help it, but he wanted her badly, and he'd do anything to have her.

Just then, he heard the shower turning off. The squirrel, with quick reflexes, hung the picture back up and dashed off. By the time Blaze had come out, now wrapped in a towel, he was gone...for now.